You are 38 weeks into pregnancy!

This week, the fetus has been fully developed, with the ability to survive independently in the mother. The baby's head is now in the right position. Do not worry, the fetal is safely surrounded by pelvic skeleton.

Fetal growth

Now, the baby's nails have grown to the end of the fingers and toes, hair grows to about 2 centimeters. At this time, the baby's hair condition has very little to do with genes but mainly related to the nutrition intake by the mother.

The original layer of thin hair and most of the white fetal fat gradually fall off from the fetal. These substances and other secretions will go into the amniotic fluid in the stomach and form the baby stool.

In week 38, pregnant mother will still gain about 0.45kg of weight. Your mood may be in contradiction. While hoping to see the baby, the thought of few hours’ pain during childbirth seems scary.

Before showing the real uterine contraction of childbirth, pregnant women will experience falsification pain contraction. Fake pain shrinkage is different from the uterine contraction, and there is no regular appearance, as long as a little exercise, pain will disappear. In the last few weeks of pregnancy, your feet will still be very swollen, which is normal and will disappear after childbirth.

Important matters this week

  1. Dreams: Do you find that you dream more frequently and they seem very real. This is common due to prenatal anxiety.
  1. Record your last belly it: This is a rare and short time, do not go to the professional studio does not matter, about to give birth to be as a memorial ah!
  1. The necessity checklist of childbirth: You are left with little time from delivery date, it is recommended for pregnant mothers to get ready with the checklist
  1. Intimacy: You are about 2 weeks away from delivery date. Having intimacy during this period is likely to cause premature birth and cause bacterial infection.
  1. Premature rupture of membranes (also known as early breakage of water bag: If you suddenly feel more liquid discretion from the vagina, it may be early breakage of water bag. Lie down and raise your buttocks. Call the doctor. In fact, childbirth is a painful yet happy moment, due to some unexpected accidents, they may cause some challenges in the delivery process. If you can have a clear understanding of accidents beforehand, you can make a wise choice if things happen and minimize the risk with full cooperation with the doctor.

Usually in the last month, the mother will feel that the time seems long and also very anxious to meet the baby. When the baby has fallen into the pelvic, mother will feel more comfortable. Prospective dad, are you ready to meet your baby?

Recommended activities

Usually being 37 weeks pregnant, your main responsible doctor will do B ultrasound to gauge baby's weight, and the current fetal position, you need according to the baby's estimated weight, fetal position, to confirm the mode of delivery. At the same time, your body would have felt heavier, so be careful during activities and avoid long standing etc.

  1. Accompany your wife to do the final check-up, note the ward and familiarize with the delivery room environment;
  2. Prepare for your child's childbirth. Be all ready the contact details and delivery arrangements when the time comes.
  3. Give your wife more encouragement and try to relieve her tension;
  4. Preparation for wife’s discharge: Prepare a clean and comfortable room. Check that the baby's supplies are complete, get ready for all daily necessities, nutrition etc.

As the saying goes, "words go into the heart," avoid speaking of vulgarities or quarrel. It will be good for literature cultivation, with a beautiful language enrichment to your lifestyle. In dialogue with the fetal, should feel with warmth and paint a beautiful picture of the future life. The fetus is quietly listening, feeling safe and comfortable.

Continue to eat frequent small meals this week. Try to consume nutritious food.

Drink plenty of water, milk and fruit juice to keep the body hydrated. Do not consume carbonated drinks as it will cause swelling.

Change in eating habits will also affect the quality of sleep during pregnancy, hence a balanced diet is very important. Try to avoid eating food that affects emotions, such as coffee and fried foods, especially food with saturated fatty acids, which will change the body's hormone secretion.

Nerves calming cuisine - Lotus root ribs soup

Ingredients:  lotus root 500 grams, 600 grams of ribs, octopus dry 100 grams, ginger.


  1. Soak the octopus into warm water for 20 minutes
  2. Peel the skin of lotus root, Hit with the back of the knife then slice it. Boil the ribs in hot water;
  3. Put all the ingredients together into the water and cook with medium fire for 1.5 hours. Add salt and seasoning. Ready to serve.

Understand the process of childbirth

During childbirth, although the mother cannot see the fetus, the matured fetus will be able to exert pressure on the mother, causing the so-called "see red", intensified abdominal pain " etc. The doctor supervises the whole process of delivery and guides the mother how to distribute forces to have a smooth delivery of the baby. You need to have a clear understanding of the process of childbirth.

The first step: Contractions. At this stage, the cervix will open up to 10 cm. At the beginning, the contractions are not strong. As the fetus drops to the birth canal, the cervix opens 5 to 8 centimeters, the contractions will become more intense and the intermittent time is shortened. In the early or active stage of uterine bleeding, amniotic fluid will break, and there may be bleeding phenomenon. Cervical opens about to 8 to 10 cm and the fetus will be delivered at any time. At this time the contractions are the most intense, about once every 2 minutes, the final contractions will reach once every 1 minute.

The second step: The fetus is delivered. When the cervix opens about 10 cm when you and your belly baby are ready for delivery. In order to be able to deliver the fetus as soon as possible, the most effective way is to use gravity. If possible, it is best to use a semi-squatting posture for childbirth with the help of prospective father or midwife.

The third step: Removal of the placenta. After the child was delivered, the whole delivery process is not over. At this stage, the uterus will continue to shrink until the placenta is delivered, but this process is far less painful than the first two stages.


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