You are 11 weeks into pregnancy!

This is the critical week of the baby’s growth, his height doubled, the baby's growth rate increases amazingly this week, the little guy has been fully formed. The head and body length will be basically be of the same proportion. Now, your fetus has reached 4-6 cm in length, weighing about 14 grams, the fetus's testicles or ovaries have grown, intestines is developing between the umbilical cord and the point where the fetal is connected.

The little one will often relish the thumb, and sometimes the big toe, and then gradually the little toes. The baby is busy kicking and stretching comfortably in the uterus. With the growth and development of the body, the baby's action will gradually get stronger.

Your uterus now looks like a grapefruit, the uterus and the fetus grows gradually, the palace can be touched on the pubic symphysis, the fetus has been filled with the entire uterus. The blood in the body is increasing. Normal women have 5 liters of blood and will increase by 1 liter - almost 20% of blood increased by the time of birth. When there is more blood, blood pressure will return to normal, so symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue and confusion will be reduced.

Within this week, you may notice dark vertical lines appearing on the abdomen. They are known as stretch marks.  Brown patches may also appear on your face, but do not worry too much, these are the characteristics of pregnancy. After childbirth, the patches will gradually fade or disappear. Within this week, pregnant mother's breasts will become more swollen, nipples and areola pigmentation will deepen, while vaginal milky white secretions may start appear.

Important pointers at this stage

  1. Stretch marks: A lot of pregnant mother believe that stretch marks cannot be avoided, In fact, as long as maintenance is made during the period, such as a normal diet, normal lifestyle, and relax, it is possible to effectively reduce the emergence of stretch marks.
  1. Pregnancy and calcium: Pregnant mother should drink milk and intake high calcium food daily at this point. If the maternal serum calcium is low to a certain extent, it will cause calf muscle spasms.
  1. Increased appetite: The pregnant mother’s response time will greatly reduce. Pregnant mother's appetite, will increase. Bring along some healthy snacks at all times.
  1. Ensure sufficient water intake: Because your body produces more blood, sweat, oil and amniotic fluid, secreted at the same time, the body will need more water. You will often feel thirsty. Hence, always bring along water bottle. However, remember the rule of water intake for pregnant women. Do not drink blindly at one go!
  1. Craving for food: You may have a weird craving, wanting to eat sand, mud, ash or any other eccentric food. This may be a type of weird appetite syndrome, indicating that you are lack of vitamins or minerals. If this occurs, consult a doctor immediately.
  1. Blood pressure and weight: These two items will be taken during the first check-up and also for all subsequent prenatal check. Doctors need to master the basis of maternal health. I diagnosed that a pregnant woman has an upward trend in blood pressure, immediate attention is required to investigate the underlying reasons.
  1. Is it necessary not to wear any make-up during pregnancy? Pregnant women who are used to make up need not wear a naked face during pregnancy. Make up is still alright but it is important to only use skincare products and cosmetics with natural ingredients and do not consist chemical that is harmful to the baby.
  1. Wear comfortable shoes: With effect this week, pregnant women should wear comfortable shoes that reduces burden on thr legs. If wearing heels, they should be low heels not more than 2cm.

Prospective father nowadays should be aware that pregnancy is no longer a wif’s personal concern. You will need to give a lot to your wife and baby for this period of time. Your wife will need your spiritual support and let her feel that she is not alone. Talk to your wife about the fetus condition, show more concern about how she feel physically and emotionally. Both of you can have topics like making guesses whether the baby's eyes, small mouth will resemble more of the father or mother?

When you are 12 weeks pregnant, you may want to do a test called TORCH, which will find the mother is not infected with Toxoplasma gondii. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease, mainly through the cat to humans. In rare case, spread sheep and pigs. If infected during pregnancy, toxoplasma gondii infection canm pass through the placenta, causing fetal blindness, epilepsy, mental retardation. In order to avoid the occurrence of congenital toxoplasmosis children, pregnant mothers should have knowledge of the history on animal exposure to pregnant women, early, middle and late detection of Toxoplasma gondii IgM. If there is detection of acute infection of Toxoplasma gondii, early, timely termination of pregnancy is required. If it is still in the early early stage, drugs treatment is possible.

Preventive measures of Toxoplasma gondii for pregnant mothers, especially in the diet:

  1. Pork, beef and mutton must be completely cooked before consumption
  2. Steamed, boiled meat, should be done at internal temperature of at least 54 ℃.
  3. Pregnant mother must remember to wash your hands after touching or cutting raw meat
  4. Boil the cutting board and knife used to cut raw meat, as a form of sterilisation
  5. Clean vegetables and fruits thoroughly before consumption, so as to avoid residual soil and other pollutants resulting in fetal malformations.
  6. Disinfect milk and other dairy products before consumption


The main task in the next 6 weeks is to make yourself look strong and healthy for the sake of a healthy baby. At this point, the baby will absorb as much calcium as possible from the mother. Pregnant women need at least 1000 milligrams of calcium daily. If you do not like dairy products, you can take calcium tablets with the guidance of a doctor. Mothers who experience serious symptoms during the early stage of pregnancy should intake more calcium and vitamin D supplement. Drinking milk which is rich in calcium can increase the sodium excretion in urine, lower blood volume to eliminate edema, prevent pregnancy-induced hypertension, and aids in the development of fetal bones.

Calcium Rich Set Meals Daily

The following diet reference can provide 2182 kcal, of which 84.6 grams of protein, fat 61.2 grams, 325 grams of carbohydrates, calcium 985 mg daily

  1. Breakfast: bread 1 (flour 100 grams), 250 ml of fresh milk, boiled eggs 1;
  2. Lunch: rice (100 grams of rice), halogen boiled beef (beef 75 grams), fried fresh mushrooms rape (fresh 50 grams of fresh mushrooms, 150 grams of rape);
  3. Dinner: rice (100 grams of rice), steamed bass (125 grams of bass), burning eggplant (eggplant 200 grams);
  4. Fruit: orange 1 (200 grams), apple 1 (200 grams);
  5. Snacks: 125 ml of yogurt, soda crackers 4 (25 grams)


By now, you may have gradually adapted to the life of pregnancy and is able to focus better to your baby. Pregnant mothers can enjoy as much as possible works of art, such as visiting art exhibitions, historical relics exhibitions, art exhibitions, etc., can also buy some pictures back, so as to appreciate while resting. Just as Renaissance of the Virgin Mary symbolises the Virgin Mary's love to attract people, pregnant women appreciate arts more will tend to enjoy the happiness and satisfaction of being a mother.


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