You are 40 weeks into pregnancy!

After 260 days, now, you will soon be able to see the baby, and hug him/her in your arms, kiss the little face. All that you have gone through will be so worthwhile.

Fetal growth

If as at 40th week, of there is no sign of birth, do not worry. It is common to deliver two weeks later than the expected due date.

Now, the baby's amniotic fluid also changes, the original amniotic fluid is clear and transparent, and now because of fetal body surface villi and fetal fat off, and other secretions produced, amniotic fluid becomes some turbidity, milky white. Placental function is gradually degraded until the fetus is delivered to complete the mission.

If you have been upgraded to a new mother, then now continue to subscribe to baby tree 0-1 year old pregnant week, get the necessary knowledge and guidance of child care it.

If now you are still wholeheartedly waiting for the birth of the baby, then be sure to maintain a calm and stable state of mind. Maybe this week, or next week, you will feel the belly like a needle like pain, if this pain becomes longer and longer, more and more intense, more and more concentrated when your labor Most of them already started. Once the pain interval is less than 30 minutes, you have to go to the hospital to be prepared to be prepared.

Important matters this week

  1. Final Prenatal check-up: If you are not going into labour yet, you should still allow doctors to fetal heart rate monitoring, B ultrasound examination, understanding of amniotic fluid and fetal status in the womb. If after more than 41 weeks, there is no signs of delivery, pregnant mothers should be hospitalized oxytocin, because overdue, the fetus in the palace will face the risk of hypoxia.
  1. Always be ready: You should have a clear understanding of the signs before delivery and how to deal with it? Do not panic when there are some prenatal signs!
  1. Check the baby's supplies: Prepare the supplies, you can check it again. If you have very good friends who want to give you baby supplies, you may wish be upfront to them what are some items that you have already bought, so as to prevent wastage
  1. Understand what postpartum tasks: After childbirth, apart from excitement, you may begin to worry about some of the real problems - how confinement , postpartum diet how to make up , and how to postpartum breast care and so on. You might as well consider and plan for these questions now
  1. Whether to return to the workplace - sooner or later to consider the issue: Mother will face an important choice, to return to the workplace or do full-time mother, You need to balance the relationship between family and career Discuss with your husband soon.

Baby will soon be born, understanding the new life of family of three is very necessary. Talk to your mom and dad, open up to what kind of help you might need, especially in the first two months of your birth.

Recommended activities

Sufficient sleep and rest

The more prominent is the abdomen, the more difficult to find a comfortable sleeping posture, try to pad a soft pillow under the feet, during the day to rest.

Your baby will be as active as before, if the fetal movement suddenly reduced or increased, may be a signal of the problem, so if you think his activities slow down, should immediately go to the hospital.

If there is no hiccup, this week will be the last week of pregnancy, delivery is coming soon. There is a saying that "labor pain is human’s ultimate pain", hence every woman has a certain degree of fear pertaining to childbirth. In fact, childbirth is a stage which every mother must go through, do not be afraid or nervous. Perhaps, simply by listening to friends and family’s description or self-witnessing the labor process before, the pregnant mothers will get very nervous.

Lack of knowledge on pregnancy and childbirth, due to contractions caused by progressive aggravated pain, unexpected, strong psychological reaction, excessive fear and tension, are all negative to the mother and child.

At this stage, pregnant mother must be calm, to maintain a calm state of mind, to be a strong mother, with a pleasant mood to meet the baby's arrival, the baby is the most good prenatal care.

If you are prepared to give your baby breastfeeding, make sure you have 80-100 grams of protein intake per day. Prenatal can drink lotus root, red dates, octopus dry, mung bean, pig pot together with the soup. Lotus root level, spleen appetizer, beneficial blood born muscle; jujube temperature, Spleen stomach, Qi Sheng Jin.

Before the labor can also prepare some easy to digest and absorb, less slag, delicious food, such as noodles egg soup, noodles ribs soup, milk, yogurt, chocolate and other food, while paying attention to add water, so eat their own eat Prepare enough energy for childbirth. Or eat well sleep well, nervous anxiety, easily lead to fatigue, will likely cause uterine inertia, dystocia, postpartum hemorrhage and other dangerous situations.

Nourishing and pro-lactating dish - Lotus root trotters soup

Ingredients: trotters 400 grams, the old lotus 400 grams, lotus seeds 20, red dates 12.


  1. Wash and dry the lotus seeds and tangerine. Remove seeds of the red dates and wash. Wash the lotus and cut to anout l cm thick pieces;
  2. Wash and cut the trotters
  3. Add water to the claypot and boil. Add lotus root, trotters, red dates, lotus seeds, dried tangerine peel, ginger, boiled skim floating foam then switch to small and medium heat to simmer until the trotters are sooked and soft. Add salt and seasoning. Ready to serve.

Pregnancy reaches or exceeds 42 weeks, known as expired pregnancy. The incidence of pregnancy accounts for about 5 to 12% of the total. Perioperative pregnancy perinatal morbidity and mortality increased, and with the extension of pregnancy increased, 43 weeks of pregnancy perinatal mortality was normal 3 times. 44 weeks for the normal 5 times. Pregnant women who have expired pregnancy have more risk than those of the maternal. The harm to the fetus and the mother are: fetal distress, amniotic fluid reduction, childbirth difficulties and injury.

Slowly breathe - from the nasal inspiration, the air sucked to the bottom of the lungs, feeling the lower chest and abdomen expansion, by the mouth breath, slower;

Where the pregnancy has expired, if one of the following circumstances, should immediately terminate the pregnancy: 1. Cervical ripening; 2. Fetus> 4000g; 3. Every 12 hours fetal movement count <10 or NST (a), CST Positive or suspicious; 4. Amniotic fluid in meconium or amniotic fluid too little; 5. Other complications such as pregnancy-induced hypertension; 6. Pregnancy has reached 43 weeks.

Termination of pregnancy depends on whether the cervix is ​​matured, placental function and fetal circumstances. In the event of cervical maturity, artificial rupture of membranes can be used, rupture of amniotic fluid and clearer, can be closely guarded by vaginal delivery, In the event where cervical is immature, intravenous infusion of oxytocin to induce labor. It should be a direct line of cesarean section in cases of placental dysfunction or fetal is at risk.


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