You are 5 weeks into pregnancy

At this stage, it is not vivid to others that you are expecting. In fact, your womb embryos are growing rapidly. By now, the embryo is about 0.6 centimeters long, like a small apple seed. From the shape point of view, it can be divided into body and head.

The back of the fetus has a deeper part, this part will develop into the spinal cord. The cells are rapidly splitting, and the main organs such as the kidneys and the liver begin to grow. Probably on the 26th day, the baby's arm will begin to grow. This week, the facial organs began to form, nostrils can be clearly seen, and the eyes of the retina also began to form. The heart began to have a regular beating and begin to supply blood.

For the following 6 weeks, your body will produce a lot of pregnancy hormones. Hormonal secretion affects your body's cells to prepare your body for nurturing your baby, but at the same time, you will feel some discomfort, like most pregnant mother such as nausea, morning sickness, breast pain, fatigue and urinary frequency and other symptoms. Your sense of smell will become more sensitive, hate smoke, alcohol or caffeine-containing drinks. If you are usually energetic, but now you feel "always sleepy”, do not worry. This is also due to the secretion of hormones caused, which produces an aesthetic effect, leading to the body's actions become slower.

Your emotions are unpredictable, may experience frequent anxiety, emotional such as easily tear, excitement, suspicious and feel uneasy. Some are caused by hormones, and some are caused by specific circumstances. Facing the unknown, feeling uneasy is very natural. Hence, sharing what you are going through with your dear husband and close friends will make you feel a lot of more relaxed.

Important pointers at this stage

  1. What effects will renovation have on pregnant mothers? Pregnant women and children are the groups who are especially sensitive to indoor pollution. According to statistical results, 90% of leukemia children have 90% treated in hospital were exposed to indoor renovation. How is it harmful and what are the preventive measures? Let us look into it in detail below.
  1. Avoid strenuous exercise: in this period, the heart of the fetus is the most sensitive vascular system and it is vulnerable to injury. The pregnant mother has to pay attention to their daily diet, avoid strenuous exercise to help your baby through this sensitive period. 
  1. Emotional changes: you will suddenly become irritable, tends to lose temper. Try taking a deep breath, imagine a lovely baby smile, which may help to clear your mood. The whole pregnancy, pregnant mother's mood may be like four seasons, sometimes excited yet sometimes distressed. When you feel bad, assure yourself that all pregnant mothers will experience emotion roller coaster. Remember, pregnant mother needs to maintain a good mood bring an important emotional prenatal care.
  1. Early pregnancy: the first 3 months is a critical period of embryonic development. At this stage, the embryo is more fragile, vulnerable to external factors, including the impact of high altitude radiation. So early pregnancy to be cautious and force, especially not frequently by plane, should not be overly bumpy tired. 
  1. Lethargy: lethargy is the physiological needs of early pregnancy. Pregnant mother's good sleep can help the fetus to grow better. In order to make their own good rest, pregnant mother must not ignore the choice of bedtime supplies.


Nurturing the baby is not only a new beginning of life for the mother but also more responsibility for the father. You may be a big boy yesterday, but today, you enter the role of a prospective father. You have to take special care of your wife’s health, diet, clothes, and safety during travel. Lifestyle should proceed as usual, but ensure your wife’s attire is dressed according to the weather and temperature, with thicker clothing or layers in cold temperature. As for household chores, it may not have concerned you in the past. However, bear more household chores tasks and you will get more love for your wife.


Normal symptoms in pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers are afraid and worried about early pregnancy symptoms. This is, in fact, a normal physiological responses, which will have little impact on life and work. And these early pregnancy phenomenon is the beginning of each mother’s happiness.

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

  1. Different degrees of appetite loss turned off by greasy or acidic food, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, drowsiness, chills, frequent urination and other symptoms. The measured basal body temperature will appear in the high-temperature period of 18 days and longer.
  2. Stop of menstruation is the earliest and most important response to pregnancy. If regular monthly menstruation seems to be delayed for more than 10 days, it could be that you are pregnant!
  3. Without menstruation for around the first 6 weeks, there will be dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, incline towards acid food etc., and there may be a certain degree of nausea or vomiting early in the morning.
  4. Increase in urinary frequency in early pregnancy is due to the increased uterus in the pelvic compression of the bladder. When the uterus keeps increasing and out of the pelvis, urinary frequency symptoms will go away. 
  5. When pregnant, there will be breast enlargement, pain, areola nodules protruding, and breast pain symptoms due to due to estrogen and progesterone stimulation.

Water replenishment is very important to expecting mothers. Do ensure that you drink a glass of water every 2 hours, and not start drinking only when you feel thirsty. This can aid in the timely release of toxins from your body. Take at least 150 grams (dry weight) carbohydrates and 50 grams of fat (vegetable oil) per day. This is to ensure maintenance of sufficient heat within your body. For mothers who experience morning sickness, select food that is easy for your body to digest and absorb and cut down on food such as toast, millet gruel etc.

Relieving the morning sickness recipe - rock sugar white fungus soup

Ingredients: Tremella (white fungus), rock sugar.

1. Soak tremella into a bowl with warm water and then mash the leaves 
2. Add in 2000 ml of water to the above-mashed tremella and bring it to boil over small fire for about 3-4 hours, till the tremella is totally soft and the water becomes saturated 
3. Add in the rock sugar and 50 ml of water. After the rock sugar melted, you can serve and enjoy the soup.

The formation of the various organs of the fetus takes place this week. Hence, it is a very sensitive period. If the pregnant mother is emotional instability, it may cause fetal malformations. Maintain a positive outlook and be optimistic! This also helps pregnant mothers to maintain a good appetite, have quality sleep and maintain regular blood supply, heart rate and breathing for the fetus. During the first three months of pregnancy, an excessive movement may cause miscarriage since the foetus has not stabilised yet. Walking, practicing tai chi during this stage are good exercises for the mother and baby.


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