You are 39 weeks into pregnancy!

Being 39 weeks pregnant, the baby may meet with her mother at any time! You have to ensure that the things needed upon delivery are packed and readily available for yourself or family members to grab because your baby may be due anytime within the next 1-2 weeks.

Fetal growth

The baby’s organs have now matured, and he/she will continue to put on weight. The baby now weighs about 3.3-3.4kg, reserving a lot of fats, which will help in temperature regulation after birth.

The baby's lung is the last organ to be fully developed. It will establish a normal breathing mode within a few hours after birth.

Now the baby's body is covered with a layer of thin hair and most of the white fats gradually fall off and disappear, so the skin of the fetus becomes smoother. These substances and other secretions are swallowed into the stomach by the fetus with amniotic fluid. They will be stored in his bowel, into a black meconium, will be excreted within one or two days after birth.

Beginning this week, pregnant mothers feel slight uplift of the abdomen, the activity is more inconvenient and you may have a lot of uncomfortable feeling and ideological burden.

Foreign psychologists have done psychological tests on mothers. Before labor, maternal dependence increased, passive, behavior naive, requiring others to care about their own, subjective feeling abnormal experience increased significantly, especially in the body of fetal activity.

More women feel nervous and uneasy before labor, fear of childbirth pain, fetal malformations, birth canal laceration and so on. And some pregnant mothers with baby girls are worried that the gender would be discriminated. In fact, this period is to look forward to meet the newborn baby. Why not let go of all worries to face the battle?

Important matters this week

  1. What food is good before delivery? Chinese physician practices believe that when pregnant women enters the labor stage, the diet should be adjusted accordingly so as to ease the childbirth process with lesser pain and shorter delivery duration.
  1. Stimulate childbirth through sports: If there is still no sign of childbirth by the expected due date, upright exercises can stimulate the fetus to move into the basin and increase the pelvic muscles that will aids delivery. However, it is best that husband accompany wife during the exercises to avoid any mishaps.
  1. Older mothers: The physical ability to adapt to changes reduces as one ages, so is the the body's ability to counter the corresponding burden. The pain may be less obvious and the childbirth time may take longer, and also prone to dystocia.
  1. Fear of childbirth: Pregnant mother should try to eliminate the fear of childbirth, remove all psychological barriers. Maintain a calm mood and childbirth will not feel too painful. You need to understand that the more nervous you are, the more painful you will feel.
  1. Analgesic method: Pain during childbirth is not necessarily inevitable. There are so many ways of labor analgesia, how should you choose the right method for your analgesia?
  1. Remember contact number of the elevator duty staff: If you live in high-rise residential buildings, you may like to maintain a good relationship with the elevator managers. You may pre-empt the manager that you may need to use the elevator at night any time. It will be good to get their contact number as contingency.

Prospective father needs to help his wife see to the admission and discharge of mother and child at the hospital, prepare all the necessary for washing clothes, health supplies, breastfeeding, etc., unified on a small travel bag.

Prepare prenatal check-up records and admission costs. Prepare them all at a fixed position where you can easily grab and go during emergency.

Recommended activities

Choose a suitable breastfeeding bra

Choose one that can well support your increasingly full chest, make you feel more comfortable. Now, your breasts have been much larger than before pregnancy, to the baby was born, to give the baby breastfeeding will increase 1-2 feet. So you need to prepare 1-2 breast-feeding bra, brought to the hospital to go, but also to prepare some breast milk, breast feeding can be placed in the bra to absorb the overflow of milk.

As at 39th week, the spirit of pregnant mother is at a high degree of tension, which of course will affect the fetus. At this time, may wish to listen to some music, it is best to elegant, beautiful, and lyrical music, pregnant mother to carefully appreciate the language of music. Pregnant mother can also sing, recite, so that the fetus accepts the human language information, both training the fetus and cultivating the pregnant women.

In order to reserve the energy consumed during childbirth, you should eat more foods rich in protein, carbohydrates and other energy. Consume food that is light and easy to digest. Honey is a saccharide material quality, contains a variety of amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, pantothenic acid and inositol and other nutrients, not only to supplement the nutritional needs of pregnant mother, or the brain's natural supplements. Because the brain cells need nutrients in the highest content of honey, but also can effectively prevent or improve pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, pregnancy anemia, pregnancy with hepatitis, hemorrhoids, constipation and insomnia and other diseases.

Cool food - coconut milk paste

Ingredients: 1 cup of coconut milk, 2 cups of fresh milk, 200 grams of sugar, 5 tablespoons of chestnut powder, 3 red dates.


  1. Remove the shells of the red dates, mix coconut milk and chestnut powder
  2. Boil the sugar, milk, red dates together with water, slowly add in the coconut milk and chestnut powder mixture
  3. Keep stirring into a paste and it will be ready to serve.

Ensure smooth labor process

Breathing exercise can reduce pain and it is the most commonly used method during childbirth. The correct breathing control and force method makes the delivery process smoother. Mothers may wish to practice before delivery, thus reduce the pain during childbirth.

  1. Slowly breathe - from the nasal inspiration, the air sucked to the bottom of the lungs, feeling the lower chest and abdomen expansion, slowly release by the mouth
  2. Shallow breathing – Open the mouth slightly, gently inhale through the mouth, gently exhale using only the upper half of the lungs, as if you are blowing a small candle without much force, but at a faster pace;
  3. When the pain is mild (the first stage of labor) with a slow breathing, pain increased when the use of shallow breathing, when the pain stopped, try to relax the body. At this time, you should be breathing twice and then with a long exhale, like "ha ha woo"
  4. When the pain increase, repeat the breathing steps
  5. When entering the second stage of labor (fetal delivery), with the uterine contraction, the mother can take a deep breath, and then exhaled, and then deep inhaled breath. Keep breathing, tighten the abdominal muscles to relax the perineal muscles, Push down the baby until the baby is slowly squeezed out of the mother;
  6. When the baby's head is out of the mother, the doctor or nurse will tell the mother to stop the force, this time the mother should try to relax and can do high degree of breathing;
  7. This action is only suitable for use during delivery, under the guidance of physical therapists, doctors and nurses. Do not self-practice without guidance as incorrect method may lead to premature birth.

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