You are 7 weeks into pregnancy!

Pregnant for two months, the embryo has grown to 1.3 cm long, similar to a coffee bean. Now, the little one has the appearance of a human, where you can vividly see the arms and legs. The fingers also began to develop. His head is now disproportionately, bent to the chest. The face of the fetus is also obvious, showing the two black spots being his eyes, nose and ears. The teeth and oral internal structure are also forming.

The fetus still has a tail that is beginning to form dents in the digestive system, lungs, nostrils, hands, feet and mouth. The outline of the liver, tongue and eyes are also being formed. The outline of the baby's nervous system is close to completion, has grown out of the appendix and pancreas. The pancreas will eventually secrete insulin to help digestion. In this week, the baby will make the first action; this is the beginning of fetal movement.

Mother's physical changes

As the gestation age, pregnant mother's uterus wall becomes very soft, and the cervix thickens to protect the uterus. This week, you will feel very tired, this unusual fatigue usually will fade after the first three months. Once the mother gradually gets used to pregnancy, she will regain her energy level. Your heart rate suddenly increases as the metabolic rate increases by 25%. Due to uterus oppression, the number of times you visit the toilet is more frequent. However, you will not feel the urgency, dysuria and other phenomena. This is a normal pregnancy phenomenon, no treatment is required and this will not affect the baby.

For those who do not have severe morning sickness but with good appetite, they may have hunger pangs at all times. If this is the case, the mother may notice that she is losing her waist curve. Every pregnant mother's body will change at a slightly different rate. If the expecting mother has had delivered baby before, her pregnant signs will be shown earlier than first-time mothers.

Important pointers at this stage

  1. No pregnancy symptoms, what to do: Every pregnant mother is unique and no sign does not mean that you and the child have any problem.
  2. Urinary frequency: Pregnant mother may be busy at work and forgets to visit the toilet or deliberately holding back urine. This may lead to cystitis and even cause bacteria to get into the kidneys causing inflammation. This will pose a threat to fetal health.
  3. To maintain oral hygiene: Morning sickness will leave the teeth with vomit residue, so pregnant mother should always brush her teeth; In addition, early pregnancy mother likes to eat sour food, which is damaging to the teeth. Oral hygiene is important to the mother and the baby within.
  4. To listen to body’s signals: Abnormal fatigue will make you feel very upset. Fatigue is actually warning by the body telling you: "Slow down, do not worry, have a good rest."
  5. Temporary goodbye to furry pals: The days with your pet kitten or dog must be very happy. Leaving them may makes you feel dismay, but for the baby's health, pregnant mother should try to stay away from cats and dogs or any other pets, because parasite disease known asToxoplasma can cause fetal malformations.
  6. Sexual life: It is taboo for sex during the first three months of pregnancy, in order not to disturb the fetus, which may result in miscarriage. Therefore, prospective father, please control your desire during this period to avoid losing the little life, which is not worthwhile.
  7. Pregnant mother bath: The temperature of water for bathing should not be too high, and the shower should not take too long, to avoid uterine congestion and resulting in miscarriage.


You may be totally ignorant to pregnancy in the past. It does not matter. It is not too late to start learning how to take care of your wife’s health and child care during pregnancy. Remember, knowledge is power! To be a competent father you have a lot to learn.

If pregnant mothers experience vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain at this stage, go to the hospital as soon as possible, as it is likely to be signs of threatened miscarriage. When checking, try to minimize unnecessary vaginal examination to reduce the stimulation of the uterus. If the pregnancy reaction is positive, combined with body temperature and B-ultrasound that leads to miscarriage, it should be under the guidance of a doctor for miscarriage treatment; Pay attention whether the vaginal bleeding exceeds menstrual volume, or other diagnosis to identify the fetus death or inevitable miscarriage. One should terminate the pregnancy as soon as possible to prevent excessive bleeding and infection.

If the doctor confirmed that the embryo is normal and pregnancy continues, the expecting mother must pay special attention to her habits and mood changes. Pay attention to the amount of vaginal bleeding, color, nature and at all times to observe whether there is any discharge of blood. If possible, to bring along sanitary pad (24 hours). Visit the doctor according and show the amount of bleeding and explain the abdominal pain helping the doctor to understand the situation, analyse the baby’s development and assess if there is any risk of miscarriage.

Try to lessen irritation during miscarriage, prohibit sexual intercourse, and avoid unnecessary gynecological examinations. If abdominal pain increases but the amount of bleeding is not much, also observe if there is any other abnormal symptoms and timely report to the doctor; If the tissue discharge or bleeding increases, go to the hospital; In the event of of paroxysmal lower abdominal drama pain and bleeding increases, the expecting mother should also promptly go to the hospital for treatment. In short, the signs may not be that of miscarriage, always seek the doctor’s advice whether  to continue pregnancy.

The fetus is now smaller than the nail, so the baby does not need a lot of calories now. What the baby needs now is nutrition to supply cell division and communication. Vitamins, cereals, vegetable salad and vegetable soup are good choices for pregnant mothers of this period. These foods not only provide enough nutrition for the baby, but also prevent your weight from increasing.

 Pregnancy Gourmet - Delicious cereal

Ingredients : 100 grams of oatmeal, tomato sauce 30 grams, 1 egg.


  1. Pour a little peanut oil in a wok, fry tomato sauce until red oil appears, then add in the salt and 500 grams of water;
  2. Once the tomato soup is heated, add in the oatmeal and cook for 3 minutes. Add in ready-beaten egg. Once the egg is cooked, the dish is ready.


When the pregnant mother feel irritated or anxious, it is necessary to consciously spend some time to practice self-calming. Tell yourself "Do not worry, do not be angry, the baby can sense it!" Your positive, calm emotions can be passed your baby, This will lay a good foundation for the future life of the child. In all kinds of prenatal education methods, music prenatal education has its specialty so far. Fetus who often receive beautiful and healthy music, can improve the placental blood supply situation and grow more healthily.


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