You are 9 weeks into pregnancy!

Congratulations! You are now 9 weeks pregnant. The embryo is now officially known as the feotus. The little one is now about 2.2-2.5 centimeters long. There is a film covering the baby's eyes, and which will be opened in about 27 weeks. The small tail of the embryo has disappeared and now all the organs, muscles, nerves begin to work. The wrist becomes slightly curved, feet began to get rid of the webbed appearance, the fetus has grown, and arms bent and intersect. Legs become longer, feet cross in front of the body. Baby's muscles began to develop, you can do a slight movement, the fetus constantly changing the posture. The child's limbs are growing, but her arms and hands are maturing faster than the legs and feet, and in fact his hands still look like a "paddle" but will soon become a clear finger.


Your current uterus has increased by 2 times, probably tennis is so big. As the uterus gradually increases, the mother will feel the whole body is changing. Although your weight did not increase too much, but the breast swollen a lot, nipples and areola pigment deepened, waist also increased a lot. You may often feel tight leg pain, waist pain.

Your hair and skin are also undergoing minor changes. You may either feel that your hair is very thick, shiny, greasy, thin or soft. Remember not to blow, perm or dye hair. Nausea, vomiting discomfort makes you very difficult to cheer up, sometimes you will feel very lonely. In fact, most of the mothers have been through this stage.

Important pointers at this stage

  1. Mild swelling: Pregnant mother's "swollen" problem is the most common phenomenon during pregnancy. Although the swelling occurred in the late pregnancy, but there are many pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy there are lower extremity edema, characterized by morning light weight, after supine rest, generally have to reduce.
  2. Breast care: Nipples become very sensitive and soft, you can try to wear sports bra, will feel a lot of comfort; adhere to the daily cleaning nipples, keep the breast clean. In fact, from the early pregnancy to childbirth, mothers breasts experienced a series of changes, pregnant mother to take care, in order to ensure that the baby in the future sufficient "granary".
  3. Acne: about 2% -5% of pregnant women prone to long acne skin, especially in the first three months. Products containing salicylic acid, vitamin A or steroids may have side effects that can harm the child. To consult a doctor, which skin care products for pregnant women is safe.
  4. Care of your hair: The hormones of pregnant mother from head to toe will change. In order to adapt to the hair changes, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the daily hair care work, frequent shampoo and use of conditioner.
  5. Pay attention to replenishment: Pregnant mothers need to drink a lot of fluoride rich water, so that she will get enough fluoride, calcium, and phosphorus, to ensure the normal development of fetal bones.
  6. Change the bra: As the breast increases dramatically, you now need to re-buy the appropriate bra. Start to find out the different criteria to look at when shopping for a bra that suits a pregnant woman and non-pregnant woman!
  7. Ensure adequate sleep: Pregnant mother needs 9 hours of sleep daily. If situation allows, it is best for her to take 1 hour nap. Only with a good rest that a pregnant mother can maintain a happy mood and baby to grow healthily.
  8. Pregnant women milk powder: Pregnant women milk powder is beneficial to the fetal brain, bone and nervous system development. Pregnant mothers can follow the instructions to drink twice daily, gradually becoming once daily.


There is a need for prospective father as much as possible to bear some housework, especially when the wife has a pregnancy symptoms. Let her have a complete sleep and rest. Take extra care of your wife when in the car or visiting the supermarket. Avoid the direct collision to her abdomen.

Pregnancy makes you tired, especially three months into pregnancy and one month before delivery.

In the first three months, the exhaustion is very urgent. "I have to sleep now!" You will find yourself sleeping in a place you never slept before: in a bedroom where you are holding a party, on a bus, or on the park bench. Fatigue is caused by the fetus. Brain oxygen is getting lesser, blood pressure is falling, a new organ (placenta) is growing, the sweat glands and the kidney excretory system work are now doubled. In addition, the liquid retained in the body is increasing body weight rapidly. If there is digestive difficulty, you may be suffering from low blood sugar. Ensure that you intake at least 30 milligrams of iron per day, plus 300 calories of nutritious food and enough water. If you have regular sleep of more than 12 hours in every 24 hours, but fatigue in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy has not disappeared, ask the doctor to do anemia test. In general, the only way to treat fatigue in the first three months is to take a nap.

After three months, dizziness and fatigue came back. The first three months of fatigue is urgent, and then three months of fatigue is slow, as there may be more than 9 kg of excess weight. In addition, the fetus slowly grows against the main blood vessels, and the oxygen supply to the brain is reduced.

If you always adhere to exercising, it is time to take up exercises again, because the body can better cope with the excess weight. However, even the healthiest mother will feel more tired than usual, because every night will need to head towards the bathroom. Sleep when you should sleep! Do not be overly excited, stand up too fast from lying down position, because it will increase the pressure on the artery.

From now onwards, you need to reduce the amount of salt, because eating salt will aggravate edema and increase blood pressure, and even cause heart failure. This week, you should eat some of the food beneficial to the brain such as walnut cake, nuts bread can be used as a snack. Vanilla and other small snacks can provide rich folic acid. While watching TV, you can prepare a glass of juice or milk, a few slices of bread, or some walnuts, melon seeds to eat, diverting your attention to food, reduce early pregnancy reaction.

Food beneficial to brain – Amber Walnut

Ingredients : walnut, sugar.


  1. Heat the oil in a pot, pour walnut and fry over small fire until there is yellowish oil coming out from the walnut
  2. Pour away excess oil in the pot. Add two tablespoons of water to boil. Add sugar to melt, then put in the walnut and slowly stir fry.
  3. After evaporation of the water, the water will become saturated like a syrup. Fry until the walnuts are fully covered by the syrup. Ready to serve.

As the fetus will be within the mother for several months, the mother's habits will directly affect the habit of the fetus. If the mother's life is irregular with bad habits, then the fetus will also inherit this bad habit after birth, which will be difficult to get rid of. Hence, it is important for pregnant mothers to develop good living habits from the beginning, which will serve as a good prenatal education.


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