You are 32 weeks into pregnancy!

Now, isn’t the feeling of seeing the baby getting stronger? In fact, your baby is also doing the final preparation before he/she sees the world. Baby's weight this week can reach about 2 kg. The baby’s hair and nails may have been fully grown.

Through the B-ultrasound, you can see that the baby's skin has become more transparent than before and because the fats layer is deposited under the skin. Fetal baby’s lung and gastrointestinal function are almost matured, they already have the ability to breathe and can secrete digestive juice. The amniotic fluid that the baby drinks will be released back through the bladder.

Mothers will continue to gain weight by 0.45 kg per week. You will feel more tired, the weight of your abdomen will change your body shape and body center of gravity. You will feel the lower back pain or pain at the buttocks and thighs. This is because during this period, your abdominal muscles are stretched and hormones make your ligaments become more relaxed, increased uterus cause more oppression to some nerve. Due to pain and fatigue, you will may not feel like moving. However, in order to ensure smooth delivery, you need to do some appropriate exercise.

Now, the baby's head is downwards, oppression to your bladder, so your urinary frequency is getting serious. Your vaginal secretions also increased, hence pay attention to the vulva cleanliness.

Important matters this week

  1. Feel the “heartburn”: Eat smaller quantity with more meals can help to alleviate the "heartburn" symptoms.
  1. Career mothers’ consideration: Have you started planning maternity leave? In addition, have you considered whether to stay home looking after the baby or return to work after childbirth?
  1. Safety during shower: Because your body's center of gravity has changed, hold on to the wall firmly to prevent slipping during shower.
  1. Household chores: While doing household chores, pay attention to squat slowly, try to straighten your back and make use of your muscles at different parts to prevent injury.

Daddy, are you mentally prepared for the arrival of baby? The arrival of the baby will shift the family focus and the authority of the father will be challenged. Your concern will be transferred from your wife to the baby significantly. Now, it is time to consider what kind of lifestyle you want after the arrival of your baby, taking into account the time commit to work. Once the baby is born, do you have enough time to communicate with your child and your wife? How do you plan the program on the two precious off days per week? These are some considerations that prospective father and mommy have to think through in advance.

Umbilical cord around the neck

Through the ordinary B-ultrasound, if it is found that the fetal neck has umbilical cord pressure trace, it may be an indication that the umbilical cord is winding around the baby’s neck. But if you do further color ultrasonic examination, not only can have a clear diagnosis, you can also see the number of turns causing the wound.

Under normal circumstances, the umbilical cord will be floating in amniotic fluid. If the length of the umbilical cord is too long, too much amniotic fluid or fetal movement over frequency, it is easy for the umbilical cord to wrap around the neck of the fetus. The incidence of umbilical cord formation around the neck is up to about 20%. Most of the umbilical cord around the neck for 1-2 laps, but sometimes up to 4-5 laps. In most cases, the umbilical cord wind around the neck is not tight, so there would not be any hindrance to the circulation of blood. But if the winding is too tight, the umbilical cord will be oppressed, resulting in fetal hypoxia. This situation is more pronounced in the process of fetal decline. Sometimes umbilical cord pull being too tight, will also impede the decline in the fetal head, leaving the fetal head high floating.

If umbilical cord appears to be winding around the neck of your baby, pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much. You can count the number of fetal movement to determine the condition of the fetus. Based on the sum of 3 one hour fetal movement in the early morning, afternoon and evening, multiplied by 4 to get the total number of fetal movements in 12 hours. If it is more than 20 times of movement, baby’s condition is normal. If less than 10 times of fetal movement within 12 hours, or less than 3 times per hour, pregnant mothers need to go to the hospital to check up.

It is suggested that pregnant mothers take 5-6 small meals daily, you can also eat some food good for the stomach, easy to digest food such as porridge and soup. When you are preparing these porridge, you can add ingredients accustomed to your own taste preference, or go with some side dishes. You can choose to can boil the porridge to saturation or can boil to dilute it. If your weight gain is too much, mothers should follow doctor's recommended diet. Consume lesser starch and fats, intake food rich in protein and vitamins, so as not to avoid baby overgrowing, resulting in difficulties during childbirth.

Nourishing internal organs dish - Delicious ham porridge

Ingredients: Chicken x 1, 300 grams of rice, diced green onion, coriander, salt, water amount.


  1. Rinse the chicken, put into boiling water pot. After cooked, take out the chicken, wash thoroughly and chopped into small pieces.
  2. Bring fresh water to boil, add in the chopped chicken, diced green onion, coriander, salt. Cook with big fire first and then switch to a small fire to simmer until the chicken is soft. Take out the chicken, add rice and slow cook till the rice soften and become porridge.
  3. Peel the chicken into thin slices. Add the chicken slices into the porridge. Add seasoning and it is ready to serve.

The date to childbirth is drawing nearer, hence it is inevitable for the mother to be nervous. Listening to soothing music is necessary. For pregnant mothers who enjoys music, you can also appreciates the beauty of art. The range of music can range from ancient to modern, Chinese or foreign songs, folk songs, or even childhood favorite songs.


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