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At this time the baby body further development, the nervous system matures. Many babies have long teeth, and now the baby is more like gnawing things even mother's hand. Baby's legs more powerful.
Baby to attract your attention more and more rich, not just cry, he will also by twisting the body, make a sound to let you pay attention to him. Usually like to play outside the baby, will often use the fingers outside the window, he wanted you to take him out to see his children, birds and grass Oh! The depth of the baby is now quite accurate, and can distinguish the distance between the items, when the furniture in the room furnishings have changed, you can find the baby will be surprised or uneasy.

Physiological development:
• Good balance of head.
• May start a long tooth.

Senses and reflections:
• like to explore the body with your mouth and hands.
• May like to touch the toes.

Mental development:
• If the family's appearance changes, such as changing hair, bring sunglasses, etc., the baby will be very alert until you hear your voice to recognize you so far.

Social development:
• Identify members of the family

At this time, the baby's storage of iron has gradually exhausted, from the daily diet consciously for the baby iron.
• Do not have time to play with your baby every day, but also have time to let the baby play alone.
• Do not leave him alone on the bed, or other elevated plane, so that the baby turned down and fell.
• Now is the baby to establish self-confidence period, when the baby has progress, do not forget to give the baby some praise and applause Oh!
• Baby may be like tummy sleep, it is normal, not what disease. As long as the baby's face will not be able to cover the vicinity articles live baby's nose and mouth on it.


All mothers who have breastfeeding are facing the problem of weaning at different stages. Weaning, far from the literal sense as simple, but a major change in the relationship between mother and child. Smooth weaning, both for the physical and mental health of both mother and child are essential.
Weaning first to choose the appropriate season. Summer, the baby prone to loss of appetite or indigestion, not suitable for weaning. And winter is the peak of respiratory and infectious diseases and epidemic, nor suitable for weaning. In general, weaning in autumn is more appropriate. Autumn and pleasant weather, it is the season of fruit, a variety of auxiliary food supply is also more abundant, is conducive to child weaning. The most natural and ideal way to weaning is to add food in the supplement, the formula to feed more efforts, so that the baby habits and like the taste of other food, not so obsessed with breast milk. Weaning the whole process to be gradual, and gradually reduce the number of breastfeeding, increase the number of food supplement and formula, so the baby will be more acceptable, mother's breast milk secretion will naturally reduce, to avoid milk, and even mastitis situation.

Although this period the growth and development of the baby than the first half of the relatively slow pace, but the baby feeding requirements have to be more meticulous and thoughtful. At this point the baby intake of nutrients from nearly half of the food from the baby to do the variety of vegetables should be diverse, such as: carrots, tomatoes, onions, etc., often constipation baby optional spinach, cabbage, radish, onion and other fiber food.
Food should also be changed from the mud into a paste, into the baby's mouth can be swallowed with a little, food particles can also be gradually thickened, no longer need to filter, moisture can be gradually reduced.
But there are some food, such as fried, puffed, canned, etc. do not give the baby to eat. Choose a special infant food should also pay attention to brand awareness and formal purchase channels.

This week food recommendations

Baby Recipes - Fruit Lotus Root Starch
Raw Material:
Lotus root starch 50 grams, Apple 75 grams, 250 grams of water
1. lotus root starch, add water and mix thoroughly. Apple peeled and made of mud.
2. small pot plus water boil after the small fire, pour into the mix of lotus root starch, while cooking while stirring.
3. cook until transparent, add apple mud to cook a little cook, warm and then can be fed.
Efficacy: spleen appetizer, blood diarrhea


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