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The baby's brain development is taking place a big leap, accompanied by his behavior on the big changes, the baby is more sensitive to the world outside and curious. Now, the baby halo has been closed, indicating that the cartilage has become hard to become bones. Most of the baby night sleep time will be longer, and in the day there will be a fixed nap habit. The baby's primitive reflex behavior began to disappear, replaced by spontaneous action. His tics began to reduce the tic action, and become more and more rhythm. The baby still like to "study" their own little hands, until tired.
His vision has also developed to be able to see all the things within 1 meter, to attract the baby is no longer black and white blocks, he likes those more complex, with more details of the pattern, color and shape. He is also very fond of face. Hearing, he will hear the voice of the mother from the conversation. If the baby hears a familiar voice, he will stop and listen more carefully. Some babies may giggle loudly.

2 months baby weight, height reference value:
baby weight 4.3-7.1kg, length 54.4-62.4cm;
baby weight 3.9-6.6kg, length 53.0-61.1cm.

Physiological development:
• The skull is about closed.
•  Night sleep time will be longer.

Senses and reflections:
• Increased spontaneous movements, the original reflexes disappear.
• More like the bright colors, with the details of the pattern.

Mental development:
• stop sucking action to listen.

Social development:
• easy to laugh and spontaneous.
•  Will giggle.
•  Like to see people face better than to see things.

1. Too soft pillow can not be used to the baby. Because if the head side over, the pillow is too soft, it will block the child's nose and mouth, very dangerous.
2. Such a big baby is no longer suitable for concave saddle pillow. Because the baby has turned around, if the baby spit milk, then spit out the milk may block the child's nose and mouth.

Baby Crying

Crying is a baby cannot avoid the characteristics. But for first time mummy is often nervous, depressed. In fact, crying is a baby's language, need mother to patiently read.

External factors: the indoor temperature is too high or too low, clothes too warm too warm, indoor light is too strong, the surrounding environment is too noisy, etc., will cause the baby irritability and crying. My mother first to carefully observe, remove the above cause baby crying external factors.

The subjective factors of the baby: hungry when the time; for the reluctant to do things to protest; feel the surrounding environment when there are insecurity. In addition, the baby's mood will be subject to the influence of his adult, when the mother irritability or bad attitude to the baby, the baby will be afraid of crying.

Disease factors: a variety of diseases caused by discomfort will make the baby crying, when the baby unexplained suddenly loudly crying, and the expression of pain, and even some diarrhea, vomiting, skin color changes and other symptoms, it is necessary to send the baby to the hospital.

New mothers do not have to worry about the quality of your breast milk, breast milk nutrients contained absolutely able to meet your baby's needs. Unless you own extreme malnutrition, when your milk only "quality" issues that may arise.
A human child survival is so important that nature has already done special arrangements to ensure the quality of breast milk. For example, you increased fat during pregnancy, is to give your baby after birth in breast milk add fuel.
"Adhere to in the end is victory."
Every successful breastfeeding mothers, are more or less gone through all kinds of difficulties.
Mummy might have experienced successful breast milk for you to work harder, even milk booster drink might not help too.

This Week Food Recommendations

Mother Recipe - Chestnut Chicken

Feed: Chicken, Chestnuts, Salt, Wine, Water, Starch, Sugar.
1. wok into the oil till Qicheng heat, respectively, under the chicken and chestnut wok after the fish out of spare.
2. wok a little oil, add wine, salt and the amount of water Shaofei, turn a small fire stew to seven mature, into the chestnuts, to the chicken, chestnut Sulan, turn the fire to collect juice, remove the plate.

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