Welcome to the first week of parenting tips.

Experienced Hard Pregnancy during this 10 months and unforgettable memories , first time mummies are you excited when the times is nearer to your due date ,You can see and feel your little precious ones inside your wombs , you have spend your day & night you’re your little life together for 280days .

As a First time mother, I believe you are ready to shower full of love & care for the baby, but may lack a certain degree of patience and experience. Are you facing difficulties taking care & looking after your baby? Don’t know what else can you do to give your baby the best , Looking after your crying baby, you feel helpless? Do not worry, from today, in the child care on the road, we have - "Baby Tree Breeding Weekly" to accompany you in your side, for you to solve the problem in child care.

Some Newborn babies usually doesn’t look very nice in their face, eyes are slightly swollen, tightly holding their small fist. Although he looks very weak, in fact, the baby will surprise you by, listening , smelling , taste ability. Within half an hour after birth he will be able to suck and swallow breast milk, the day of birth, began to excrete urine. There is also a series of primitive reflexes to help communicate with the outside world.

Newborn baby weight, height reference value: ·

Baby Boy weight 2.5-4.4kg, length 46.1-53.7cm ·
Baby Girl weight 2.4-4.2kg, length 45.4-52.9cm

Physiological development: ·
When you are frightened, you will bow and legs and reach your arms.
Continue to sleep and wake up

Mental development
They are able to voice out "ah ah, uh uh" voice

Senses and reflections: ·
Blink at strong lights
Eyes easy to turn outward
Most of the time is his hands.
Turn their head from one side to the other.
Social development: ·
Seems to respond positively to soft voices.

Mother's milk is the baby's best nutrient supply, especially colostrum, must be fed to the baby.
Keep the umbilical clean and dry. Every day with iodine, alcohol disinfection once.
Pay attention to listen to the baby's cry, carefully observe, distinguish your baby cry behind the meaning to meet his needs.
Whether it is a Baby Boy or a Baby Girls , every day to clean private parts.
When you carry up your baby , be sure to support his head by hand
When baby finished their milks , let them seat up and gentle pats their backs let them burts .
Prevents them having colic and not easy splitting milk .

Baby's breathing is importants : when should mummies feel nervous? Neonatal respiratory rate is fast, breathing about 40 times per minute. After the first two weeks of birth, respiratory rate fluctuations, this is the normal physiological phenomenon of newborns. However, if the newborn baby breathing more than 80 times, or less than 20 times, it should cause the mother's attention, and see a doctor in time.

The joy of being the first time mummy has not yet passed, troubled also accompanied by. What if breastmilk is not enough for my baby ? When does the baby need calcium? What diapers safe and secure? Do not worry! Totsworld carefully select you and your baby the most suitable word of mouth products to you, completely free! Carefully selected, provide baby the best !

Neonatal jaundice, divided into physiological jaundice and pathological jaundice two. 60% of the baby after 72 hours of birth, there will be physiological jaundice. This is due to neonatal blood bilirubin release too much, and liver function because it has not yet mature, can not be all bilirubin excreted, bilirubin gathered in the blood, causing the skin to turn yellow. This phenomenon first appeared in the face and eyes white, and then spread to other parts of the body. Physiological jaundice is a normal phenomenon, do not need treatment, usually in the next 7-10 days after birth, naturally reduced by itself. Many breastfeeding baby, due to the reasons for breast milk, jaundice fade will be slower, you can give your baby more sun, add some glucose water to help jaundice fade, if necessary, can suspend breastfeed for few days. If the severity of jaundice, according to the doctor diagnosed with light therapy. When the jaundice is too high or continue to fade, you need to seek medical treatment to determine whether the baby is pathological jaundice. Pathological jaundice may be due to: because the mother and baby blood type incompatibility caused by neonatal hemolytic disease, the baby was born in vivo or subcutaneous hemorrhage, neonatal infectious pneumonia or sepsis, neonatal hepatitis, biliary atresia and so on. High jaundice may have an impact on neonatal intelligence, so be sure to seek medical attention early.

Upgrade when the mother, and compared to pregnancy you now have a more happy mission. Your great "cow" life begins! Proud of the breast close to your baby little mouth it.
The right posture and sucking method, for the baby and you are very important. Find a place to make you feel comfortable, use your pillow or cushions to support your back, and put your baby on your knees to get the most relaxing and comfortable posture. While the baby's face is facing your breasts, in the breast-feeding process, your big finger on the other four fingers in the next, to breast-feeding side of the breast, let the baby's mouth all contain your nipples and The areola, when his nose and jaw should fit your breasts. If you feel the breast will suppress the baby nose, the nose near the skin gently press down to leave a gap so that your baby can breathe smoothly.
New mother must let your baby eat more colostrum, because colostrum was known as the first immunization, precious than gold! It can not only meet all the needs of neonatal growth and development, as well as promote lipid excretion, reduce the incidence of jaundice.

This Week Food Recommendation
Mother Recipe - peanut porridge 
raw materials: raw peanuts (with skin) 100 grams, 200 grams of rice 
Method: After scouring the net of peanut smashed into the rice porridge. Porridge 2 times (sooner or later) drink, even for 3 days. 
Efficacy: peanuts rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids, wake up spleen appetizer, qi through milk function.


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