You are 17 weeks into pregnancy!

Your baby is now about 13 cm long, weighing 170 grams, like an apple as heavy. In the next three weeks, he will experience a rapid growth process, weight and length will be more than doubled. Fetus at this time the skeleton is still cartilage, can protect the skeleton of the "lecithin" began to slowly cover the bone marrow. Newborns will have 300 bones (the total number of bones and cartilage), and so the baby grow into adult, only 206 of the. His skin is still thin brown fat, a fat that works on the body's hot and cold, is precipitating.

Baby also likes the umbilical cord and treat it as toy, pull or grasp when excited. Do not worry that he will hurt himself. Although he is still a fetus, he possesses a self-protection ability.

This week, your lower abdomen is more prominent, the past clothes may not fit anymore. Wearing a loose maternity dress will be more comfortable. You would have gained at least 4 pounds, in some cases as much as 10 pounds. Breasts become more sensitive, soft, and even some pain. In the navel and between the tongue when the touch, to feel a group of hard things, this is the upper part of the uterus. Sometimes you may feel a slight tenderness on the side of the abdomen, which is because the uterus is growing rapidly. If the pain persists, consult a doctor.

If you feel some kind of peristalsis or movement of small fish in the belly, it is the fetus in the amniotic fluid peristalsis, stretching the body, moving the hands and feet, collision with the uterine wall.

Important matters this week

  1. Take Down Syndrome result: You can collect the result of Down Syndrome test taken during the 15th
  1. Breast care: With the increase in gestational age, breast and nipple care becomes more important. In order for smooth breast feeding in future, pregnant mother must not be lazy!
  1. Whether to do amniocentesis: If the Down Syndrome test result is positive, pregnant women of 35 years old above or has a genetic disorder family history, these groups of pregnant mothers may like to consider doing amniocentesis check this week. If you need to do amniocentesis, do not worry too much. For specialist maternity hospital physicians that do amniocentesis, the technology is already very advanced.
  1. Oral problems: You may find loose teeth, gingival congestion, edema, bleeding gums and other symptoms. Some women may even experience increased saliva and drooling. These oral problems will disappear in the postpartum.
  1. B-ultrasound: Some doctors will recommend you to do B-check-up to determine whether the infant's organ system is in place and detect signs of specific genetic defects. The whole pregnancy, pregnant mother may have to do 3-4 times B check-up. Let us learn together what the alphabets represent!
  1. Memory loss: You may often hear pregnant mothers complaining: "After pregnancy, I seem to become stupid!" Speaking of which, there is indeed a lot of price to pay being pregnant. Pregnancy not only cause a decline in memory, there are also many physiological and psychological changes. Nevertheless, most of them happen in order to allow the fetus to grow smoothly.
  1. Exposure to the sun: Pregnant mothers may participate in as many outdoor activities as possible, you can increase the body's vitamin D synthesis from the sun through  ultraviolet light and other light.

Wife's body changes vastly, the usual clothes that she wears in the past cannot fit now. The usually thrifty wifde may not bear to spend on maternity wear. As a good husband, you should initiate to take up the bill! A good maternity dress may be pricey, but after all, this is a special and difficult period for your wife. Getting her maternity wear can make her feel your love and consideration.

Oral issues during pregnancy

There is an old saying: "Delivering a child will lose a tooth." Indeed, the pregnancy is a special physiological period of women, due to female endocrine and eating habits change, increased body weight and other reasons, often easily lead to gum swelling, bleeding gums, tooth decay and other oral diseases. Pregnancy oral diseases are generally classified into the following three types:

  1. Periodontitis: Periodontitis can cause teeth around the alveolar empyema, resulting in tooth bleeding, bad breath and loose teeth, and finally lead to tooth loss. Pregnant women suffering from severe long periodontitis may be the culprit of her premature birth.
  2. Gingival disease: pregnancy gingivitis is the most common oral disease during pregnancy. Pregnancy has been suffering from gingivitis, gingivitis symptoms can be aggravated.
  3. Tooth decay: prenatal physiological changes and changes in eating habits, as well as oral care of the negligence, often increase the development of tooth decay. Once the outbreak of acute pulpitis or apical inflammation, not only will bring unbearable suffering to pregnant women, and medication will also cause adverse effects on the fetus.

Prevention of oral diseases during pregnancy is to practice good oral health care. 1. Develop correct teeth brushing in the morning and evening daily, build the good habits of mouthwash after each meal. Use soft bristles toothbrush; 2. Consume soft food that requires minimal chewing and easy-to-digest food, which reduces the gums burden and avoid gums injury; 3. Best to visit a dentist for oral examination monthly 4. Should there be bleeding gums, do not worry, promptly seek treatment at the oral hospital.

Is your weight growing within a reasonable range? Does some grow too fast? Let us teach you a healthy and a good way to control your weight! Take breakfast! Breakfast is an important meal, ensure the quality of breakfast and nutritional balance. This will strengthen the supply of nutrients and energy and will not make you gain weight easily.

Diet Recipe - Songren Kelp

Ingredients: Pine nuts 50 grams, 100 grams of water kelp, chicken soup, salt a little.


  1. Was the pine nuts and water kelp. Cut into filaments;
  2. Boil the chicken soup and add pine nuts. Simmer kelp silk with low fire. Add a little salt seasoning and serve.

It is a taboo for pregnant women to laugh heartily, this has a scientific base. Although it is very reasonable that laughter is better than sobbing, as anyone should always maintain a positive, optimistic, cheerful, comfortable psychological state and the health benefits. On the contrary, being pessimistic make people sick. It is true that life cannot be without laughter, but there should also be a limit for laughter. This is especially true for pregnant women. When pregnant mothers laugh, the abdomen may suddenly twitch, resulting in increased abdominal pressure, stimulating the uterus and this may lead to miscarriage.


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