You are 8 weeks into pregnancy!

From the 8th to the 20th week of pregnancy, the embryo will grow rapidly and will have a clear profile within a few weeks. Now it is 2 centimeters long and looks like a grape. The tail of the embryo is disappearing, and the eyelids cover almost the eyes. The two nostrils have been formed and nose will be formed; the teeth and jaws begin to develop, and the ears are continue to form. The skin is as thin as the paper and the blood vessels are clearly visible. The baby's fingers and toes grow longer, although there are a small amount of webbed, but they are becoming clearer; arms and legs would have grown much longer, shoulders, elbows, hips knees and other joints can be seen.

Although you still feel the bump is quiet, the baby has started legs kicking and hands raising, little movement with little limbs.

From pregnancy to the present, due to the rapid growth of the uterus expansion, you may have the first time the feeling of abdominal pain. Do not worry, at this stage, any side of the pelvis pain is normal, especially when you bend your waist or stand up. Although your abdomen may seem very flat, your uterus is almost the size of a fist and the length is about 5 cm. At the same time, it has become very soft, your vaginal wall and cervix also become soft due to congestin. This is one of the reason causing abdominal pain.

This week is the time most likely to suffer from vomiting during pregnancy (morning sickness). The intensity of vomiting is proportional to the number of hormones. Pregnant women carrying more babies (e.g. twins, triplets) will feel even more nausea. In addition, you are increasingly sensitive to smell and your stomach also become sensitive, which are the reasons leading to morning sickness.

Important pointers at this stage

  1. The first check-up: Generally in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy to 12 weeks to conduct the first formal check-up. The hospital will establish a file to record each pregnant woman’s entire pregnancy process and keep it updated each time there is a physical examination. The first check-up is known to be “archives." The first test items usually include interrogation, measuring weight and blood pressure, listening to fetal heart, urine, blood tests, check the uterus size. The hospital will customize suitable programs and schedule check-ups for the pregnant women. Understand all the check-ups you need to go through during your pregnancy.
  2. Will morning sickness have serious impact on the fetus? Pregnant mother with morning sickness must be worried malnutrition of her baby in her tummy. Actually, the fetus is still small and does not need a lot of calories. If you only intake one or two types of food for a week or two, there is no effect on the fetus.
  3. Gingivitis: A survey showed that 80% of pregnant women suffering from gingivitis, and more common in early pregnancy. However, as long as the mother practice oral health care, she is able to effectively prevent oral diseases during pregnancy.
  4. Fetal birth control: If the pregnant mother had miscarriage in the past, this time may be very tough for her. She may be worried that miscarriage happens once again. Although easier said than done, but she needs try her best to relax and be optimistic.
  5. Rubella Vaccine: Pregnant women must not be injected with rubella vaccine, otherwise it may bring danger to the fetus. You may like to understand what the vaccine can be vaccinated during pregnancy, which are prohibited.
  6. Carbonated drinks: The kind of water a pregnant woman drinks affects the fetal growth. If you usually like to drink Coke, Sprite and other beverages, you may like to stop for now. Drinking carbonated beverages can bring more adverse effects than that short enjoyable moment drinking it!
  7. Begin writing diary on a baby tree: 10 months pregnancy may be once in a lifetime event for most Chinese woman. As you experience the gradual changes during pregnancy, record down all little details, which are little treasures of you and your baby.
  8. Shop for anti-radiation suits: For pregnant mothers working at site, the anti-radiation suit is essential. Currently there are different kinds of anti-radiation suits. You may like to research which type is most suitable for you before purchase!


Pregnant mother will need to go to the hospital for her first check-up. Although she is just 8 weeks pregnant and her actions will not have too much inconvenience, but your wife will feel much more assured with husband’s companion. In the hospital, you can help to do the registeration while she takes the tests. You may also wish to know the doctor’s advices on your wife’s diet and health care.


Almost all pregnant women experienced changes in sexual attitudes towards pregnancy, usually turn for the better. 3 months into pregnancy, sexual intercourse may cause miscarriage because the placenta has not yet mature, placenta and uterine wall connection is not close. Moreover, progesterone secretion cannot give the embryo strong maintenance. In fact, during this period, most women's sexual desire will either decrease or remain unchanged.

However, in the third trimester of pregnancy, it will be different. Pregnant women will have a strong sexual desire, which may even turns out to be the best sex period in their lifetime. In the second trimester, moderate sexual life is safe. Pregnancy moderate sexual life, beneficial to the husband and wife and the healthy development of the fetus. Domestic and foreign studies have shown that: pregnant couples who maintain their love and happy pregnant women can effectively promote the growth and development of the fetus, born child response agility, language development and good health. Try to take note of the sexual intercourse posture and frequency to avoid adverse effects on the fetus. 1-2 times of sex per week is appropriate

After 8 months of pregnancy, the fetus grows rapidly, the uterus has significantly increased. Pregnant women's belly at this time will quickly swell up, resulting in low back pain, the body is too lazy to move, loss of libido. At this point, for the mother and child health, prohibit sexual intercourse. Couples can use kissing and hugging, etc. to convey love, increase communication to enhance feelings.

Pregnant mother may now be incline towards sour, spicy and other taste. When cooking, consider using lemon juice, vinegar mixed with cold dishes, with a small amount of spices, such as ginger, pepper, so as to make the dishes more appetizing. In addition, there are many ways to prevent and relieve constipation. For instance, bananas, honey, sesame seeds and other food that eases the digestive system. Pregnant mothers can also eat sweet potatoes, corn, celery and other foods rich in dietary fibre.

Simple vegetable dish - mixed with eggplant

Ingredients: 750 grams of fresh eggplant, garlic 6, 20 grams of soybean oil, noodles sauce, fine salt, cooked sesame seeds

1. Remove the skin of the eggplant, steam to soften and mixed with peeled, smashed garlic; crushed sesame seeds. Pour the seasoning sause into a small plate
2. Add oil to a pan, add green onion and sauce to fry. Once you smell the onion fragrance, add in the eggplant to stir fry; 
3. Pour the seasoning sauce into the pan, slightly stir fry, add garlic and mix well. Sprinkle some sesame seeds as the finishing and serve.

To maintain a good lifestyle is not easy. Some people may not have a regular lifstyle. According to prenatal experts, because the fetus is in the mother within a few months, they share a common rhythm and the mother's habits will directly affect the habit of the fetus. Hence, pregnant mother has to pay special attention to some of the details of life such as going to bed early, oral hygience, hands hygiene, staying away from alcohol and tobacco; keeping the house clean.


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