Welcome to the 5 months & 1 week of  parenting tips

Now, the baby's attachment to the mother will be stronger, when he realized that the mother want to leave, will hold her mother crying. And when the baby to see a stranger, will be afraid, and even cry, this time is the beginning of the baby is afraid of life. Now he wants to taste the food but also want to play, such as squeezing, smelling, crushing, smashing and smelling food, he will eat in a mess, because he is testing food. When he was in tummy, he could raise his arms and his legs. His hand-eye coordination is gradually progressing, he can now easily reach out to catch things.
5 months of the baby, has begun to teeth or ready for teething. Baby may be disturbed, irritability may also be too much saliva, mother handling baby at the stage of teething must have enough patience, mother comfort can reduce the baby's teeth discomfort!

5 months baby weight, height reference:
Baby Weight 6.0-9.3kg, length 61.7-70.1cm;
Baby Weight 5.4-8.8kg, length 59.6-68.5cm.

Physiological development:
• At least half of the time to stay alert to remain sensitive.

Senses and reflections:
• will catch large rings.
• Hold the bottle with both hands

Mind development:
• Looking around in the new environment.
• A building block will hand, watching the second block, let go of the first block, and then pick up the second block.

Social development:
• will protest and exclude those who try to take the toy away.

• Now, the baby from born has been five months, anti-infective substances the body gradually disappear, while the baby's own immune system is not yet developed into a
mature, low immunity, paying particular attention to the prevention of infectious diseases.
• Baby can hold their own bottle of milk, but be careful not to choke the baby.
• You can place a pillow beside your baby and let your baby try to sit there, but you'll need to stay with him.

Infant Anemia

Baby in the 4-6 months after birth, due to rapid growth and development, relatively simple diet, in the pregnancy from the mother to obtain the reserve iron has been basically exhausted, the baby is prone to anemia.
Anemia is a reduction in the number of red blood cells in the blood, and sometimes it is considered to be caused by iron deficiency. According to the World Health Organization standards, 6 months to 6 years old children with hemoglobin less than 120 grams / liter, that is anemia.
Infant anemia manifested mostly pale or chlorosis, easy fatigue, low resistance.
Long childhood anemia can affect heart function and mental development, we must take timely measures. After the baby 4-6 months later, if the mother's breast milk is insufficient, should be timely to add protein-rich complementary food, such as egg yolk, formula, meat, etc., to prevent the occurrence of anemia.

April-June is the baby's taste of the sensitive period, timely add a variety of different flavours of food can grow children do not pick up the food before eating a good habit, a balanced diet is very important. But the mother do not force the baby to eat, baby hungry when they give him to eat. It is not much better to eat, or else the future baby into a chubby pier may be trouble you.
Some mothers will be complementary food and infant formula mixed milk bottle, and the use of cross-hole pacifier to feed, this is wrong. The baby needs to learn the taste of food and the feeling of food placed in their mouths and practice chewing, which is also good for teething. There is also a bite like a pacifier, bite the fruit in a small bag. Baby can use the gums "juice" and can effectively prevent the baby swallowing large pieces of food causing danger.

This Week Food Recommendations

Baby Recipes - Tomato Paste
Ingredients: 150 grams of tomatoes
The tomatoes into the boiling water, then remove. The tomatoes peeled, seeded, the rest can be broken into a paste can be.

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