Welcome to the 6 months & 4 weeks of parenting tips

From now on, if your baby robs the adults to feed the spoon with the spoon, take something from your bowl to eat, that he can already eat their own things to eat, you can give the baby to provide more "hand pilaf" The opportunity to let him experience the fun of dining and the joy of independence. In the development of fine action ability, the baby is no longer grasping things, but with your fingers pinch things. He will point out what he wants, if you point to an item, he may be able to find it and touch it.
The baby can move more easily everywhere, he may stomach and legs or dragged on the floor, relying on the arm forward, he may also sit on the ground quickly back or move forward. Action on the development can help the baby to better explore the surrounding things to meet his strong curiosity. Now, your baby's calf has been able to support some of the weight of his body. He likes to jump up and down, this action will help enhance the baby to walk when the need to use the power of the muscles. You can hold him from the armpit, try to let him stand on the floor or on your thigh.

Physiological development:
• will be used to roll around in the room to move around
• supine will lift the buttocks move.

Senses and reflections:
• will grasp, manipulate, mouth, and force to shoot things.

Mental development:
• will associate with their baby pictures, and issue appropriate
when the voice.

Social development:
begins to learn the meaning of "no" through tones.

At this point, Mom and Dad should start training baby to climb.
When eating food supplement, pay attention not to mouth to feed the baby food, because adults often have bacteria and bacteria in the saliva.

 Baby's body grow faster this time, and therefore he should always pay attention to calcium supplement, in order to avoid the formation of calcium deficiency due eversion rib and chicken breast embolism can be avoided Yeti caused by calcium deficiency.

Infants prone to ear disease, especially prone to otitis media, as well as external auditory canal inflammation, external ear canal boil and so on. Infants prone to otitis media mostly because the baby's Eustachian tube position was horizontal, and wide, straight, short, so the baby suffering from respiratory tract infection, nasopharyngeal bacteria or viruses easily through the Eustachian tube into the middle ear , Causing acute suppurative otitis media. If the baby is always pillow on the wet pillow (love sweating the baby, sweat the pillow wet; love spit milk baby, milk also flows to the baby's ear), but also cause the baby ear eczema.
Suffering from otitis media, the baby's ear canal because of the exudation of the mouth will be moist, but both sides of the ears at the same time out of the secretions of the situation is rare. The baby often feel the ear jumping or tingling, sucking, swallowing and cough when the earache will intensify. Infants and young children cannot express their own ideas, often manifested as irritability, crying, sleepless nights, shaking his head or hand rubbing ears and so on. Due to sucking and swallowing when the earache will intensify, so the baby suffering from otitis media often refused to milk. When the baby crying or fever but cannot find the reason, to consider whether suffering from otitis media, to the hospital when the doctor can also check to check.

At this stage it is important to have a reasonable mix of food, and whether the food supplement to this age baby. As for the time to add food, the number of times due to individual differences in the baby may be. Mainly depends on each baby to eat the interest and initiative. When you do not like to eat food supplement, feed a meal and he "to discuss" an hour, it is better to only feed once, to ensure that milk is good, save time to let the baby enjoy the game and the joy of outdoor activities, the baby health Growth is more useful.

This week food recommendations

Baby Recipes - Shrimp Sauce To
Raw Material: Fresh Shrimp 50 grams, Sesame Oil a little
Practice: The shrimp meat washed, made a mess in a bowl. Bowl add a little water, into the pot can be steamed.
Efficacy: rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, etc., have kidney effect.

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