You are 33 weeks into pregnancy!

Beginning this week, your belly will increase quite prominently. If the mother tries to see her feet while standing, it's not that easy. Fetal baby's subcutaneous fats would have been greatly increased, wrinkles reduced and the body is rounder. He/she is ready for childbirth.

Fetal development

Now the baby weighs about 2 kg and measures about 48 cm in length. The baby is ready for delivery. Most of the baby's fetal position should have been the first bit, and that the first in the next, buttocks on. And the baby's head may sink to the pelvis over the next 6 weeks and begin to press into the cervix. This position is not only prepared for birth, but also can make blood flow to the brain he is developing. In addition, his skull is still quite soft, not completely closed, there is a gap between each skull, and this loose structure can make the baby's head in the relatively narrow birth canal when there is flexibility.

You will feel paint at the joint between pelvis and pubic symphysis and also frequent urination as the fetus gradually decreased to the pelvis. You may also feel joint pain at the fingers and toes, back pain increases, joints and ligaments gradually loosen, heavy abdomen making you lazier to move but you can still do appropriate activities. Irregular increase in the number of contractions, abdomen often paroxysmal hardened tight. The vulva becomes soft and swollen. Your stomach and heart tightness are more obvious due to the oppression. You will feel palpitation, asthma or bloating, no appetite. Not only is the baby in preparation for birth, your body is also ready for the delivery! For instance, your body joints and ligaments gradually lossen and the number of irregular contractions increased. Physical discomfort and inner uneasiness increases. Relax and remember, perseverance is victory!

Important matters this week

  1. B-ultrasound: It is recommended for mothers to do a detailed ultrasound examination this week to assess the weight and development of the fetus (For instance: The fetus will be more petite if suffering from preeclampsia fetus), and to predict the baby’s weigh at full term.
  1. Avoid overwork: Do not repeat the same action over a long time, such as high-intensity weaving, sewing or gardening, etc., This is because the body joints and ligaments have become loose, so excessive fatigue can easily cause muscle injury, inflammation and strain.
  1. Severe edema: There will be edema at mother’s foot and legs. However, do not limit the intake of water, because the mother and the fetus need a lot of water. If you find your hand or face swollen, visit a doctor.
  1. Alertness to premature rupture of membranes: Under normal circumstances, fetal membranes rupture in the labor period, amniotic fluid outflow, the fetus is also delivered within a few hours. If the fetal membrane in the labor before (that is, before the regular contraction) rupture, some amniotic fluid outflow, which is called premature rupture of membranes. Occurrence of this situation, to immediately send pregnant women to the hospital emergency, it is best to use supine and slightly padded buttocks posture to move pregnant women.
  1. Baby car safety seats: Experts recommend that the child seat must be properly used. Survey data shows that the use of safety seats can reduce the risk by 60%, compared to children who do not use safety seats. The risk of injury is reduced by 90%. Before the baby was born, you can pre-select a good car seat for newborn.

Prospective father should touch his wife’s bump daily, speak or gently hum songs to the baby. It is said that the fetus is more inclined to a male’s voice. Your touch and voice will be loved by the fetus, and if you do so, your wife will feel comfortable too. If your wife has good mood, it encourages healthy development of the fetus.

Recommended activities

Clean all the supplies you have prepared for your baby. There will be some chemical composition on every item during the manufacturing and dust pollution during the transportation. To a baby, his/her physical development is not complete, hence he/she has poor immunity and will be very vulnerable to infection or illness. As such, most baby products must be cleaned, sterilized and disinfected before giving it to the baby.

This week, you may wish to listen to some light music. Light music is a kind of sweet music, people relaxed, comfortable is its subject. Its all-encompassing repertoire: famous movie theme song and theme music, European and American pop music, Latin American and Spanish love songs, French songs, Russian songs, Hawaii guitar song, Chopin music, Japanese style music.

In addition to the need for plenty of glucose to aid in the rapid growth of the fetus and body glycogen, fat storage, a certain amount of fatty acids, especially α-linolenic acid. Α-linolenic acid are required to improve fetal brain development and brain function, enhancing brain cell information function, and promote the normal development of the human brain. Pregnant women in vivo α-linolenic acid sufficient, the number of fetal brain cell development of multi-functional strong. Under normal circumstances, the last 3 months of pregnancy, the fetus can use the parental α-linolenic acid to generate DHA, and then transported to the brain and retina, composed of phospholipid membrane. Pregnant mothers should eat some nutritious marine food. Marine animal food is called nutritionists by high nutrition. They are rich in fats, cholesterol, protein, vitamin A and vitamin D. Their relationship with development of the eyes, skin, teeth and bones is very close.

Delicious seafood - squid soup delicious seafood - squid soup

Ingredients: Squid 200 grams, 6 grams of salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, pepper is not a little, soup 200 grams.


  1. Cut the Squid into 1 cm wide c, chopped 2 cm wide, 3 cm long. Place in a plate;
  2. Bring water to boil and then add in the squid and cooked thoroughly. Add broth and spices. Add squid. Ready to serve.

Special attention this week

Careful decision to opt for cesarean section

Natural childbirth is a natural childbirth process in humans, without or only partial anesthesia. This will be the least damage and a faster postpartum recovery, shorter hospitalization option.  However, natural childbirth may take a longer time. Depending in circumstances, some mother cannot be deliver via the vaginal and the doctor will advise cesarean section under 3 conditions:

The first scenario is the existence of a crisis in the fetus, the rapid removal of the fetus from the dangerous situation and the implementation of surgery. The second scenario is to stop the pregnancy, improve the mother's poor health status or save the lives of pregnant women; the third is to solve the trial production cannot be natural delivery of the dystocia of the birth of the fetus. For instance, the fetal position is horizontal, high straight and so on.

If the mother does not meet the cesarean section of the medical indications, experts recommend mothers to carefully choose cesarean section. Cesarean section is actually trauma inflicted onto human and prone to bring about complications. Cesarean section is not only prone to post-operative infection, it may also easily lead to intestinal injury, abdominal adhesions, endometriosis, and uterine tissue inflammation and so on.

Data shows that maternal puerperal infection rate following cesarean section is 10 to 20 times higher than vaginal delivery. The maternal mortality rate of vaginal delivery is 5 times that of cesarean section. In addition, cesarean section will have a potential impact on the child's health. Some cesarean children may have a lack in sense of balance, poor coordination of actions and "sense of harmony and disorder” due to the lack of "rotation and the necessary birth canal squeeze" process.

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