Welcome to the 5 months & 3 weeks of parenting tips

Now, you will find the baby more and more keen on the movement, and the help of the baby can stand jump. Baby babbling school language in this period there will be a clear prototype, he can send more voices, will change the volume, tone, speed, and the use of voice to express emotions. If you repeat the baby's voice, the baby may concentrate on listening, at the same time, the baby noticed that you can use the sound to get your attention.
Now the baby began to have a clear memory, family and strangers can be a good distinction. Baby's emotions are gradually complicated, happy will laugh, not satisfied with the temper, parents will be afraid, fear. With the baby to add complementary food, you will find that the baby can be more accurate to identify a variety of taste, the likes and dislikes of food is also very clear. If the baby to eat food is he does not like the taste, he will be very determined to refuse you!

Physiological development:
• sit when you do not need to support, may suddenly fall and support with both hands to get a balance.
• Can use one hand to get things.

Sensory and reflex:
• When turning from lying down to sideways, almost to himself sit bent
• Can turn around at will.

Mind development:
• A long time to stare at items.
• Will be issued more than a few tones.
• Like to see yourself in the mirror.

Social development:
• Will giggle and laugh.
• Hear the concert gurgling, low hum and stop crying.

If you are still feeding your baby at night, you should start reducing the number of nightly breastfeeding. Many babies in 6 months later, you cannot eat all night.
If the baby is slightly uncomfortable, parents bring their babies to the hospital, may be infected with some diseases. So, do not go to the hospital at every turn.
Can hold your baby to the mirror before the baby to see the mirror inside the people will not be at a loss, and will be happy to take a mirror.

Baby Cold

This stage of the baby is the most vulnerable disease is a cold, usually because the care of the baby suffering from a cold, after a couple of days the baby also appeared cold symptoms.
Baby this month because the body and some from the mother to get the immune system, even if the cold is not easy to high fever, generally only 37 degrees. Symptoms are mostly nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, tiredness and loss of appetite. But the general baby is not painful, and three or four days after the symptoms will gradually reduce. The baby may also be in the cold at the same time the symptoms of diarrhoea, increased stool frequency, but generally do not appear pneumonia.
In the baby during the cold, Mom and Dad do not give the baby a bath, to avoid once again cold. At the same time, pay attention to the baby at any time to feed the water to supplement the loss of water.

Some babies will have an allergy in the food supplement. If the baby after eating food supplement two minutes to two hours after the body allergic reaction, we must stop adding this food. If there is more severe vomiting, facial swelling, difficulty breathing and other issues, it is necessary to seek medical treatment. But the baby's response to food may not be permanent, and some babies grow up, these allergies will disappear. In order to avoid allergies, especially if the parents have a history of allergies, add food supplement from a single food is very important, so you can know what kind of food caused by child allergies.
After the baby has become accustomed to different food, you can eat from the baby has eaten several kinds of food to be combined to complete the transition from adding a single food to a mixed food.

This Week Food Recommendations

Baby Recipes - Sweet Potato Porridge
Rice 1 tablespoon wash soaking for an hour, 1/2 tablespoon sweet potato, diced to, water 5 tablespoons
1. rice and boiled sweet potato into the pot.
2. Boil, turn a small fire, cook for 25-30 minutes, porridge rotten can be.

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