You are 18 weeks into pregnancy!

Baby is now about 14 cm long, weighing 160-198 grams. Bones are all rubber-like cartilage, and later will become more and harder. If you are pregnant with a girl, her uterus and fallopian tube has been formed, and has been on the place. If it is a boy, you can see his genitals by now.

In the last few weeks, although the fetus's ear bone has not yet fully formed, but the fetus has been able to use his ear structure to feel the sound. Now, not only his ears are completely formed, they have grown to the normal position. In addition, the part of his brain processing from the ear signal is also formed. For a 18 weeks old fetus, his "house" is very big, so he will be very active. He will frequently change posture and do all kinds of actions. Enjoy the feeling from the little movements of your baby during this period!

For now, you will not feel as lethargic as the initial stage. There is a gradual recovery of energy and increase in sexual desire. Prospective father can now lift the ban but be gentle while making love, not to hurt the fetus. During this period, most of the pregnant mothers will be troubled by hemorrhoids> This is because as the fetus grow up day by day, there will be oppression of the rectum and the rectum of the veins drum up, serious, hemorrhoids will be convex to the outside of the anus.

You may feel some pain in your legs, coccyx and other muscles. When you get up too fast from a seated or lying down position, you will feel a little dizzy. This is because in the second trimester, your blood pressure may be lower than usual. Some pregnant mothers will experience nasal congestion and nasal bleeding, if the nose bleeding is very serious, there may be a possibility of pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome.

Important matters this week

  1. Hemorrhoids: It is not uncommon for pregnant mothers to suffer from hemorrhoids invasion. Pregnant mothers suffering from serious hemorrhoids can take a warm shower, or apply some analgesic ointment under the guidance of a doctor.
  1. Lead poisoning: Chronic lead poisoning in pregnant mothers may not have obvious signs but, but it can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, fetal malformations. Passive smoking, staying in living room near the road, eating preserved eggs during pregnancy, are some of the risk factors.
  1. Frequency of fetal movement daily: Fetal heartbeat and movement is the way baby pass message to her mother. Counting the number of fetal movements should be the homework of pregnant mother. The best time to observe is between 8-9pm every evening and fetal movement generally ranges between 3-5 times per hour. Monitoring the fetal movement is the best way to monitor whether the baby is normal.
  1. Maintain a good diet: Your appetite may have increased and you must be a "national treasure" at home, treated with sumptuous food! However, pregnant mothers, do keep in mind what is best for your baby and be moderate in your food intake.
  1. Pelvic muscle exercise: You can start doing pelvic muscle exercise as this sport can help your delivery to be fast and smooth. Pelvic muscle exercise steps are contraction of the anus, vagina, and then relax. Repeat this action 30 times.

Prospective father may feel that his wife only cares about the baby in her tummy and neglect other aspects of life, especially feelings of the husband. Prospective father, please be more understanding towards your wife and not blame her for behaving this way. After all, the little baby is in her tummy and it is understandable that she is very concerned over the little one.

Stretch Marks

Even if you apply five times the world's most high-end cosmetics, you will be unable to completely hide or avoid stretch marks. The degree of stretch marks has a lot to do with prenatal skincare. The reason for the emergence of stretch marks is due to rapid expansion of the abdomen, hence the skin elastic fibers and collagen fibers are damaged or fractures due to external traction. There will be skin thinning showing pink or purple red wavy pattern of different lengths and widths. Mothers can try to reduce the stretch marks with the following methods:

  1. Enhance skin elasticity: Early morning defecation is very important as it can improve the skin's elasticity. After getting up in the morning, you can drink a large cup of warm water, it can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, so that internal organs into the working state, is conducive to defecation.
  2. Appropriate massage: Mothers can massage the entire abdomen using appropriate method and strength, as well as the lower side of the buttocks, waist and hip, thighs inside and outside, breast and other high-risk areas. Experienced mothers recommend the use of olive oil to massage, which is relatively cheaper than the commercialized cosmetic products.
  3. To keep the skin moist: Moderate amount of emulsion can keep the skin moist, making the skin softer and amore elastic. In this way, the skin can better adapt to skin changes.

How was your nutrient intake last month? Is your weight growth within a reasonable range? Do you still have hunger pangs? If the weight gain and other sensations are normal, you can continue to eat according to the recipes of last month. If there are problems, your diet should be properly adjusted to strengthen nutrition. Drink milk and soy milk oftenly can alleviate lead poisoning, because one of the protein can be combined with lead, and excreted. Lotus root has the effect of cooling blood to stop nose bleeding. You can also directly drink the lotus juice. Now is the stage of baby skeletal development and upcoming will be retinal development. You should ensure intake of vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus.

Pregnant women food - spinach fried tofu

Ingredients: 500 grams of spinach, tofu 3, prime oil, soy sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate, salt, the amount.


  1. Add oil to a heated pan, fry tofu slices until both sides turn yellowish;
  2. Add in the seasonings and fry for 1-2 minutes. Add in spinach to cook. Ready to serve.

Although there is no evidence that exposing the fetus listen to music through the tummy will make him/her a genius, wonderful music will never hurt the baby. There is evidence that the fetus will remember the sound he had heard in the womb. After they are born, they tend to have a liking towards what they have heard when they are in the mother’s womb. In fact, the best prenatal education is the communication between the pregnant mother and fetal. It is best to personally sing for the baby songs with lyrics or lullaby songs.

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