You are 25 weeks into pregnancy!

At 25th week, your baby weight is now increased to about 570 grams. Last week, the baby looks long and thin, the skin was wrinkled, but now he is fuller and the skin stretch. At 25th week, the taste buds are formed, so the fetus will be able to taste the food.

The agility of the fetus is beyond your imagination! He can now easily grasp his feet, and suck happily. He will open his eyes for the first time, but he cannot see anything except seeing the grayish environment. If the mother flash the belly with a torchlight, the fetus will have some response to the light. Sounds interesting? You may like to give it a try!

This week, pregnant mother's uterus has become a lot bigger, the stomach is much more obvious from side view. You may feel fatigue back like in early pregnancy, dizziness, frequent need to visit the bathroom. As the fetus increases in size, the abdomen gets heavier, and the lower back may get more painful.

Because of the increase in male hormones in your body, your body's hair will be thicker and darker. You will feel that the volume of your hair increase, becomes thicker and shinier. Pregnant women suffering from diabetes during pregnancy do not have to panic, as long as you follow the appropriate diet or drugs under the guidance of a doctor to control the disease, you can also have a healthy baby.

Important matters this week

  1. Pregnancy check-ups: In 25-28 weeks pregnant, pregnant mothers need to do hepatitis B antigen, syphilis serum test and the German measles check.
  1. Pregnant women driving: It is not advisable for pregnant women to drive during this period. Go by chartered, car or taxi to travel.
  1. Snoring: Will snoring by pregnant women affect fetal development? This is a major concern of many pregnant mothers. Some pregnant mothers will start snoring even if they do not snore in the past, especially in the second half of pregnancy. This is because of more severe nasal blockage. If the snoring condition of pregnant mothers is serious, it is advisable to seek diagnosis and treatment at the hospital.
  1. Pregnancy dream: Pregnant mother's dream may get more intense now. Pregnant women's dreams are usually more vivid than ordinary dreams. According to the theory of Freud, the dream is a subconscious expression, not foreseeing the future.
  1. Can pregnant mother travel? Pregnant mother’s abdomen will increase significantly resulting in mobility inconvenience. Mental stress or anxiety during pregnancy can easily lead to adverse effects on pregnancy, increase the risk of premature birth. It is best to avoid travel during this period.

With the increase in weight, mothers may be more reluctant to exercise. At this time, prospective father has to play the role of monitoring and as a good companion. Appropriate exercise can control weight gain, improve the resistance, reduce pregnancy discomfort, allows the baby to get more oxygen. After waking up in the morning and after dinner, it is a great idea to accompany your wife for a walk to get some fresh air and also chat during the walk to build bond.

Lower limb edema during pregnancy

Many pregnant women find their legs becoming fatter and the feet becoming bigger. In fact, this is not because due to weight gain, but edema during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, lower extremity edema is very common and very normal physiological phenomenon. Edema is when the blood vessels within the blood components ooze out of the blood vessels, accumulating in the gap amongst the tissue. Edema will first appear in the lowest part of the human body, like the ankle, after a little retreat, gradually increase and spread upwards.

  1. Do not stand or squat or sit for too long. When seated on a sofa or chair, you can lift the feet, turn the ankle and feet to increase blood circulation.
  2. When lying on left lateral position, you can ease the oppression of the uterus to the inferior vena cava, with appropriate elevation of the lower limbs to relieve the uterus of pregnancy against the inferior vena cava oppression.
  3. Low protein in pregnant women can also lead to lower extremity edema of pregnant women, so pregnant women should ensure adequate intake of protein, vitamins, iron and calcium supplement.
  4. Appropriate low-salt diet, usually limited to 2 to 4 grams per day, cam reduce water and sodium retention. However, the low-salt diet should not be too long, so as to avoid hyponatremia.
  5. Appropriate walking and leg massage are also effective measures that help in preventing edema.

Cabbage, spinach, spinach, leek, toon and other green leafy vegetables contain more B vitamins. Mothers should choose seasonal fresh vegetables. B vitamins not only participate in a variety of metabolism and physiological response, they also ease the tension during pregnancy, eliminate fatigue. Continue to pay attention to weight gain rate. If the weight gain is too fast, the pregnant mother need to control the likely high-calorie diet. Ensure that diet is low salt, high calcium, high iron, so as to prevent pregnancy-induced hypertension and anemia.

Invigorating Gourmet Dish – Stewed Lamb with Carrot

Ingredients: mutton 500 grams, 300 grams of carrot, some ginger and parsley.


  1. Wash the lamb, cut into 2 cm dices;
  2. Wash the radish, cut into 3 cm dices
  3. Wash the parsley, cut into sections. Add lamb, ginger, salt into the pot. Pour appropriate amount of water. Bring to boil and then add the carrot to cook. Add pepper and a little vinegar seasoning.

This week, continue with pediatric care, but take note of the following:

  1. Pediatric care should not be done for too long, do 2-3 times daily, every 5 minutes or so.
  2. Action has to be gentle.
  3. While stroking, if you encounter baby "kick", stop immediately as it may be an indication that the baby is not comfortable.
  4. If there were frequent miscarriages, pre-term birth history, prenatal hemorrhage and early contractions, pediatric care is not suitable.
5. If there is irregular contractions, it is also not appropriate to carry out pediatric care, so as to avoid premature birth.

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