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Now, Baby is over 3 Months old, In the first four months after the baby's birth, the skull growth is most rapid period of his life. Baby looks much tough than in the past, the baby began to learn to love activity play quilt, does not cost a little effort to be able to quilt kicked open. His hands are open most of the time now, it will hold toys and rang,and there was a real gripping action, baby brain that controls eye coordination and identification of objects Some features are rapidly developing. Some babies begin drooling, this is due to the secretion of saliva began strong, but also because some of the teething baby to be.
At this time, the baby is more good at finding the source of the sound, he can be very flexible to head to either side. Baby's sight may follow a moving object, it is possible to follow the vertical movement of something or windings. He can also emit sound more, cooing, screams, sobs, when you talk to him, he would try to use a different voice to respond to you.

3 months baby weight, height reference value:
baby weight 5.0-8.0kg, length 57.3-65.5cm;
baby weight 4.5-7.5kg, length 55.6-64.0cm.

Physiological development:
• Neck tension reflexes often put your fingers in your mouth sucking.

Sensation and reflection:
• clenched fist or tapping items.
• Most of the time is open.

Mental development:
• happy mood, the hand legs to do a more substantial dancing.

Social development:
• When the familiar person close to the baby will cause the attention.

• It is too early to train the child's urine when this time, you can properly put a urine, but do not force.
• Prepare a few soft, clean little handkerchief, at any time for the baby gently wipe saliva.
• Do not leave the baby alone in bed, so that the baby turned over to bed.
• Baby when you eat, do not stop him Oh, this is his way to explore the world in their own way!

How to deal with love to play quilt baby?

If the child is cold, do not cover the feet of the child, so that the feet exposed, when the child lifted his feet, the quilt in the child's body, you can not kick the quilt, it will not affect the child's physical movement.

Baby Sleep

Infant sleep is a very important issue, because the baby most of the growth and development is done in sleep. It will be a substantial secretion of various hormones during sleep to maintain growth and normal metabolism. The study found that 70% of the growth hormone is produced in a deep sleep. Baby's sleep is so important, but at the same time many mother are also being troubled by baby’s sleep issue. 3 months old baby need to sleep about 14-15 hours per day, most babies in 5-6 months old, cannot sleep through the night. Mother have to start teaching the baby to distinguish between day and night, night baby wake up or breastfeeding, do not talk to him, turn the light darker, in order to let the baby aware of the night is the time to sleep.
When the baby is awake, try to let him fall asleep, if every time holding or shaking him to sleep, the baby will gradually develop such a habit. Do not let the baby suck nipples to sleep, please drows out after the child falls asleep.
Some babies often wake up crying at night, parents do not respond at this time, waiting for a few minutes the baby will naturally fall asleep. If crying, go to comfort him or check is hungry or urine. If baby wake up every time parents immediately hold him or breastfeeding, it will form a vicious circle.

Now the new mother's physical strength has been gradually restored, but still pay attention to diet, especially breastfeeding and caesarean production of the mother. There is some food is best not to eat or eat less. Such as the role of back to the barley malt, malt milk, maltose, etc .; spicy hot food will make you get angry, mouth sores, constipation or hemorrhoids attack, and will increase the baby heat through the milk. In addition, you also try not to eat leeks, onions, garlic, pepper, pepper, fennel, spicy food and so on. There are greasy food such as fat, peanuts, etc., so as not to cause indigestion. Likewise, you should not eat fried foods.
If you still need to take some drugs to promote uterine contractions, it must also comply with the doctor's prescription, must not be taken by themselves. Because ergot preparations inhibit milk secretion.

This Week Food Recommendation

Baby recipes: Vegetables Water
Ingredients: Vegetables (cole or cabbage can) 50g, water 50g
The dishes washed, chopped, stainless steel pot on the fire, boil water, add chopped vegetables, cover the pot roast Cook for 2 to 3 minutes, turn off the fire and then simmer for 10 minutes, filter out the residue can be left to the soup.

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