Welcome to the 3 months & 4 weeks of parenting tips

At least four months of the baby began to appear a series of emotions, including joy and unhappy, satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The way the baby expresses the mood is clearer, he will yawn, rub his eyes or face, refuse to play with you or seem restless to let you know he is tired. Baby is able to see things more clearly,he can focus on different distances.

When baby is lying on tummy, they can use a small arm propped, the head and shoulders raised high. The baby can even lie from his back to tummy, or from tummy to lying down. If the baby turned over, please give the baby some applause, let him know how much you are proud of him. The baby's hand-eye coordination is also further development, he will reach out to what he wants enough, he can use two hands to seize things and manipulate it. Baby is no longer the same as the past, "sticky", if the baby has a favourite toy, he can play a little time on their own.

Physiological development:
•  When the baby is on tummy, he can keep his head with his little arm
•  And the shoulder raised high.
•  Adults hold the baby under the arm, release the hand, the baby can stand for a moments.

Senses and reflections:
• Change the toy from one hand to the other.

Mental development
• Began to show interest in the food that adults have eaten.

Social development:
• The way in which emotions are expressed is more complicated.
• When itching they will laugh.

Regularly check baby weight and height, Weight does not increase, accompanied by poor appetite baby and other abnormal situation, to check whether the baby malnutrition.
Futuristic should always get outdoors for sunshine. Sun is the best disinfectant, do not just use the disinfectant to the baby wash clothes bedding.
Baby began to recognize people. If the mother needs to give the baby to the nanny or other caregivers to take care, give him some time to adapt.

Preparations before work

Many mothers have experienced a period of maternity leave, is about to work, and before going to work , need to do a lot of preparation. New mother need to do a good job of psychological adjustment, just go to work, may be due to the separation of the baby, there will be some separation of anxiety, over a few days will slowly adapt. Also at home leisure for a long time, may be difficult to adapt to the fast pace of work, but also need to adjust the new mother in time.
Many mothers want to continue to work after the breast-feeding, if the workplace from home near, you can go home in the appropriate time to feed, many companies are considerate of the new mother's breastfeeding.
If the workplace is far away from home, the new mother is still there are ways to continue to adhere to breastfeeding.

First of all, need to work around 2 weeks before the start of the nanny or other mothers will bring their children to the baby to try to use the bottle, the baby used to suck mother's breast milk, so that others need to use a bottle of milk feeding period of adaptation.
Work essential tools for breastfeeding are insulation barrels, ice packs and sealed storage bags. The new mother can be breastfeeding in the company to the sealed storage bag, placed in a pre-placed ice bag insulation barrel, get off work home to go home in the refrigerator can be placed.
Breast milk stored in the refrigerator, cold storage can be kept 2-3 days, frozen can be stored for 3 months,do not lose the nutritional content of breast milk. So the mother can label the storage bag, indicating the time to start placing breast milk and the amount of breast milk.
The breast milk removed from the refrigerator cannot be heated in a microwave oven because it will lose the nutrients in breast milk. It is better to use about 50 degrees of warm water across the bottle heating.

This period may be your baby suddenly start learning to eat, please do not panic, first look at the baby is not where uncomfortable, excluding pathology tired of milk may be. Many babies in the 4-6 months will encounter a so-called "physiological tired of milk", you can see if the bottle is too small, you can try to use a small spoon to feed the baby. You can also slowly increase the amount of daily activity of the baby.
Maybe you worry about the baby feeding too little will not grow, so the use of forced way. But this will make the baby fear of feeding. As long as the baby height, weight gain are within the normal range, do not force him to nurse.
Breast milk mother, do not be weaned. This is only a temporary phenomenon.

This Week’s Food Recommendations

Baby Recipes - Water Spinach
100 grams of fresh spinach leaves, 100 g water
1. Wash the spinach, cut wire.
2. The water boiled, into the spinach, cook 5-6 minutes after the fire, and then boring for 10 minutes, pour the soup, you can feed.

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