Welcome to the 7 months & 1 week of parenting tips

Your baby is now having more obvious progress, he can rely on support stand, the items from one hand to another hand, hand and knee to push the body, the use of tumbling to reach where he wants to go. At this time the baby is not only the ability to crawl growing, and do not rely on support can sit for a long time. He may hold up something to stand up, but pay attention to Oh, the baby will not sit down now, you can teach him to bend down and then sit down, so he will not fall.
The baby will not roll in bed like last month, this month may suddenly roll out of bed. Arms and hands of the athletic ability is also strong, tummy always stretched out his arm enough in front of things, enough, but also arch to climb forward, but the hands and feet with not coordination. He still likes to put the toy in his mouth, but it is not sucking, but gnawing, if the teeth is coming out, but also gnawing with the sound of creaking.

7 Months Baby Weight, Height Reference:
Baby Weight 6.9-10.7kg, Length 66.2-75.0cm;
Baby Weight 6.3-10.2kg, Length 64.0-73.5cm.

Physiological development:
• will be hand and knee to push the body, before and after the shake.

Senses and reflections:
• Holds the same thing at the same time.
Will catch something with your fingers.

Mind development:
• Know that something is hidden and will not disappear.
• Will imitate a different sound and send a series of sounds.
• Day and night babbling yeah kept it.

Social development:
• Do not do anything you do not like to do.
Love father and mother.

Baby can now drink with a cup, and give the baby to prepare a beautiful cup will be more interested in the use of the baby.
For the baby to open up a safe and large space, let the baby practice crawling.
Ensure that the baby every day nap, try not to damage the baby's rest.

No teeth

baby teeth sooner or later, there are individual differences. Under normal circumstances, 6 months after birth, began to eruptive teeth. Some babies as early as four months after birth there will be eruption teeth. May have some babies, late to 10 months after birth, or even to 1 year old, there is no eruption eruption.

Baby’s Sleeping Position

Maybe you will find that the baby has always been sleeping now suddenly tummy to sleep, even if the mother turned the child into a supine, but soon, the baby and lying over. Some mothers will be very worried that this is morbid, suspected baby body what elements or belly insects, in fact, not, this is just a sleep habits, baby feels tummy to sleep will be more comfortable.
In fact, the baby will not take the whole night to take the posture of the posture, they will change the position, but no adult change the position of the high frequency. Some mothers may worry about lying sleep will plug the baby's nose and mouth, causing suffocation. 3 months ago the baby does have this problem, but now the baby has been able to freely turn the head and neck, even when prone to turn his head, his face lying on the side, and will not face buried On a bed or pillow. But there are special circumstances, the baby because of a disease and cannot supine to sleep, such as the head after a long pimple or hips boil, a touch when the pain can only sleep side by side. In short, for the tummy to sleep baby, my mother do not worry too much, most of the sleeping baby after a period of time, will change back to the supine position.

More than seven months of the baby are mostly teeth, and then to the baby soft bread or crackers can train his chewing ability. In addition, vitamins A, D, C is an important material that constitutes enamel, promotes tooth calcification, and enhances the bone density of teeth. Protein, calcium and phosphorus are the basic materials of teeth. During the teeth, dairy, ribs soup, vegetable juice, fruit juice is an indispensable supplementary food. Mothers do not buy calcium supplements as much baby, food nutrition is less than a few days a little calcium water difference, such as every 100 grams of sesame sauce calcium content of up to 1170 mg. The baby is best suited for calcium supplementation through food.
At this time my mother can apple, pear, peaches and other fruits cut into thin slices, let the baby holding to eat. Bananas, grapes, oranges can be the whole baby to eat. But jelly and so do not give the child to eat, to prevent inhalation trachea or choke cause danger.

This Week Food Recommendations

Baby Recipes - Potato Yogurt Salad
Raw Materials: Potatoes half, Carrots 1/4, Yogurt 3 tablespoons
1. potatoes peeled into 3mm long pieces and cooked.
2. Heat the carrots and wipe them with a wiping dish and mix them with yogurt.
3. Place (2) on potatoes

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