Welcome to the 8 months & 1 week of parenting tips

8 months of the baby, athletic ability stronger, it is more active, awake when the moment did not stop to exercise. If a father and mother photos to the baby to see, he will recognize the photos on the father and mother, clapping happily, and see other people's photos are relatively flat.
The baby does not need to rely on any object, can be very stable to sit a long time, you can sit 90 degrees. Began to climb forward, but the limbs are not coordinated. The stomach began to leave the bed, but sometimes still use the stomach to crawl forward. Your baby may be able to pull the furniture, let yourself stand up. In fact, if your baby is standing on the couch, he may have been able to support himself, even though he may have been afraid of falling because of his stand. Fine action, the baby sitting, can use both hands to play with the hands of things, free to put down or pick up items, hands can deliver each other items, you can use the thumb and index finger to pick up small things.

8 Months Baby Weight, Height Reference:
Baby Weight 7.1-11.0kg, Length 67.5-76.5cm;
Baby Weight 6.5-10.5kg, Length 65.3-75.0cm.

Physiological development:
• When placed in a standing position, place one foot at the other foot.

Senses and reflections:
• Grinds small things with your fingers and picks them up by hand.

Mind development:
• Understand simple instructions.
• Will shake his head and say "no".

Social development:
• Do not like to be restricted.
See the familiar or liking his adult, will reach out his arm.

• Parents will be encouraged at all times to make progress with the child bit by bit.
• Toilet training is still dispensable, do not force the baby.
• The task of carrying the child in this period is very heavy, due to the increase in the ability of the baby, may be unexpected in the event of an accident. Therefore, caregivers do not leave the eyes of the baby.

Choose the right toys for your baby

We all know that wisdom comes from the fingertips, which is the so-called ingenuity, and by letting children play with toys can achieve this purpose. Toy is the baby's life's first "textbook", is the baby know the world an important way, the baby on things, peoples understanding is the process of playing toys gradually formed.
Now, the safety of toys more and more attention to the community. Parents choose toys, should go to the mall counter to buy toys, and check whether the toy through the safety of qualified testing. Should pay attention to look at the toy has no small parts, to prevent the baby due to swallowing and get suffocate. It is best to use no sharp edge of the toy, to prevent scratching the baby's skin.
Three years before the baby cannot pick their own toys, what kind of toys to buy more by the parents call the shots. Parents can only rely on their own feelings, like the baby for the selection of toys, and the baby is like, only let him play to see the effect. So, in the purchase of toys, parents should know that a toy for the baby should have a certain function, or to stimulate the child's thinking, or to develop the child's potential, or to develop the child's hands-on ability. Pay attention to the best selection of a variety of games are played, can be suitable for the development of different stages of the child.

Although the 7-9 months of the baby's digestive capacity has a certain basis, but the food supplement will continue to follow from less to more, each plus one, step by step principle. Until the baby to adapt and no adverse reactions, and then add another. Special attention is that the baby is only in a state of hunger, it is easier to accept new food. So the baby's new food should be fed before feeding, but also let the baby gradually understand the taste. Two meals within the food content is not the same. Mixing food with meat and vegetables can now begin to try to add.
Baby's food is still not too much salt, monosodium glutamate and other condiments. At this time the baby's kidney function is not yet mature, salt will increase the burden on the kidneys; when the sodium ion concentration is high, will cause the blood concentration of potassium decreased, leading to impaired heart function, so this time the baby try to avoid using condiments.

This week food recommendations

Baby Recipes - Chicken Porridge
Raw Materials: Chicken Breast Meat, Rice, Seaweed Broth, Spinach, Sugar a little.
1. chicken breast meat to the tendons, cut into small pieces, with a small amount of sugar pickled about.
2. Stir the spinach and chopped.
3. Rice with seaweed soup to cook, then add spinach chicken cook together.

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