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Congratulations, your baby is hundred days! A hundred days after the baby to a very likable age. Neck straight, because the head is relatively large, the baby's head will be slightly shaking, looks like a big doll will be activities. Erected holding the baby, the baby's waist has been able to stand up. With the development of neurological and skeletal muscles, the baby's athletic ability develops rapidly, and sometimes you will feel the baby like a small athlete, wake up after he always kept moving. As the baby's hip and knee become more flexible, his kick moves are more powerful. Hold the baby, let his feet touch the ground, you can feel that he was forced to step down.
The baby's field of vision from the original 45 degrees to 180 degrees, his vision has also been greatly improved, can see 8 mm size of the object. The baby's ability to crawl better, he can be combined with four fingers and pick up with the thumb.

Physiological development:
• Will focus on the items at different distances.
• The head can be kept stable and can be shortened vertically.
• The legs are more powerful.

Senses and reflections:
• Hands can be held together. Mental development:
• Happy mood, the hand legs to do a more substantial dancing.

Social development:
• May prefer a toy.
• Hear the music may be quiet.

• Do not give your baby gloves or use a long cuff to keep the baby's activities, and do not use the quilt to keep the baby tightly wrapped up.
• If the baby awake in the middle of the night, do not accompany the baby to play, or easy to develop the baby bad sleep habits.
• This month the baby spit milk will be significantly reduced, but still have to pay attention to feeding milk, the timely hiccup to the baby.

Passive Gymnastics

Infant passive exercises, not only is a good way of promoting infant body growth, or a good parent-child game project. Every day for the children to do passive exercises for physical exercise, not only can promote his physical development, but also promote the development of the nervous system. Infant passive exercises suitable for 2-6 months old babies, according to months of age and physique, step by step, do 1-2 times per day, carried out at a happy mood state at the time of the baby waking or bath.

Do wear lesser clothes, the clothes to be loose, soft texture, so that the baby’s body muscles can relax. Operation to be gentle and rhythmic, can be accompanied by music.
Infant passive exercises a total of 8 knots. Upper limb movement ready posture: baby supine, mother hands holding the baby wrist, the thumb on the baby's hand, so that the baby fist, his hands on both sides of the baby.

Section I: Separate chest movement (1) left and right hands, spreading outward, a 90 degree angle with the body, palm up; (2) cross the chest hands: a first node. Repeats 2 Beats

Section II: elbow motion (1) left arm is bent upward elbow; (2 reduction; (3) the elbow of the right arm is bent upwards; (4) reduction.

Section III: shoulder joint (1) for holding the children of the left-hand rotating circular outer shoulder operation was repeated four beats;(2) holding the right children to do the same operation is repeated our beats.

Section IV: upper limb motion (1) separate left and right hands, and body into a flat outward 90 degrees; (2) flat on his hands forward, two opposite palm, shoulder width distance; (3) crossing the chest hands; (4) held up too far hands, palm up, gentle movements; (5)reduction.

Section V: Ankle (1) Ready position: supine infant, left hand holding the baby's mother left ankle, right hand holding the children left foot forefoot; (2) the baby toe ankle buckling up; (3) feet He pointed downward, stretching the ankle; (4) do the same operation right foot transducer.

Section VI: lower limb flexion motion (1) Preliminary position: infant supine,legs straight, both hands mother baby two legs, knee extensionalternately, do treadmill like operation; (2) to shrink the abdomen leg flexor ; (3) straight; (4) the abdomen to the right leg flexor shrink, straight.

Section VII: leg raise motion (1) Preliminary position: two flat legs straight,palm down two mother holding baby both knee; (2) 90 will be heldon both legs straight; (2) reducing ; repeat two eight-shot.

Section VIII: turning motion (1) Preliminary position: lying baby, baby mother hand a chest and abdomen, the back of hand pads in children; (2) help from supine to lateral swivel; (3) to swivel from side to prone ;(4) from the supine to the prone position and then twist

Perhaps you think your baby is not formula-fed babies grow strong, perhaps because you are formula-fed numerous proposals from around confused. But you have to learn to judge your breast milk meets a baby's growth needs.
If your baby is a monthly increase of about 0.7 kg body weight, urinate 6-8 times a day or more, and is fed after each expression intoxicated and fall asleep quickly, so give yourself the courage to insist on the right breast. Unless weight gain baby a month yet reached 0.5 kg, and not get sick, or just eat breast milk soon after, began to cry missed, and have to find the nipple action, then you should probably pay attention to your needs breast milk secretion supplemented with formula milk.

This Week Food Recommendations

Baby Recipe: Water Hawthorn
Hawthorn Fruit Slices 50g, Water 150ml
When the sheet hawthorn wash with cold water into the basin, the water into the basin, covered simmer for 10 minutes, until the temperature dropped to slightly warm, the Hawthorn water into the cup, add the right amount of warm water, stir well.

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