Welcome to the 9 months & 4 weeks of parenting tips

By this time, your baby may have been able to live around. If the child develops well, he may roam around the furniture and will climb up and down the chair. He will take things up and stand up, and may rely on one hand clutching. Most of the baby like to stand, or even change the diaper when he will ask to stand for it!
You may find that the baby will concentrate on moving toys up and down, or move them closer and then move away. When he put the toy upside down, you can see another kind of scene. When the baby is focused on these activities, he is exploring the goods, exploring the world. The baby's understanding is significantly enhanced, can promise others to call his name, the implementation of others on his simple order, but also recognize common objects. The baby will use action to cause your attention, and may even see you walk towards the door when you waved goodbye. He also began to have his own idea, when he refuse, he may say "no".

Physiological Development:
• May get up into a standing posture

Mental Development:
• Do not look to be able to reach out and take the toys behind.
• Like to combine things together.

Sensation and Reflection:
• Will use a hand to take two small things.

Social development:
• Seeking peer attention.
• Fear of unfamiliar places.

The baby is so lively that it is very susceptible to accidental injury. Parents are very necessary to master the basic first aid common sense.
Although the baby cannot speak, but it can understand a lot of meaning. Parents may wish to start asking him to do things "please" and "thank you".
Give the baby some lent foods to help develop the tongue's ability to control.

Train your baby to interact with others

Carnegie once said that a successful person, the role of professional knowledge is 15%, while the communication capacity accounted for 85%. This means that the harmony of interpersonal relationships, the ability of communication skills, is an important criterion for social success. Psychologists generally believe that interpersonal relationships represent the level of psychological adaptation, is an important indicator of mental health, and poor interpersonal communication is often the main reason for mental illness.
Children from small to show the need for interaction with people. When the mother feed the baby feeding, with the "Oh" voice and mother exchanges, the child will look at her mother with a smile or answer, this is the feelings of parent-child expression and performance; when the baby grow up, the baby began Like to interact with the children, even if the face of the small partners do not know each other to touch each other to express affectionate. When the baby's needs need to be met, the baby will be particularly pleased and happy. Therefore, parents consciously to the baby to provide opportunities for interaction with others, intends to guide the baby to correctly communicate with others, the development of the baby's communication skills is very important.

Weaning is not just a simple question of eating, but also an important turning point for children to move towards independence. Weaning can reduce the child's dependence on the mother's psychological, from weaning to let the children grow up slowly.
Weaning to step by step, the specific approach is: first by the day to feed a meal of milk, over a week or so, if the mother felt the breast is not swollen, baby digestion and absorption of the situation is also very good, Increase the amount of food supplement, gradually weaned. For those who used to breast milk in the evening, the mother to avoid not sleep with the baby, by the father (or grandmother, grandmother) to coax the baby to sleep, will be helpful to weaning.
If the mother milk strong, to squeeze the milk, so as not to damage the breast, but also under the guidance of a doctor to use drugs to reduce the milk swelling.

This Week Food Recommendations

Baby Recipes - Fruit Cake
Ingredients: eggs, sugar, flour, milk, raisins, fruit grain
1. Effort the eggs into a bubble, add a little sugar.
2. into the flour, milk, stir evenly.
3. Raisins and fruit grains.
4. The material is placed on the drawer and sprinkled with raisins and fruit pieces.
5. Pot steam for 30 minutes.

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