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Now the baby is getting better, my mother start to worry about things more and more. In the past, the baby will sleep in the daytime for a long time, and now can be different, the baby is like a pony, each time the activities can be up to one and a half or two hours. He did not want to lie down again and again, he may be very skilled from supine to prone position, can take the initiative to use the forearm support from the upper body and raised his head. If the support is tired, the baby himself will head over the past to rest.
The baby can’t be enough to the toy, and will shake the small rattles, he can be very quiet to play alone for about 15 minutes. He will listen to all the sounds around, while continuing to practice speaking. When you talk to someone and ignore the baby, he may sound to attract your attention. Baby now vision has been very sensitive, you can see things at different distances, but also can easily track the moving items.

Physiological development:
• Stable balance in different directions.

Senses and reflections:
• grip more stable.
• Will sound toys placed in the hands of the baby will play.

Mental development:
• will scream, do grunting and send out raspberry.

Social development:
• Smile and voice to attract attention.

Can exercise the baby to take their own bottle of water or milk, cannot hold does not matter, slowly practice, the baby will gradually grasp.
Parents can catch the baby's wrist, gently pull up, so you can exercise the baby head forward ability.
Now the baby likes to put the hands of toys into his mouth, parents must buy good quality toys.

Night Cry

Many months of the baby at night there will be habitual cry, which is called the night cry. Parents just want to sleep, the baby began to cry, hold up and shake for a while or after feeding the milk easy to coax sleep, over 2 hours and wake up crying, so overnight cry several times the baby is taking lots of colic .
In fact, because the hungry night cry baby is relatively small, for the large amount of food baby, before going to bed to feed the milk, you can effectively avoid the night cry. Some babies are due to lack of exercise during the day and sleep at night, so the daytime outdoor activities of the baby must not be less than 3 hours. In addition, during the day too excited or shocked, the baby may also dream of night crying
In addition, the indoor temperature is too high, the baby quilt is too thick, mosquito bites and so will cause the baby crying. Mom and Dad to the situation, timely solution. Exclude the above situation, if the baby is still crying, there may be the cause of the disease, such as rickets, doctors should be treated in time. Under normal circumstances, as long as the environment comfortable, proper diet, moderate exercise, good health, the baby rarely occurs night cry phenomenon.

When your baby appears drooling, bite nipples, toys or when adults eat in the side of greedy smacking. These cute acts are hinted that you want to add food to the baby.
Complementary food, "auxiliary" word that everything. Breast milk or formula milk is still the main food of the baby.
Supplement the specific time to add the baby according to the specific circumstances, such as the monthly weight gain of less than 500 grams or feeding time than in the past to extend; or feeding baby after crying, irritability, etc., it shows that breast milk has been insufficient, The time of the. The World Health Organization recommends pediatric food supplementation should first start with cereal (such as rice cereal), because cereal is the most easily accepted by the baby, is not easy to allergies, the most digestible

This Week Food recommendations

Baby Recipes - Banana Mud
Raw Materials: Banana 1/5 root
Banana chopped into a small bowl, with a spoon into a mud.
Tip: banana must be selected ripe, but also to eat now do.

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