You are 6 weeks into pregnancy!

The embryo now looks like a small tadpole, and the main organs of the "little tadpole" such as the kidneys and the liver begin to grow in this week. The neural tube connecting the brain and the spinal cord begins to work, and the gastrula begins to develop. The upper and lower embryos begin to form the buds of the body, forming the baby's hands and legs in the future. In front of the chest, you can see a big bulge, this is the heart of the baby, and the heart has begun to divide the ventricle, with a regular beating and began to supply blood. Know what? The baby’s heart is now able to beat up to 150 times per minute, which is twice of an adult’s heartbeat! However, you may not feel the baby's heartbeat yet. Do not worry! Around 12 weeks into your pregnancy, you will be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat clearly with the Doppler stethoscope.

Pregnancy hormones continue to increase, making you more susceptible to nausea, not only in the morning but for a whole day. Pregnant mother's basic body temperature continues to increase and you will feel more tired. Your breasts become big and soft, the areola has small nodules prominent, touch and you may also feel pain. In addition, gestational heartburn will appear this week, as you may often feel stomach discomfort like a burning sensation, and accompanied by heart pain. If the burning sensation is very serious, you may consult a doctor.

You may be moody sometimes, similar to premenstrual syndrome. You may be very upset for no reason and find it very difficult to control your emotions. In fact, for every pregnant mother, frequent mood changes during pregnancy are completely normal. Do not self-blame or suppress your anger, otherwise, it may result in adverse effect after suppressing for too long.

 Important pointers at this stage

  1. Vaginal bleeding: Early pregnancy bleeding is a very common phenomenon, but there is a possibility of ectopic pregnancy. If you see symptoms of redness or bleeding, go to the hospital.
  2. Morning sickness: In order to overcome the morning sickness symptoms, you can prepare a glass of water beside your bed or take a small piece of fruit, they will help you suppress strong nausea in the morning.
  3. Cleft lip and palate high incidence: 6-10 weeks of early pregnancy is the embryonic palate development critical period, where excessive mood will affect the embryonic development and lead to cleft palate or cleft lip. Pay attention to emotional regulation and maintain a good mood. Stick to a diet that is easy to digest and absorb, with variations of food so as to get receive comprehensive nutrients, which is beneficial to fetal growth and development, as well as the mother’s health.
  4. Nutrient intake: During 5-6 weeks, the embryo’s deciduous teeth began to slowly develop into milk teeth. Permanent tooth begins to develop around the 5th week, and this development greatly determines the child’s future dental condition. Hence, your intake of nutrients greatly affects both yours and your baby’s health.
  5. Wear loose clothes: You stomach is not too bulgy at this point, hence you do not need to rush buying maternity clothing yet. Find some loose fitting clothes from your wardrobe will do for now!


You may find your wife being temperamental and get upset for every little thing and you feel very wronged, right? In fact due to pregnancy hormone secretion, both in physical and psychological changes will occur, these changes will lead to emotional instability of pregnant mothers. Try to meet your wife’s requests as much as possible during this period.

Method of treating nausea in early pregnancy

  1. Pregnant women are inclined to sour taste food such as oranges, plum dry or pickles, etc. Husband and family may like to prepare some of such food.
  2. Try not to get hungry. Switch to lesser food intake with more meals daily. Lesser food intake per meal makes it easier for digestion. Consider food such as bread, biscuits, milk, lotus root, gruel, honey and a variety of fresh fruit.
  3. Soups and greasy food are likely to cause nausea or vomiting. Hence, do not drink too much soup and water, also avoid eating fried or difficult to digest food.
  4. Get ample sleep daily, at least 8 hours of sleep. However, do not keep lying in bed. Expecting mothers should go out for walks to get the appropriate amount of exercise. Avoid strong irritating smell, such as stuffy and hot room, kitchen and environment with smoke.
  5. The husband and family need to show more attention and take care of the expecting mother’s feelings. Understand that she is easily irritated at this stage. Make sure that she is happy.
  6. If necessary, consult a doctor to ensure that the pregnant mother is taking the appropriate amount of vitamin B6.

Nutritional principles this week

Walnuts, sea fish, the black fungus will help in the development of fetal nervous system. Walnut is rich in oil and protein, crude fibre, carotene, vitamins, niacin, iron, vitamin E, etc. Marine fish is rich in protein, iodine, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals, linoleic acid, niacin and other fatty acids, vitamin B1 and so on. Black fungus is rich in protein, iron, phosphorus, vitamins and other nutrients needed nutrients.


Pregnant Food – sweet and sour fish

Ingredients: 1 fish, green onion, garlic, pepper, sugar, vinegar, starch


  1. Gently slice a few cuts on the fish, spread some salt and pat some dry starch on the fish.
  2. Fry the fish in a pan with oil till golden brown and place on plate
  3. Mix the green onion, garlic, pepper, sugar, vinegar, and starch as the seasoning and pour the remaining oil in the pan to heat. Pour the heated seasoning onto the fish.


Exercise can prevent physical weakness in pregnancy, gradually increase muscle strength and endurance. This week, pregnant mother can practice slow social dance. Prenatal education experts believe that the slow dance is a good exercise for pregnant women, is beneficial to physical and mental conditioning and health. In fact, pregnant women can dance throughout their pregnancy stages. The only concern is to ensure that the dance environment has good ventilation and does not tire oneself out.


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