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The baby's feelings more and more rich, if you put his hands away the toy, the baby will cry loudly. But the baby's mood is also related to the baby's personality, and some babies more "simple and honest", took away, do not care, if there are other toys in front, picked up to play without error. Baby daytime sleep time continues to shorten, the night sleep time is relatively extended, these is probably the happier things Mom and Dad. Now, the baby weight growth rate gradually slow, but the baby's absolute weight is rising.
At this point, the baby's interest is crawling, so he has been trying to develop his crawling skills. Maybe he is still crawling forward, it will not take long, the baby's climbing will be very standard. Your baby has been able to straighten when sitting, and he can even turn the body, this ability to make him play when playing longer. There is also an interesting thing, if your baby is facing the mirror to appreciate their image, and you suddenly appeared behind him. At this time, the baby is likely to turn around and come to you, and will not think you are in the mirror.

Physiological development:
• The standing up has been quite flexible.
• Have a desire to climb and move.

Senses and reflections:
• Will be something to beat together.
• Will clap and waved.
• Will handle and manipulate the same items, while looking at another.

Mental development:
• Like and mother to do the game.
• Will find the items falling.

Social development:
• Will be shouting attention.
• Will beat, smile and try to kiss the image in the mirror.

Now you can try to give the baby some instructions, such as telling the baby's mother's hair cannot pull, the remote control is not a toy and so on.
Baby's temper may be more irritable, because the baby is still in the teeth, my mother must have patience.
Outdoor activities are still very important, it is best to ensure that every day more than two hours outdoors, can be divided into sections.

Training baby use cups to drink water

Baby drinking water using a cup , you can train its hand muscles, the development of its hand-eye coordination. However, this stage most of the baby do not want to hold the cup, because the bottle has not been used before, so it will resist the cup with milk, drink water. Even so, parents still have to properly guide the baby to use the cup.
First of all, to prepare training a baby is not easy, especially not to break the plastic cup or enamel cup.The color of the cup to be bright, the shape should be cute, and easy to hold for the baby. You can let the baby holding a cup for the start while, until baby is familiar with the cup, and then put milk, juice, or water.
Place the cup on the lips of the baby, then tilt the cup, gently place the cup on the lower lip
of the baby , and let the cup of milk or water just touch the baby's lips.
If the baby is willing to hold their own cup to drink, put a small amount of water in the cup, baby cup with both hands holding the child, adult to help him to his mouth, pay attention to let the baby drink a mouthful slowly, drinking adds, thousands must not do more than once to let the baby cup of water, avoid choking baby.
If your baby to use a cup showing strong resistance, Mom and Dad do not continue to train the baby Cup child has. If the baby successfully drank the water in the cup, Mom and Dad to express encouragement, praise.

From baby 8 months, the numbers of formula milk feeding for babies can be reduced to three times a day, the time is generally 10 am, 2 pm and 6 pm. If it is breastfeeding, the number of times can also be reduced to 3-5 times a day. At this point because the baby's stomach fluid can already give full play to the role of digestive protein, so you can add some protein supplement food, such as tofu, fish, lean meat, dairy products.
At this time some babies even began to try to eat their own hands, although he may get the rice everywhere, but not because of this and give up the ability to train the baby. Choose a nice little bib or gown. This can quickly develop your baby's interest in food.

This week food recommendations

Pumpkin rice
Raw Materials: Pumpkin, Rice, Cabbage Leaves, a very small amount of salt
1. pumpkin, peeled, cut into a small piece taking nibs.
2. Mega blisters, on the rice cooker, to be boiling water, add pumpkin tablets, cabbage leaves cook until rice, melon shabby. Plus seasoning Serve.
Efficacy: pumpkin has to get rid of roundworm, tapeworm effect.

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