Welcome to the 2 months & 3 weeks of parenting tips

Now, the baby looks more and more beautiful, delicate skin, shiny, flexible, facial skin becomes very clean. The baby's eyes become God, able to see things with a purpose Now the baby will recognize familiar people and sound.
Most babies have been able to put parents and other strangers distinguish at this time, Mom and Dad will take the initiative to laugh out. Baby does not like to stay alone, he wants someone to accompany him at any time to play. Baby laugh more time, sometimes issued a "ah, oh, oh" sound, if the baby's mood is good, will be more interested in practice pronunciation, do not underestimate the baby's babbling voice, this is the language the beginning of the study. Baby began purposeful hand enough stuff, and can put his hand firmly holding the toy. He is now not only sucking small fist, and began to learn to suck the thumb. During this period the hands and eat after a year-old children to eat different hands, my mother do not stop. As your baby grow up, children will put this motion into other sports ability to hand.

Physiological development:
• tummy will be braved with the elbow.
• Like jumping on an adult's leg.

Senses and reflections:
• twist the head and neck, looking for sound sources.
• Hold and waving toys. Mind Development:
• Starts a brief memory.
• Will pay attention to the hand.

Social development:
• To respond differently to the appearance of parents

Try not to let your baby fall asleep with a pacifier, because the baby with a pacifier sucking in total, will swallow too much air, causing abdominal pain. Give the baby to prepare some bright colors, you can sound toys. Bring your baby to the day before the mirror, let him look at himself in the mirror often. When baby irritability, light and soothing music can ease your baby's emotional for him to play. When your baby becomes a prone position from supine own mother should be looking to prevent clogging breathing.

Baby’s Buttocks Care

As more baby frequency of urine, especially breastfed babies, sometimes six or seven times a day stool, if not pay attention to the buttocks care, prone to hip red or diaper rash.

Mother can take the following measures to protect the baby's little ass:
• Replace the diaper with urine in a timely manner to avoid prolonged skin irritation.
• If you use a cloth diapers or gauze diapers, the texture should be soft and washed with a weak alkaline soap.
• Choose the quality and quality of the diaper.
• Do not try to clean the baby under the baby body, plastic and other materials of the mat.
• After flushing, rinse the buttocks with water, dry the towel with dry towels, let the baby's hips dry in the air or in the sun, do not immediately pack the diaper to keep the skin dry.
• If a hip-red phenomenon occurs, use a hip cream or tannin ointment. Use only need to pay attention to only a little bit, in the baby buttocks on the very thin and gently coated with a layer, and then use the means of using cosmetics gently beat the skin around to help absorb. If painted too much thick, causing the skin pores blocked but will be counterproductive.

We all know the quality of the mother's breast milk diet closely. Only the mother to eat good, nutritious breast milk will be more nutritional value. Maybe eat a few weeks almost salt-free rice soup makes you crazy, maybe some new mothers want to regain their pre-pregnancy had been smoking, drinking habits, maybe you have long admired Large waves hairstyle mind long grass. But breastfeeding if the mother smoking, drinking, perm hair, it may cause harmful substances into your breast milk, thus harming your baby. In addition, when the mother long-term exposure to toxic substances, such as lead, mercury and other environments will make breast milk contamination, is not conducive to the baby.

This Week Food Recommendation

Mother Shrimp Recipes - Wolfberry Fried Shrimp
Chinese Wolfberry, Shrimp, Carrots, Dutch Beans
1. shrimp peeled pick out shrimp line, lily stripped into pieces, carrots, peas cut into dipped tablets, wolfberry blisters good
2. shrimp with a little wine Starch salted for 10 minutes, carrots, the Dutch beans boiled water boiled
3. wok put oil plus garlic stir-fry flavor, add shrimp, carrots, lilies, the Dutch bean fried
4. add salt oyster sauce seasoned with lycium fried

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