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The baby will still be caught everything stuffed into his mouth, and further use his mouth to know the world. Sometimes, maybe you will suddenly find the room very quiet, what is the baby doing? Oh, the baby is on the bed and play it! Do not bother him , this is the baby is not a small progress, before that, as long as the baby awake, almost every moment cannot do without your care, the baby is slowly growing up!
Now the strength of the baby legs more strong, and if the mother hands on the baby's armpit, the baby can stand for some time. Baby will be spoiled, and always love to lift the arm, to adults hold, but for strangers, the baby will feel anxious and afraid. The baby is more and more have their own ideas, and when he was left out or desire is not satisfied, he will call you loud! Baby grasp the desire of things more and more intense, my mother neck necklace, scarf, dad's tie, glasses, he should use a small hand to catch a grasp.

Physiological development:
• When lying down, lift your arms and feet.

Senses and reflections:
• will cling to something.
• Stuff stuff into the mouth.

Mental development:
• will produce vowels and some vocals.

Social development:
• like to eat and play.
• Hold out his arms to hold.

When the baby is good, encourage the baby to experience and fiddle with a variety of items, such as scarves, handkerchief.
The baby began to be able to identify the same color. For the baby to prepare a variety of colors of books, toys and clothes, to help him improve the color discrimination ability.
Baby into the teething, you can give the baby to prepare a teether, let him bite a bite to ease their itchiness.

Baby Eating Hand

Baby from 2 months, there will be relish to eat their own little hands and feet of the behaviour. To three or four months, the baby will be able to grasp the hands of anything in his mouth. Many parents are very worried about this behaviour of the child, fear that this may eat into the dirty things, causing diarrhoea, lead poisoning, to develop the bad habits of eating and so on.
In fact, the baby eat the hand, is the baby must be physical and mental development stage. Two or three months of the baby began to put his little hand on his mouth to eat his feet, said his body has been increasingly mature. To four or five months the baby has been able to reach out to get things, he will put a variety of items into the mouth to taste. In fact, this tasting is a kind of learning, the baby can feel through the mouth to distinguish the difference between the various items, and then produced awareness of the items. This is a good start for the baby to know the world, but also to promote the coordination of the baby hand-eye ability.
Therefore, the baby eating hand, the parents do not need too much worry, just pay attention to the following:
Timely clean baby's little hands and toys that he can come into contact with.
Provide children with safe and hygienic items and toys. Such as not easy to fade, do not have sharp corners, etc., to prevent the cause of infant lead poisoning or other injuries. In particular, do not let the children come into contact with buttons, beans and other small items, to prevent the child mistakenly inhaled trachea caused by the accident.
In order to prevent children from growing up after leaving the habit of eating, please do not let the child in the sleep when eating, and pay attention to more exchanges with the baby to prevent the child because of the lack of caress and to eat the way self-comfort.

Some babies will experience "physiological tired of milk", when drinking drink stop, issued a variety of voice "protest", or even eat less or not eat. But the baby's development and vitality are very good, so the mother cannot worry about big. Under normal circumstances about a month can be natural recovery.
If you are still in your baby at this time, please do not because of the baby's growth and development affected by the baby for mandatory eating, or frequent replacement of formula milk brand. This may make the baby to eat stress fear and resistance, the problem may not just tired of the milk.

This week’s food recommendations

Baby Recipes - Egg Yolk Mud
1. Wash the eggs, into the pot, add water did not over the eggs.
2. After the water is opened, turn the simmer for 10 minutes, turn off, stew for 5 minutes.
3. Remove the egg yolk, into a small bowl, crushed with a spoon, into a mud, add a little water or rice soup dilute.
Tip: the beginning of the first plus 1/4 egg yolk, and to dilute some.

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