Welcome to the 6 months & 2 weeks of parenting tips

At this point, the baby's biggest feature is to be able to grasp the little things are very interested in, he will be good to hold the bottle, it may pick up things with your fingers, will be things from one hand to another hand, but also raised , Shake, push, pull, squeeze, and throw things close to the baby. When he holds the toy in his hand, he will shake the toy with his hand, or throw it on the ground to listen to the sound of the toy. With the improvement of the baby's observation, he also more understanding of the environment, he will find a piece of toys behind the block.
The baby in the big move also has a significant progress, his tumbling action more and more flexible, not only from the supine to the side and prone position, but also from the prone to turn to the side and supine. Some babies cannot rely on things to sit alone. Language is another important part of the development of the baby, the baby will now use a lot of different sounds to express pleasure, he may be several tones together to repeat, of course, this time the baby is still in the meaningless pronunciation stage.

Physiological development:
• may be sitting on their own.
• Increased physical activity and greater strength of feet and legs.

Sensory and Reflective:
• Hold your own bottle and possibly grab the handle of the cup.
• Taste is strong.

Mind development:
• Play hard toys, such as bells or rattles.

Social development:
• may be disturbed by strangers.

This time you can teach the baby some sign language: "Goodbye, thank you, applause", you can try to teach the baby.
• Give the baby a lot of items that can be grasped, different shapes, materials, and colors.
• Mom and Dad do some grimace on the baby to see if the baby will learn the same action.

Do not need to see a doctor?

Baby after 6 months, basically will be able to sit, and can sit more secure and longer . However, some babies to 6 months still sit instability, the back also need to rely on things, sometimes leaning forward, this is normal. Some children to 7-8 months to sit steady, cannot think this is the child behind the development. relying on things cannot sit, head forward, chin against the front chest, and even dumped to the legs, which need to see a doctor.

This stage of the baby has entered the period of the teeth, from the baby began to eruption of the first pair of deciduous teeth began, mother and father will pay special attention to baby deciduous care. Deciduous teeth is good or bad, the baby's chewing ability, pronunciation ability, the permanent replacement of the permanent teeth and the body's growth and development have a very important role. The main oral disease in infants and young children is dental caries, which is commonly referred to as tooth decay, and tooth decay is mainly caused by plaque. Experts believe that the removal of plaque should start from the first deciduous teeth eruption. And this early cleaning work, completely need to rely on parents to complete.
The correct way to clean up is: mother sitting on the sofa or bed, let the baby lying in the arms. Mother with one hand to fix the child's head and lips, the other hand with infants and young children dedicated finger toothbrush, dipped in warm water for the baby to clean the outer side of the teeth and medial side. To 3 years old baby brush your teeth, do not use fluoride toothpaste, if the baby swallowed the toothpaste, long-term this will cause harm to the body.

Most of the baby has begun to grow a few small teeth, with the ability to chew, the tongue is also an auxiliary stirrer. Then in addition to continue to ensure that the baby every day in the milk around 600ML, the baby's taste of food also has their own hobbies. Continue to supplement the food while trying to slowly increase the chopper, eggs, porridge, noodles, fish, minced meat and so on. The nature of complementary food should also be soft, semi-solid as well. A few babies do not like porridge at this time, and adults interested in eating rice, you can also try to let the baby eat some soft rotten rice, but pay attention to observe whether there is indigestion and so on.
Cooking mothers who are not good at cooking now may have to make up for cooking. A few months before the prepared food processor will come in handy, I believe you will have a very big learning.

This week’s food recommendations

Baby Recipes - Vegetables Rice Soup
Rice, Potatoes, Carrots
1. Rice Amoy net and good with blisters, potatoes and carrots cut small pieces.
2. Put the rice and chopped vegetables into the pot and add the right amount of boiled water.
3. Filter the cooked material again and put a small amount of salt.


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