You are 21 weeks into pregnancy!

Baby is like a small athlete now, moving about 50 times on average per hour of an hour! This week he can grows up to 17-18.5 cm in length, weighing about 298 grams. From now on, the baby's main task is to gain weight! Baby’s body is developing, but also gradually becoming conscious with feeling. If he is sleeping, loud noises will wake him up. When he/she is awaken by favorite music and he/she will react accordingly. In order to adapt to the life outside the uterus, the baby begins to do breathing with chest movement.

Fetal’s fingernails, lips are almost complete, canines and molars is in the process of forming solid tissue under the gums. If the baby is a little girl, her vagina has been formed.

Pregnant mother's weight increases by about 5 kg. The uterus in the flat umbilical position, from the phalanx measures about 22 cm. Do you feel shortness of breath? Especially after climbing the stairs or doing some light exercise? This is because the growing uterus oppresses your lungs, and with the increase of the uterus, this condition becomes more obvious. As the mother’s body has changed, the center of gravity moves forward along with the bump. In order to maintain balance, you have to hold the stomach to walk.

Due to the role of progesterone, your fingers, toes and body joints become loose, which will make you feel uncomfortable as your action is a little slow as you feel bulky. This is normal, do not worry. Your secretions also increases, if you feel swell or sting around the vagina, and yeast smell from the secretions, consider the possibility of yeast infection. Edema on the legs may aggravate, avoid standing for a long time.

Important matters this week

  1. Pregnancy check: In addition to routine check-ups for pregnant mothers, doctor may also advise the pregnant mothers to do following checks, if necessary: anemia, urine sugar, regular urine protein checks.
  1. Massage the breast: Apart from ensuring that the breasts are cleaned daily, also massage the breasts daily, to prepare for breastfeeding in future. Massage of the breasts should not be too frequent, do in moderation.
  1. False contractions: If you start to feel the muscles of the uterus tighten from time to time, do not worry. These irregular, usually painless contraction known as fake contractions, is very common in the mid-pregnancy stage.
  1. Control sugar intake: Take care not to consume too much sugary food at this stage, otherwise easily lead to gestational diabetes.
  1. Customized elastic socks for pregnant women: It is advisable to wear these socks before you turn in to bed daily. If you forget to wear, please lie back to bed, raise your legs for 15-20 minutes. This can prevent swelling of the varicose veins and lower limb.

During pregnancy, it is best that the pregnant mother avoid contact with all detergents. Certain chemical composition may cause damage to the female skin, immune system function, blood system, nervous system and reproductive system, and some even lead to cancer or cause fetal malformations.

Varicosity in pregnancy

Pregnant women due to uterine enlargement, the backward and intra-abdominal pressure increase. The formation of oppression of the abdominal cavity will cause the intravenous pressure to increase, which hinders the lower extremity venous return, combined with increased blood volume in late pregnancy, decreased activity, vein wall thinning. These adverse factors make pregnant women vulnerable to blood clots in the event that the swollen veins are broken due to injury. Hence, mothers must be gentle while treating varicose veins, do not try to massage them.

There are treatments of varicose veins during pregnancy without surgery and surgery. This is mainly due to the appropriate increase in pregnancy activity. Avoid standing too long, sedentary action to improve lower limb blood circulation to prevent and reduce varicose veins. Another important measure is the application of medical elastic socks, artificially improve the lower limb blood circulation to prevent the degree of varicose veins increase.

During this period, the baby depends on the absorption of iron to create red blood cells in the blood. If the iron intake is insufficient, you will suffer from anemia. During winter or spring, you should take measures to prevent catching a cold and drink plenty of water. If you have a mild cold symptom, you can go for a bland diet, drink plenty of soup and take traditional Chinese medicine for treatment of cold.

Anti-anemia recipes – Fried horsebeans and preserved vegetables

Ingredients: 200 grams of horsebeans, 200 grams of preserved vegetables.


  1. Peel the horsebeans and wash. Wash the preserved vegetables. Cut into slices.
  2. Heat oil in a pan, quick fry the horsebeans and preserved vegetables. When they are almost cooked, add soy sauce, sugar and other spices.

You can use a torchlight to shine your abdomen, lasting 5 minutes. Towards the end, you can turn the flashlight on and off several times. During prenatal time, you note down all your little observations and feelings, such as changes in rate or degree of fetal movement. Through a period of recording, you can sum up the specific responses to stimuli.


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