You are 16 weeks into pregnancy!

The fetus is about 12 cm long by now and the weight increased to 150 grams. The baby still looks very small, about the size that can be placed on your palm. The baby will hiccup, because it is filled with amniotic fluid in his trachea, not air. However, the baby’s hiccup is not audible to you.

In this week, the fetus’s weight gain and activity increased significantly. It must be a very enjoyable period now for the baby who can have a lot of activities such as playing with the umbilical cord, thumb, fist, feet, squinting, swallowing, turning, and even do somersault! The reproductive organs would have been formed, gender can be distinguished through B-scan.

This is the week that all pregnant mother can look forward to feel the wonderful moments of baby and feel even closer bonding with the baby. In fact, some women feel the "first fetal movement" within this week, but most people will have to wait until after 18 weeks. If this is your first pregnancy, the first fetal movement may only be felt after the 20th week.

By now, your weight may have increased by 2-4.5 kg. Your uterus weighs about 250 grams, and amniotic fluid has continued to increase, about 250 ml. increased blood volume and amniotic fluid, placenta, fetal support systems and larger chests make your weight greatly increased.

Important matters this week

  1. Listen to fetal’s heart: Fetal heart and fetal movement is the way baby communicate to the mother of its little health condition. From the 16th week of pregnancy, pregnant mothers may through the advice of doctor, use dedicated machine to monitor fetal heartbeats at home if necessary. Normal fetal’s heartbeat should range between 120 ~ 160 times per minute. If you find the fetal’s heart beat too fast, too slow or irregular, you should seek medical attention immediately.
  1. Pregnancy anemia: If you did not add intake sufficient iron previously, now it is time to pay extra attention. Due to increase in blood volume during pregnancy, if there is insufficient iron, the blood may become diluted and you will be prone to suffer from pregnancy anemia.

  2. Is Simmons bed ok for pregnant mothers? Pregnant mothers who sleep on Simmons bed may lead to spinal disorders and unfavorable turn over. It is advisable for pregnant mothers to sleep on mattress that is 9 cm thick with cotton padding, and not forgetting to get a pillow of appropriate softness and height that is comfortable for the mother.
  1. The first feeling of fetal movement: Some pregnant mothers experience the "first fetal movement" in this week. The baby’s actions should not be intense at this point, the feeling is similar to a fish swimming or blowing bubbles, with flatulence, gastrointestinal motility or hunger-like feeling, inexperienced pregnant mothers often cannot tell that this is due to baby’s movements. If you feel the first fetal movement, remember to record the date/time and update your doctor during your next appointment.
  1. Weight gain and diet: Although there is a tremendous weight gain during pregnancy which may increase your blood pressure and the possibility of having a huge child, do not go on a diet in order to reduce your weight. The correct way is to seek doctor’s advice on a balanced diet so as to maintain the healthy weight during pregnancy.
  1. Nose bleeding: This is because of the excess blood and mucus, which easily cause nose congestion and bleeding. When pregnant mother experience nose bleeding, pinch the nose gently with a napkin, slightly bend your head backwards to stop the bleeding.
  1. Over-worry about the fetus: Almost every pregnant mother would have such a dream: Giving birth to a baby with deformity or an animal. The dream is just performance of the subconscious, revealing the anxiety of pregnant mother's emotions and it does not mean that the dreams will come true in future. Do not be stressed by these horrific thoughts, take part in some maternity classes and communicate with people instead to get rid of your worries.
  1. Can pregnant mother drive? Pregnant woman's belly bump is at the lower portion of tummy, hence the safety belt will not hurt the tummy. However, in the event of emergency brake, it is easy for the tummy to hit the steering wheel. Hence, it is important for pregnant mothers to drive slowly. Pregnant women adjust the seat backwards, so that it is further away from the steering wheel and also wind down the window for ventilation.

Listening to the baby’s heart beats is one of the ways to self-check the stability of the fetus. It is important for the father to learn about fetal heartbeats and monitor together with the wife. When the wife is seated on the bed, the husband can either place his ear directly on the designated part of wife’s bump that doctor advice or with the help of a wooden stethoscope to listen to the baby’s rhythmic heartbeat. Normal fetal’s heart rate ranges between 120 to 160 times per minute. If you find fetal heart beat too fast, too slow or irregular, should seek medical attention immediately.


Tips of water drinking for pregnant women

Experts advice: "Women must drink enough water when pregnant and not to drink only when thirsty." If you are thirsty, it is an indication that the body has an imbalance in water, and the brain cell has reached a certain degree of dehydration. Pregnant mother should get up early in the morning to drink a cup of fresh cold water. Drinking of plain water should be every 2 hours, 8 times daily, a total of 1600 ml. In early pregnancy, intake of water to 1000 ~ 1500 ml in the morning is appropriate early; In late pregnancy, it is best controlled within 1000 ml. Drinking water method should be every two hours to drink water once, to ensure that it amounts to 1600ml with a total of 8 times daily.

Also note that, do not water that has been boiled repeatedly. After repeated boiling, the silver nitrite, nitrite ions, arsenic and other harmful substances will be relatively be increased in the water. After drinking, the concentrations of iron and hemoglobin may not blend well, resulting in inability to carry oxygen methemoglobin> This may lead to blood poisoning.

Pregnant women should eat 2-3 walnuts a day. Walnut is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, protein and other nutrients. 1 kg walnut is equivalent to 5 kg of eggs or 9 kg of fresh milk nutrition, and have qi and blood, the role of warm lung Runchang. The structure of walnut nutrient is very beneficial for embryonic brain development. Sesame is rich in fat, protein, sugar, sesamin, lecithin, calcium, iron, selenium, linoleic acid, etc., with the brain, anti-aging beauty function. Pregnant women eat walnuts, black sesame seeds can not only enhance the resistance of pregnant women and prevent colds, but also to prevent the baby suffering from skin diseases.

Fetal Recipe - Walnut Sugar

Ingredients: walnut, 250 grams of black sesame seeds, 500 grams of brown sugar.

1. Cook the washed walnut and black sesame in a wok with slow fire and stir, then add brown sugar, mix well; 
2. Heat up the wok then lower the fire. Add in walnut and black sesame seeds. Stir quickly; 
3. Pour the cooked dish onto a sesame oil coated plate. After the dish has cool a little, cut into smaller pieces and the dish is ready!

The baby’s brain has been formed at 4 month. The baby will treat sound as a feeling, begins to use their own ears to listen to the mother's voice and what’s happening in the world “outside” of the womb. Because the fetus has no knowledge of the world, do not understand contents of the conversation with his parents, he/she can only feel the sound wavelength and frequency. He is not depending solely on the ear, but also with the brain to feel. Hence, while making a dialogue with the fetus, pregnant women have to let their own spirit and body muscles relax, practice energy concentration, smooth breathing and avoid distractions. Pretend that the baby is right in front to acquire the best result of prenatal education.


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