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Baby's fine action at this stage will be a lot of progress, he can tear paper with two hands you can let them eat their own biscuits to eat. This time the baby's arm and the trunk of the muscle strength is gradually increasing, most of the baby has been able to hold up the body with a small arm, from the tummy to sit, but cannot sit long baby will lose balance fall, if suddenly forward Dump, the baby will be hand to support and balance.
Your baby may begin to show "stranger anxiety" signs, that is, people often say that students, this is his emotional development of the first important milestone. You may be surprised to find that the baby suddenly do not want to close to people who do not know, when the stranger close to him when the baby may be carefully scrutiny. Now, the baby will be very interested in your face, will be very serious from a different point of view it. He always wants to touch your face, your fingers into your eyes and nose, will cling to an ear and hair, and refused to relax, the baby began to understand you and he is two different people.

Physiological development:
• supine, can be kicked by a flat surface to move.
• Will turn and twist in all directions.

Senses and reflections:
• Reliable objects hold for a little while.

Mental development:
• will distinguish themselves and others in the mirror image.

Social development:
• Reduced interest in breast milk.
• Will be happy to express happy or unpleasant.
• Will smile in the mirror of their own

• Take baby to a different place, see different people. By seeing versatile baby, usually more intelligent.
• The baby likes to throw something on the ground. Do not stop him, this is his understanding of the world.
• Training is still not the main task of this stage, so do not put too much energy.

Baby Teething

Baby's deciduous teeth generally began in the 4-7 months after the eruption, 2 years old to 2 and a half out of 7, a total of 20. The first eruption of the deciduous teeth is the middle of a pair of incisors, and then above the middle of a pair of incisors, and then in accordance with the order from the middle to the two sides erupted. Some babies out of the order of slightly different, but all belong to the normal phenomenon.
As early as before the teeth erupted, the baby has been able to feel gum pain, and therefore emotional irritability or sleep is not good, teeth may also appear when the low fever, drooling and other symptoms. These are the normal response when the teeth, parents do not worry too much.
At this time you can use the silicone made of dental training device, so that the baby on the mouth chewing, on the one hand you can exercise the baby's jaw and gums, so that after the teeth erupted neatly arranged, on the one hand can also ease the baby's gums discomfort. Baby bacon biscuits can also play the above effect.
Inadequate nutrition may lead to delayed baby teeth or poor teeth. Therefore, the baby teeth, should pay attention to the overall strengthening of nutrition, especially the right to add vitamin D and calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements, and more than the baby to the outdoor sun.

Add more food to adapt to the baby can eat rotten noodles and other food. When you add new food that you have never eaten to your child, you must start with a try and wait for another. Each add a new food when the best 3 to 5 days to allow the baby to adapt. Baby to accept the new food time difference, short as long as one or two days, long need five or six days, so the mother should be patient, let the baby have new contact with the new food to adapt to the new tastes.
Sometimes the baby will eat and spit, do not think that this is the baby does not accept such delicious, in fact, as long as stick to it, this situation may disappear. In the test feeding to understand whether the baby is allergic to new food, allergy to stop feeding.

This Week Food Recommendations

Baby Recipe - Longxumian
Material: Longxumian 10
1. Longxumian snapping, about one centimeter long.
2. Put the pot into the soup and boil under the noodles.
3. The fire will be noodles boiled.
4. Boil again to turn off the fire, cover pot stew for 5 minutes

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