You are 22 weeks into pregnancy!

The baby now looks like a "little child" now, only that his/her face is crumpled and red, head and face covered with fetal hair. Eyebrows and eyelids are clearly visible, small fingers have grown delicate nails. Fetal subcutaneous fat has not yet produced, when his skin is red, crumpled like a little old man. He is now 19 cm long, 350 grams of the. Now, the blood is circulating at about 6.5 kilometers per hour through the umbilical cord, with oxygen and nutrients to support his growth. The baby's brain begins to grow rapidly, especially in the center of the brain's germinal stroma, which is responsible for producing brain cells.

He is making a black, sticky material, which is meconium. It will temporarily be deposited in the baby's intestines. Within a few hours after the baby is born, the meconium will be discharged. Baby’s awake time is getting longer and he likes to listen to the music and sounds from the “outside world”. Needless to say, the baby will not get sick of his/her mother’s voice

For this week, pregnant mothers’ weight increase about 250 grams per week. The uterus is also increasing, oppression of the lungs, due to sudden increase in body weight and increased uterus, so that pregnant women's weight heavier and heavier. At the same time, the secretion of pregnancy hormones will lead to fingers, toes and other joints become loose. Your navel may no longer be concave, it may become flat or protruding. Perhaps you have heard of a myth that if the pregnant mother’s navel is protruding, it will be a male baby.

In addition to the more severe stretch marks, the other one during pregnancy you may notice the skin changes, is something called arachnoid hemangioma. They are small pieces of reddish raised, with small branches. They usually appear in the face, neck, chest and the upper arm. They are caused by increased estrogen during pregnancy, which will usually disappear naturally after delivery of baby.

Important matters this week

  1. Bleeding gums: The secretion of progesterone makes your gums become swollen, even when you brush your teeth gently, it may lead to bleeding.
  1. The most suitable exercise for mothers: The recommended exercise is climbing of stairs. Climbing of stairs not only strengthen the heart function of pregnant mothers, it also can get the pelvis working, but be careful not to overdo. Take the elevator instead of going down the stairs.
  1. Muscle spasms: Pregnant mother experiencing cramps is a very common phenomenon in the second trimester, especially in the evening. This may be the result of the lack of calcium or magnesium. Mothers should drink at least 1.15 kg of milk or equivalent daily.
  1. The choice of bra: The pregnant mother’s breasts will grow outwards from the bottom half. The growth condition and rate is subjective and unpredictable. Therefore, be prepared to shop for bras of appropriate sizing any time!
  1. Naming the baby: Perhaps even before pregnancy, you are already looking forward to this moment. You can start looking for a nice name! You may realize now that finding a suitable name is more difficult than you think. You may wish to refer to the name book as reference.
  1. Sexual life: In the second trimester, pregnant women’s sexual desire will increase due to hormones changes. Coupled with placental and amniotic fluid barrier role, this can buffer the external stimuli, so that the fetus get certain degree of protection, which is why moderate sexual life is fine during this period.
  1. Can pregnant mother travel? Now is the most suitable period during pregnancy period for pregnant mothers to travel, because pregnant mothers should have adapted to pregnancy physiological changes by now. Now is the best physical condition with the least symptoms, and there is minimal risk of miscarriage or premature delivery.

The wife's physical condition has stabilized by this week. If the prospective father is able to take time off, he may wish to make use of this period to accompany his wife. Even if thereis no plans to travel overseas, it will also be nice to do some baby stuff shopping together with your wife. It is a a form of happiness having discussion on little details and making decisions together.

Iron deficiency leading to anemia during pregnancy

Pregnancy is tiring and you may naturally attribute it to pregnancy symptom. However, if this symptom occurs too frequently, or you appear to be pale, or experience dizziness, you may be suffering from iron deficiency leading to anemia during pregnancy.

As the development of the fetus is very rapid, the fetus needs more from the mother to learn nutrition, mothers should pay attention to avoid the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia. Pregnancy anemia is a common problem, can account for about 20% -40%, iron is an important element of hematopoiesis, lack of iron is also a common problem during pregnancy. Anemia not only affect the health of pregnant mother, more importantly, the baby's growth and development are affected. Hence it is important to take control measures.

The National Health Institute recommends that pregnant mother take a piece of iron containing 30 milligrams of iron daily, but also efforts to ingest enough iron from the food species. Serving iron tablets or capsules may cause stomach pain or constipation. Once these side effects occur, you can try to intake liquid iron, which is relatively small to stimulate the stomach.

Because pregnant mothers may suffer from gum bleeding more frequent, it is important to consume more vegetables and fruits. Vegetables, fruits, vitamins can help the gums restore health, prevent bleeding gums, prevent discharge of excess mucous membrane secretions and waste. After eating, pregnant mothers can drink some lemon juice (add a lemon in the water) or use as mouthwash. This can keep the mouth moist, at the same time stimulate the saliva secretion, reduce the nasal congestion, dry mouth or residual food caused by oral anaerobic bacteria caused by bad breath.

Tooth care food – Crsipy Shreds

Ingredients: cabbage, carrots, small green peppers, salt, mashed ginger, mashed garlic.


  1. Wash the vegetables and cut them into shreds. Add salt and soak for 5-10 minutes to kill any raw smell. Drain off the remaining water. Sprinkle mashed ginger and garlic. Mix well and transfer to a plate;
  2. Add in some peppers, shred the carrots into thin slices. Place them in a small bowl; Heat up some oil and then pour into the bowl. After the oild cools down, add in the vegetable slices.

Every morning or evening, it is best for the pregnant mother to go out for a walk, breathe in some fresh air. Because during this period, the building of fetal muscle and bone growth is rapid, thus oxygen demand will increase. Getting a certain amount of outdoor activities daily not only help the fetus to develop good habits, but also help to enhance the vitality of the fetus.

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