Welcome to the 9 months & 2 weeks of parenting tips

The baby has the ability to observe the different shapes and structures of the object. By watching, the baby grows the ability to recognize things, observe things, and guide the movement. The baby has been able to meet with the eyes to complete some activities, such as: the toys on the box, the fingers inserted into the small holes in the toy, hand screw on the toys, breaking the parts on the toy, see what would like to take what the baby began to remember some more specific things, for example, where his toys in the home. At the same time, the baby can also imitate the action he had seen before, or even a week ago to see the action.
When the baby stood on both sides of the railing, clutched the railing hard to shake, so that the bed issued a creaky sound. The strength of the baby's legs get more and more strong, when they sit down will not fall, but naturally sit down, it is not far from the squat. Squatting, but a little effort, the need for muscle and joint coordination of the muscles, but also have the ability to balance.

Physiological development:
• Walk with something with both hands.

Senses and reflections:
• begins to show preference for a certain movement.

Mind development:
• When things are hidden, they will find them.
• Pay more attention to other children, see others cry also followed crying

Social Development:
• will show different emotions, such as sadness, joy, sorrow, hurt, angry.
• Like to play in the water.
• Prefer some kind of toy.

The first three months before the age of one year is the baby in the first year of the good imitation of the period, parents to take advantage of this valuable period. And the
baby kept talking on the baby's various aspects of intelligent development is very good.
Do not let the baby learn to walk, learn to walk too early and standing is not very good, or let your baby climb.
This week you can start training baby toilet, and develop a good habit is very important, but do not threatened baby, as far as possible in the baby fully agreed to the case, the time to help the baby pot.

Pick the right clothes for your baby

With the baby's growth, the baby's movement is growing, he is no longer satisfied with lying on the bed all day or sitting on the sofa. Now, the baby get more and more like to climb, stand, and even began to squat for prepare. For such baby, mother should be prepared what kind of dress more appropriate?
Safety: Choose clothes for your baby, safety is paramount. Do not buy clothing with fluorescent ingredients; dark clothing by the children wearing friction, easy to fall off the skin into the skin, especially some babies love to chew clothes, dyes and chemicals will therefore enter the child's body; baby clothes should not have large Buttons, zippers, buckle pins and the like, to prevent damage to the baby's skin, or by the baby eating danger.
Fabric: baby clothes fabric is the general principle of soft, sweat, safe, bright colors bright, easy to wash and not fade and so on.
Style: baby's clothing style to be simple, loose, safe.
Size: for the baby to buy or sewing clothes, the size should be slightly larger, this will not affect the baby's growth and development.
Baby shoes: baby immediately learn to walk, and to choose the upper slightly higher, so conducive to the protection of the baby's ankle. Sole surface should be convex, can increase the resistance to prevent the baby slipped.

This Week Food Recommendations

Baby Recipes - Potatoes Meat Soup
Ingredients: potatoes, noodles fish
1. Wash the potatoes peeled, cut into pieces
2. The pot heat, put oil, into the ginger, diced green onion, will be washed noodles fish, Potato pieces (but also into the carrots) with stew until cooked, and then add coriander, sesame oil can be eaten.

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