You are 12 weeks into pregnancy!

The fetus can reach up to 6.5 cm in length at 12 weeks of pregnancy. Photographs taken through the uterus show that the fetus has taken form of a little human being now. The growth rate of the fetal’s head gradually slow down, while the growth of other parts of the body gradually accelerate. Fingers and toes have been completely separated, parts of the bones harden, and there is emergence of joint prototype.

The fetus's body posture becomes less curved and gradually straighten. The baby can yawn from this stage! Perhaps this is the magical part as the fetus seems to know that he/she needs to practice yawning to prepare himself/herself after birth to breathe smoothly.

With the baby's growing rapidly in the pregnant mother's womb, the edge of the uterus can be felt when you touch the part between the navel and pubic symphyses in this week. Now, your stomach muscles begin to disappear and your stool gets harder, skin becomes drier and the body is filled with gas. As the uterus is too large, it can no longer accommodate its normal position - the pelvis, it is growing towards the abdomen.

You may still be able to fit into the loose clothing, but you will feel the waist becoming thicker, while your hips are widening. These are for the growth of the uterus to make more space. Now your skin may also experience some changes, varying degrees of chloasma appearing on your face and neck, a vertical dark brown pregnancy line appearing from the navel to the pubic bone. If you are mainly seated during the day, you will feel some pain in the coccyx. As blood increases in your body, your heart rate will accelerate. You will inhale about 40% -50% more than your past usual inhalation and your ribs will also be expanding, which means that your bra size has to be bigger than the past.

Important matters this week

  1. Pregnancy Test File: It is time to ensure that pregnancy files are ready for all pregnant mothers. Pregnancy file is very important for the whole pregnancy, as the doctor will base on records of past check-ups while making each diagnosis and analysis. In general, pregnant mothers usually deliver in the hospital where her file was opened, therefore, it is important to choose the most suitable hospital.
  1. Coccyx pain: Pregnant mothers who sit for a long period in the daytime will feel the coccyx pain. You can try to apply hot or cold compress to the pain area or take a shower but take note that the temperature should not be too high.
  1. Appropriate exercise: Now you can safely participate in some simple activities or do some simple housework. Pregnant mother's body and mind influence the fetus, this is a very useful exercise prenatal care!
  1. Is there a need for vitamins intake? Pregnant women should not intake vitamins and health care supplements before the trace element check-up. The doctor provide appropriate advices regarding what nutrients to replenish.
  1. Dizziness: If you often feel dizzy, faint or need to nap for more than 2 hours daily, you must consult a doctor as there are a lot of reasons for such symptoms during pregnancy. In the event of excessive dizziness and fatigue during pregnancy, it may be a sign of anemia.
  1. Contact lenses: It is best to avoid wearing contact lenses for pregnant mother, as the risk of getting keratitis and conjunctivitis is higher while pregnant. Pregnant mother should wear glasses, to let the cornea rest and breathe.
  1. Take off the ring: Pregnant mother is prone to physical swelling. The doctor will usually suggest removing accessories such as the ring, to avoid the ring clipping onto the hand as the finger swell.
  1. Break the news of your pregnancy to your superior: When you start to feel tired and discomfort at work, you may like to consider breaking the news of your pregnancy to your superior. In fact, pregnancy is bound to affect your work. Mothers should make reasonable planning, so as to ensure that you can manage your pregnancy and work well.

Once your wife is pregnant, she will experience a lot of changes internally and physically. Her original slim body will be replaced by thicker and rounder waist; the original beautiful curve will disappear due to excessive expansion of the buttocks, and some pregnant women may get pigmentation on her face. She may be worried that during this extraordinary period, she is no longer charming to you. Even if it is true, do not let her know that is what you think. You have to assure her that she is very beautiful and charming.

Data from the World Health Organization show that compared to 50 years ago, people's reproductive capacity was significantly reduced. The quality of men's sperm has decreased from 11.7% to 3.5%, miscarriage rate has increased from 5% to 17%. To deliver a lively and healthy child seems like getting more challenging. So, what is threatening healthy growth of the fetus?

  1. Genetic factors: The genetic factors of both parents will affect the characteristics of fetal growth and development, potential, trends. After birth, parents’ genetic factors continue to affect the child's skin, hair color, face shape characteristics, tall, mature sooner or later, and susceptibility to disease and so on. Some hereditary problems include metabolic defects, endocrine disorders, chromosomal.
  2. Nutritional factors: The growth and development of the fetus must have a good supply of nutrients. Malnutrition in the fetus, not only affect the physical growth, it also affect the brain development. The first 2 years of severe malnutrition after birth will cause weight and height growth to be limited, low body immunity, low endocrine and other regulatory function.
  3. Mothers’ health factors: If mothers has viral infections in the early pregnancy can cause fetal congenital malformations; severe malnutrition can cause miscarriage, premature birth and fetal growth and brain growth retardation; some drugs, radiation Injury, mental trauma and other effects will lead to fetal development blocked.
  4. Environmental factors: Good living environment, such as sunny, fresh air, clean water, healthy living habits and scientific care, proper upbringing and physical exercise, perfect health care services are important to ensure healthy growth and development of the fetus.

Pregnant mother should just eat as per her appetite and not deliberately eat more or eat lesser. Eating more meals with lesser quantity is the “diet policy” for pregnant women. During this period, it is common for eating habits to change, taking sour food may increase appetite.

Refreshing drink - strawberry mung bean porridge

Ingredients: 250 grams of glutinous rice, 100 grams of mung beans, 250 grams of strawberry, sugar


  1. Wash the mung bean, soak in water for 4 hours. Wash the strawberry
  2. After washing the glutinous rice, mix together with the mung beans in a pot. Add an appropriate amount of water and bring to boil. After boiling, simmer with small fire until the rice opens and the mung bean becomes soft. Add strawberries and sugar. Stir well and simmer for a while then serve.


You can feel the fetal’s skin about 8 weeks into pregnancy, and it will be fully developed to that of an adult in about 12 weeks’ time. During ectodermal development, some will develop into skin, while some developed into the brain, which is why there is a saying that the skin is second brain of a human being. During this period, mothers can regularly do simple exercises and simple dance, which in a way gently shake the amniotic fluid that stimulate the fetal’s sense of touch and at the same time promote brain development.


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