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Sometimes, you may have some concerns, the baby's ability to progress, and it seems to have some back? The original leaning on the railing station of the good, but now can start standing up and fall easily too. In fact, this is not the ability to regress, but the baby in the growth of new capacity. Because the baby is no longer meet the need of help, he began to have the desire to move forward, but the baby will not move forward, when he tried to fall back, so parents will mistakenly believe that the ability of the baby back is not strong
Now the baby crawling up more freely, the action is more coordinated. Baby will like a number of activities, dancing, demolition. Sitting in the mother's arms to listen to my mother tell the story should be his most happy thing. The baby's hearing more accurate, and hear the sound, he will happily look at the whole room, looking for the source of the sound.

Physical development:
• Rotary bedside railings can stand up, step forward but will not own steps.

Senses and reflections:
• use the index finger and thumb to get small things.

Mental development:
• will be tired of repeated things.
• Begin to notice the vertical space.

Social development:
• begin to judge people's emotions.

This stage allows the baby to climb more fully. There is no need for the child to learn the station early or go. Studies show that climbing the stage is longer, climbing more children, once learned to go, will be very fast and stable. And because the crawling of the child is very good limbs coordination exercise, climbing more children are often too athletic ability it.
Children tired of repeating things, to continue to create new games for their children.
For the baby sweating, mother do not wear too much to the children, when sleeping, do not cover till too thick.


This stage of the baby, sweat glands developed, metabolic exuberant, usually large amount of activity, coupled with infants and young children with large water content, the skin surface micro vascular distribution more, so the moisture from the skin evaporation, so parents will feel the baby in particular love Sweat. Baby sweating and more normal and abnormal points. In general, we call the physiological sweating as a normal sweating, resulting in physiological causes of sweating generally have the following:
• Hot weather or indoor air conditioning temperature is too high and the baby sweating;
• Baby game, after sweating more intense exercise;
• Baby clothes too much;
• The quilt was too thick at night to make the baby overheat and sweat more;
• And pathological sweating as abnormal sweating, the cause is more complex, such as: childhood obesity, hypoglycemia, drug hyperhidrosis, prediatric cardiopulmonary disease, prediatric rickets and so on. If you find that when the baby in a quiet state, the body or local sweating a lot, we must go to the hospital as soon as possible, consult a doctor.

Now the number of babies feeding every day can be reduced from 3 times to 2 times a day to ensure that 500ml of breast milk or formula milk is enough, and food supplement to gradually increase, but also prepare for weaning.
If the baby at this time growth slow or pause, my mother do not have to worry too much. In addition to three meals a day, but in the afternoon, add a snack, three meals the staple food for a variety of grain do porridge, but also to ensure that a certain amount of fish, lean meat, eggs, soy products and various Vegetables and fruits.
Mom can also add some potatoes, potatoes and other rhizome food, add some crude fiber foods such as vegetables, but to remove the old part of the rough. At this time the mother does not have to squeeze the fruit juice, you can directly to the baby to eat tomatoes, oranges, bananas and so on.

This Week Food Recommendations

Baby Recipes - Milk Macaroni
Ingredients: macaroni half a small bowl, milk 100ml
1. will be into the water into the water into the water into the seven into the fish out.
2. Then the macaroni and milk into the pot, cook until the macaroni can be rotten.
Tip: macaroni can choose different shapes to increase the baby's interest in food; if you use noodles, then please first noodles broken and then cook.


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