You are 37 weeks into pregnancy!

Now is the time to prepare for all the supplies needed after childbirth, best prepared within this week. With the increase in the fetus, your activities become more and more inconvenient, and you cannot walk for a long time. Hence, your husband and you should be all-ready for hospital admission and things required for after childbirth.

Fetal growth

Baby is now about 3 kg. Fetal body fats has increased to about 8% and will increase to about 15% at birth. If the fetal position is still not correct as at now, the probability for him/her to turn the head is very small.

The baby is now practicing breathing. Because the body is gradually grrowing, the space is becoming too small for him/her to move about. The longer he is in the womb, the more time for his brain to develop in the quiet womb. If your baby is a boy, his testicles will start to sag and form as scrotum.

As the delivery date draws nearer, you may start receiving calls from relatives and friends asking whether you have delivered. Waiting for the day of delivery will make you feel very anxious. In fact, only 5% of pregnant women deliver in the prenatal period of childbirth. Most pregnant women deliver two weeks before and after the expected date of birth.

This week the contractions are more frequent than last week, which may be just normal contractions are not labor contractions The normal contractions are intermittent for a whole day or all night before becoming labor contractions. Uterine secretions increases and some pregnant mother's uterus will be opened in advance.

Important matters this week

  1. Prenatal check-up once weekly: From 37 weeks onwards, pregnant mother needs to do a prenatal check every week.
  1. Breathing training: Pregnant mother can now take the time to properly practice maternal breathing. Good breathing method, can help mother during the delivery process and using correct force to ensure the smooth progress of childbirth.
  1. Regular contractions: Calculate the interval and duration of uterine contractions with a timer. If the contractions have become regular, consult a doctor. Perhaps, you still do not know how the contraction feels like. Let us learn more about it.
  1. Things to note down: Note down the taxi company or ambulance phone number, in case you happen to be alone when the time comes for delivery.
  1. When should pregnant mothers stop working: In general, if pregnant mother feel that all are normal and work is not too intense, you can continue to work until two weeks before the expected delivery date before taking leave. Some may even take leave later. It largely depends on the different nature of the work.
  1. Do not travel: You may give birth at any time from now. In case of premature childbirth, avoid long distance travelling. Miscarriage is dangerous to both the mother and child.

Wife is likely to give birth at any time. You need to do a comprehensive inspection of your car, so that when your wife’s “water bag” breaks, you can immediately send her to the hospital without any hiccups caused by your car breaking down. If you want to take a taxi to the hospital, find out and remember the most convenient route to the hospital from your home.

Recommended activities

Usually at 37th week of pregnancy, your main doctor will gauge baby's weight and the current fetal position through B ultrasound. Based on the baby's estimated weight and fetal status, you have to confirm the mode of delivery. At the same time, you need to be careful with your activities as your body is getting bigger over the past weeks.

It is encouraged that prospective father participate in prenatal education. You can gently stroke your wife's abdomen, and speak to your baby with a tender voice "Hello baby, I am your father, let us do exercise together." In the happy family atmosphere to stroke, It will produce better results with dialogue and music stimulation.

By the 10th month, pregnant mothers and prospective fathers have entered a "season" that can be harvested. It is important to ensure that the mother gets enough nutrients. At this stage, pregnant mothers should eat some of the easy to digest, nutrient-rich, tonic dishes in order to accumulate energy for labor. At the same time, take note of constipation and edema.

Mother should adhere to the principle of eating smaller quantity and more meals. The more the immediate labor, the more should one eat more irony vegetables (such as spinach, seaweed, celery, kelp, black fungus, etc.) and fresh fruit. This can add a variety of trace elements and beneficial substances to the body. Because of the pressure on pregnant mother’s stomach, there may be symptoms of constipation or diarrhea. So, be sure to increase the number of meals, eat less each time, and consume easy to digest food.

Dish that aids digestion - Radish Soup

Ingredients: green radish 300 grams, 50 grams of shrimp, chinese vermicelli 80 grams.


  1. Wash and then soak the shrimps and chinese vermicelli. Peel and shred the green radish.
  2. Boil the shredded radish for a while. Heat the oil in a pan, stir fry onions and ginger.
  3. Add in all the ingredients and an appropriate amount of soup. Add seasoning and stew. Add some sesame oil and ready to serve.

Painless childbirth absolutely painless

Most of the mothers who have experienced childbirth of life will find the delivery process scary, be it physically or psychologically. Today, pregnant mothers have the option to “painless” childbirth with the use of epidural. It is impossible to do an absolutely painless childbirth process, only able to reduce the pain to minimal, making the pain more endurable.

Analgesic effect is ideal for the epidural block to control the uterus of the sensory nerve, thus reducing pain, but because the amount of anesthetic is very small, mother can still feel the contractions. The labor process may take longer due to the use of anesthetic, but oxytocin can be injected to strengthen contractions and speed up the labor.

Pain is a physiological phenomenon in the process of childbirth and normal people will have the ability to bear this pain. However, if the mother’s mental state is in tension, fear, anxiety and lack of confidence, it will increase the sensitivity of labor pain. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to acquire knowledge of childbirth and be well-prepared mentally.


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