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Baby may be naughty, and you will find to deal with this little guy, but need a lot of wisdom! He is now able to understand the simple instructions, but when you try to stop him to do one thing, he often pretended not to hear, do not care about you. Therefore, do not stop the baby's action frequently, as long as it is not harm his health and safety, try to give him more space and freedom. This will not only stimulate the baby's desire to explore, but also make your words more weight. The baby began to like to play with other children, and often will adhere to their own wishes.
The baby may now be able to rely on their own to keep the cup to drink water, and he may also be able to easily put a spoonful of food to the mouth. The baby begins to tell the smell, and when he smells something bad, you find that he will make a clear reaction. Although the baby will take a few steps, but he will still love crawling action. At present, crawling or he arrives somewhere faster and more effective way.

Physiological development:
• Take a step without taking anything.
• Will use the toes station.
• Will spoon to the mouth.

Senses and reflections:
• Will turn the page.
• Will tear off the shoes and socks.

Mind development:
• Speak long children's sentences in a tonal way.

Social development:
• Seeking approval.
• And another child engaged in a relative game.

When the baby is frustrated, he may be a bad temper.when this time, my mother must keep calm, control their emotions. Baby is now very fond of imitation, give the baby to provide you with the opportunity to imitate, expression, tone, posture can be.  Although the baby cannot often say "no", but some rules are still very necessary. When your baby tries to break the rules, your attitude must be firm and must be lasting.

How to stop baby from doing wrong things

As the baby grow up day by day, the little guy's ability is growing, will make a variety of "naughty" thing. Infant babies are in full stage, and he will do whatever they want to do. What is right and wrong, adults like it or not he did not know. In addition, the baby would like to through their own behaviour to verify their ability, he wanted all people know that he has the ability to change everything.
The face of the wrong behaviour of the baby, parents cannot let any matter. Some parents think that the child is so useful in the novel, because it should be criticized when the child did not criticize the reason. When the baby to do something wrong, the parents of the attitude to be clear, the expression should be serious, tone to be severe, so the baby will realize that what they do is wrong. Although this stage of the baby is not too talk, but for the feelings of adults change, the baby is very sensitive from an early age. Parents should pay attention to the baby's "naughty", severe stop is possible, but do not corporal punishment. Corporal punishment will lead to the baby alienated adults, and the lack of self-esteem will cause the baby more rebellious.

We have to once again stress: weaning is only broken breast milk, experts recommend conditional baby formula for three years to drink. Soy milk and other liquid food cannot replace milk. It is not said that one year old will immediately weaned, if not affect the baby's intake of other diets, nor affect the baby under the premise of sleep, pediatricians recommend breastfeeding best to be fed to one year; United Nations Children's Foundation, the world Both WHO and the International Breastfeeding Society recommend that breastfeeding be best able to persist for two years or older.
Under normal circumstances, weaning to three or four days. Even if the baby is not suited to weaning is also best completed within a week. Despite the initial weaning baby will have an impatient reaction, but the mother to give the baby more caress, and do not blindly accommodate him, so as not to be successful weaning also indulge in the baby's bad temper.

This Week Food Recommendations

Baby Recipes - Ham Mashed Potato
Raw Materials: ham meat, potatoes, butter
1. potatoes after steaming crushed. Ham meat chopped.
2. Put the mashed potatoes, broken ham together, add a small piece of butter.
3. Eat when the pot steam for 5 minutes.

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