Welcome to the 5 months & 4 weeks of parenting tips

Baby vision has a very good development, he can see the details quite clear, but also to distinguish the color, but still need a long time to continue to enhance his vision. At this point, the baby's brain weight is half the weight of mature brain, and is at an incredible speed in the development. Baby back to the things that can sit, the body will lean forward, chest and almost paste the lower limbs, mouth almost bite to the little feet.
Now, the baby will find a game is very interesting, is to take the trouble to throw away the things in the hands of things falling to the ground will cause the baby a great interest, if you pick up and then handed him / her, the baby will it Threw away and gripped with joy. Baby is through such a simple game and more in-depth understanding of things change, the law of movement. With the growth of the baby, his sleep time is gradually reduced, his daily awake active time about 9 hours, he needs a more colorful life.

Physiological development:
• When you sit on your feet, catch your feet.

Mental development:
• show different emotions such as happy, unhappy or even hair
• There may be sudden emotional changes.

Social development:
• manipulate items.

Senses and reflections:
• Will be happy to grunt and giggle.
• When you hear your name, you will turn over.

Conditional, you can continue to adhere to breastfeeding.
If the baby drooling too much, you can have a small chest in the baby's chest, while more than a few, as long as the wet on the new. Saliva will be the baby's chin drowned red, should always use a soft dry cloth gently wipe dry saliva.
Do not let your baby practice to sit too long to prevent damage to the baby's spine

How to exercise your baby's legs

Put the baby's chest on the stacked quilt, let the baby tummy. Baby will stretch the lower limbs, forward a very a. This exercise your baby's leg strength, after the exercise to crawl help.

Baby Diarrhea
Diarrhea is the most common gastrointestinal disease in infants and young children, this stage of the baby, is in the diet transition period, more prone to diarrhea. Some babies from exclusive breastfeeding to mixed feeding, and some babies began to add food, some babies because the mothers return to the workplace and weaning. These changes will lead to the baby's gastrointestinal incompatibility and adjustment, there may be physiological diarrhea.
Physiological diarrhea is not a disease, its symptoms include: daily stool frequency of not more than 8 times, each time not much; although not forming but not much water; stool no special smell, there may be green and milk; Baby spirit is good, normal feeding, no fever, no abdominal distension and abdominal pain.
If it is physiological diarrhea, do not give the baby to take medicine, especially antibiotics, but will lead to the baby gastrointestinal flora, resulting in disease.
The treatment of physiological diarrhea is: if it is caused by the replacement of milk for the formula, you can reduce the amount of milk formula, the appropriate to add rice noodles, or replace the formula; if it is added food supplement, can reduce the amount of food or pause to add food; Baby after taking cod liver oil will appear physiological diarrhea, this time also need to be suspended.

At this point your baby has been able to use gingival grinding thin and soft food, and your food supplement can also slowly add new varieties. Here also reminded mothers to eat food and milk the best to eat separately, should be added in the middle of two meals a meal supplement food, which can help the baby stomach digestion. A year before the baby's milk every day to ensure that the proposed 600-700ml or so to meet the growth needs. Parents do not think the baby can eat do not have to eat the milk.
Breastfeeding mother can still be happy to continue your dairy life. You do not have to rely on the increase in food supplement or breast milk nutrition questioned confidence, the international breast milk will encourage the conditional mother feeding to two years old it.

This Week Food Recommendations

Baby Recipes - Tofu Soup
Take a little tofu, add an egg, mix thoroughly, and then into the vegetables or no carrots at the end, add a little salt on the pot can be steamed about 10 minutes.

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