Welcome to the 9 months & 1 week of parenting tips

Baby over 9 months, the athletic ability significantly enhanced. Baby crawling limbs can be straight, a little support to stand, you can hold them up by using the palm of your hand, stand up independently, can hold the furniture sideways walk two steps. Baby's progress is more than that, he will not only stand up, but also from standing into the sitting, do not underestimate this action, which may need the baby leg muscles strong power.
The baby can identify parts of the body, imitate gestures, facial expressions, sounds. Some babies like to imitate called "mother", this period, the baby's separation anxiety reached a climax, showing the extreme attachment to the mother, which is a normal psychological phenomenon. If you need other people to take care of the baby, mother can remind others to get closer to the baby, which requires a process. When the baby is nervous, you may use the thumb to calm your anxiety, no relationship, sucking is one of the few baby can make yourself quiet one of the ways.

9 Months Baby Weight, Height Reference:
Baby Weight 7.1-11.0kg, Length 67.5-76.5cm;
Baby Weight 6.5-10.5kg, Length 65.3-75.0cm.

Physiological development:
• cannot stand up without support.

Senses and reflections:
• Spontaneous release of items in an unskilled manner.
• Use the thumb and forefinger to grab small things.

Mental development:
• The imitation of others to increase the action.
• Be able to understand and obey certain words and instructions.

Social development:
• Repeat voice and gestures to attract attention.
• Mimic facial expressions.
• Imitate the sound.
• Like different games.

• Can be opened in the room specifically for a baby activity area, let him know that this is his own space.
• The baby is now having large amount of activity, in mother's heart but not fit. Yes, in any case, put the child's safety in the first place.
• Baby crawling around all day, touching everywhere, easy to get bacteria, especially fingernails are bacteria, microbes and viruses hiding big
camp, so in a timely manner to the baby nails.

Are the toes standing sick?

Baby standing on the tops of their parent’s legs, mother will doubt that the child standing with the toes is not unusual. This month the baby, for the standing of the risk of understanding, standing on the mother's legs not only uneven, but also soft, very unstable, the baby will be using their toes strength prevent them from falling.

Baby Fetish

Now, some babies have been weaned, and can no longer lie in the arms of her mother for the baby is a huge change, the baby will feel lost, and even feel insecure. So, baby began to look for the transitional emotional dependence, this depends on the plush toy may be, the baby's pillow, and perhaps the quilt. The baby will be through the touch, sucking these familiar items and get psychological comfort. Although the baby's fetish behaviour we can understand, but still try to "gentle" to limit the baby.
If you find your baby has some "fetish", and do not panic, you can try the following methods to correct the baby's "fetish". First of all, mother should try to find more opportunities to accompany children, let the children experience the mother's love. Do not hesitate your hug, touch the child's back and head to solve the "skin hunger." Often and parents have skin contact with the baby, there will be little fetish. Second, in the preparation of toys and daily necessities for children, you can prepare a few more, or the use of different colors, so that children will not easily on these items are often replaced cannot let go of the feelings.

Now you should develop your baby as much as possible to sleep until dawn. In accordance with the principle of gradual and orderly, let the baby first cut off at noon that Dayton breast milk, and then gradually transition to the evening. Many mothers are used to feed the baby first, to accompany children to play till tired and falling asleep, crying at midnight, but do not give him breastfeeding, and finally slowly succeeded in breaking the night milk.
If your baby food supplement is very smooth, you can try to eat the whole egg. But the eggs to a day limit, if your baby is allergic to the case, I suggest you let the baby and then start eating protein next month. Rich in protein and B vitamins and other tofu, fish, meat, about one or two a day, once a week to eat animal liver to add iron.

This week food recommendations

Liver Shrimp Dish Rotten Surface
Materials: Longxumian, cooked chicken livers, shrimp, spinach, egg, chicken soup to the oil
1. Longxumian break it into small pieces, shrimp cut into very fine, add a small amount of egg white, dry starch Stir evenly.
2. Heat the oil pan, the onion, ginger into the fried after the fish out, into the shrimp spinach quickly stir fry pan.
3. Dragon whiskers cooked after adding chicken soup, shrimp, end of the liver, spinach at the end of the fire boil, switch to a small fire to cook the surface of the soft rotten, add salt, a little sesame oil can be.

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