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You may find the baby's sleep deeper, not easy to be awakened, even if there is urine at night, but also urine sleep, do not coax, do not have to drink milk. But there will be some do not love sleeping baby, sleep may be lighter, it seems that mother cannot leave half a step, especially breastfeeding baby. Now, although the baby has a fence station for a little, but the ability to climb the baby is still constantly enhanced. He may climb faster, may be stacked on the stack of climbing, but also try to support the body with the limbs, the ass erected tall, bow his head to see his feet. Some babies may be on the edge of the bed, sofa pier, wooden box and so on a few steps sideways. Some babies can push the object to slide forward, but dare not leave the object to move forward. Maybe you feel that now the baby can understand what you mean. It is true, but baby understand is by listening to your tone rather than by vocabulary to understand you!

Physiological development:
• The movement of climbing is getting more and more coordinated.

Senses and reflections:
• Will be to swing, bounce, shake, chuck to respond to music.

Mental development:
• Will continue to repeat a word, use it to answer each question.

Social development:
• Began to realize the self.
• Can imitate others gestures

Let your baby eat with your family so that you can increase your child's interest in eating, but also exercise your hands. And study the etiquette of adults.
Protect deciduous teeth. This period most of the baby has been teething, and early oral health of the growth of deciduous teeth is very important. After the teething, Do not let your baby eat before going to bed, especially eating sweets, every day sooner or later let your baby brush teeth, clean mouth and rinse teeth. When baby can stand steady, it is time to buy shoes. Shoes to the best children's shoes store to buy.

Let your child eat on their own

Now the baby has a strong sense of independence, always want to rely on the help of her mother, playing with their own tableware to eat. This is the beginning of the baby independent, Mom and Dad do not let this training baby take their own good time to eat. First to give the baby to eat soft, easy to catch and not choke food, such as noodles, small cakes, small steamed bread, cooked papaya, stewed pumpkin or crisp beans and so on. Avoid eating the following foods: grapes, nuts, peanuts, etc., these foods may make your baby suffocated. Every time before eating, you should wash your baby's little hands, let the baby sitting on a special chair, and give the baby to the mouth. Can prepare two sets of small bowl and tsp, a set of the baby holding their own, a set of mother holding, while eating.

Baby's dental care is not just the daily oral hygiene, the baby to add the necessary "solid teeth food", but also help the baby has a beautiful strong little teeth. For the baby, nutrition is good, teeth will be good too. This is because the development of deciduous teeth and body tissue and organ development, although not the same, but the deciduous teeth in the growth process also need a variety of nutrients. Such as: calcium, phosphorus, fluoride, protein and so on. Therefore, help the baby to arrange a reasonable diet, not only to let the baby body grow stronger and also allow the baby to have healthy teeth!

This Week Food Recommendations

Walnut Lean Meat Pork Porridge
Ingredients: purple rice, walnut, lean meat stuffing
1. Purple rice, walnut washed, walnut crushed.
2. After boiling water into the purple rice, walnut and lean meat at the end.
3. porridge open after a small fire, boiled porridge. Put a little salt seasoning.

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