You are 26 weeks into pregnancy!

Compared to last week, the baby's weight increases for at least 200 grams, and weighs about 750 grams, now the seated height is about 22 cm. This week is an important milestone in fetal hearing and vision development. The fetal hearing system (the cochlea and the outer ear feels the terminal organ), which began to develop in the 18th week and is now fully formed, and he will become increasingly sensitive to the sound. The sound from the environment passes through your womb into the baby's ear, which plays a part in his ears development.

Now, the lungs of the fetus have not yet developed completely, he continues to breathe in the amniotic fluid, which is the first time he breathes the air for the first time after birth.

Now the height of the mother's uterus has reached about 6 cm on the navel position, from the pubic symphysis amount of about 26 cm. If the normal standard, weight should have increased by 10 kg.

For the skin complexion at the abdomen and breasts, stretch marks will develop for some pregnant women. Moisturizing lotion and massage can be applied for prevention. In addition, if your back experiences a little bit of pain, it is due to hormones at work during pregnancy, and it will relax your joints and ligaments for preparation for childbirth.

Important matters this week

  1. Your hands will feel tingling and numb: This feeling is caused by the carpal tunnel syndrome. You may think that this usually occurs in those who frequently work using hands, such as data processor, computer programming and production assembly line workers. In fact, it is more common in pregnant women.
  1. Consume more “brain” food: Fetal brain development has entered a peak period, this time the rapid proliferation of brain cells differentiation, volume increases, pregnant women at this time can eat more brain food such as walnuts, sesame seeds, peanuts, etc.
  1. When is exercise not advisable? The exercising range in late pregnancy should not be too large. If after the exercise, the fetus is very stable up to 30 minutes, be sure to stop exercising until the doctor ensures that the fetus is safe.
  1. Finger swelling: In order to alleviate the swelling, place your fingers on the head regularly, to help the blood circulate back to the heart.
  1. Consider engaging a maternity matron: Now it is time to consider who to take care of the baby after birth. If the elderly at home do not have the energy to take care of you and your baby, do research regarding maternity matron and nanny early. A better way is to ask around friends who have recently delivered to babies if they have any good recommendation.

For the health of the fetus and wife, it is not advisable to let your wife drive for now. Having to take bus or subway to work with the crowd, your wife will be very tired, coupled with the air on the bus is not good, pregnant mother is likely to feel very uncomfortable. It is best to be the chauffeur of your wife during this period, otherwise book a taxi. Although you will incur slightly higher transportation expenses, but it will be relatively safer and more comfortable for your wife and baby. The money is spent well worthwhile, isn’t it?

What is high-risk pregnancy?

Some pregnant women may have greater risk than majority others. For instance:

  1. Women with diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure
  2. Women who develop these conditions during pregnancy or birth
  3. Women with 5 or more pregnancies;
  4. Women with two or more fetuses
  5. Women who are younger than 17 years of age or older; older women over 30 years of age;
  6. Pregnant women with signs of preterm birth;
  7. Virus infections such as smallpox, chlamydia, genital herpes or human immunodeficiency virus;
  8. A family history of genetically disorder, such as thalassemia.

If you are pregnant women at high risk, first of all do not be nervous, because tension is not good. Only with a good state of mind, it is conducive to the physical and mental health of mother and child. Secondly, learn to count fetal movement. Daily count the fetal movement three times, 1 hour each time, timing between 7-8am, 12-1 noon, 9-10pm. The sum of3 times’  fetal movement multiplied by 4, is the number fetal movement for 12 hours. Normal fetal movement times is 3-5 times per hour, hence for 12 hours, the movement cannot be less than 10 times. Too frequent or too little fetal movement are prompted fetal hypoxia; If fetal movement disappeared, it is distress signal. Thirdly, advisable sleeping position is left lateral position. This kind of sleeping position has three major advantages: 1, to avoid the uterus oppression of the inferior vena cava, increase blood discharge, reduce edema, increase the uterus, placenta and villus blood flow; 2, so that the right uterus to the straight, Reduce the incidence of fetal distress and developmental delay; 3, to avoid uterine oppression of the kidneys, so that the kidneys to maintain adequate blood flow, is conducive to the prevention and treatment of pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome. High-risk pregnant women have to closely monitor her baby’s progress along with doctor's observation and treatment, in order to successfully go through the pregnancy, eventually meet the little prince/princess.

The need to intake iron, riboflavin, folic acid, vitamin A and other nutrients significantly increased for pregnant women. It is recommended that women includes an animal organ into a meal at least once a week during pregnancy. Pregnant mother can take "glutinous rice jujube" as a snack, but not exceeding 10 each time. In addition to including iron-rich foods in the diet, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to eat more foods containing vitamin C to help the body absorb more iron.

Beauty recipes - Stewed soybeans pig trotters soup

Ingredients: 500 grams of trotters, 150 grams of soybeans.


  1. Pour the soybeans into a basin, remove all bad grains and sand, soaked the remaining good grains in water;
  2. Put the washed pig trotters into a medium-sized aluminum pot. Add water, rice wine, sugar, bring it to boil;
  3. Start with the big fire, skim away the bubbles, then continue with a small fire for about half an hour. Add soybeans and a bowl of water. Slowly stew.
  4. Once the soybeans become soft, add appropriate seasoning. Once ready, pour it to a big bowl and serve.

Fetal auditory organs development matures at 26th weeks and are structurally identical to those at birth. Fetal period due to neurological development is still inadequate, hence the spectrum of music or dialogue should not be too wide. Some people think that the father of the audio to the main low-frequency, narrow spectrum, hence more suitable for having dialogue with the fetus. Language stimulation is a major content of auditory training, especially the father's dialogue is easier to pass through the womb. When the room is quiet, pregnant women should have dialogue with the fetus and the content should be simple.


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