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And now do not climb the children not much. Baby will not only climb, but also climb very flexible, and can climb to the height. If the bed is stacked, it may climb up. Even if the baby fell from the stack, not only do not cry, may still be happy! The baby may walk a few steps away, but most of the time still need the help of my mother.
The baby will play the building blocks, although not put, but one by one into the bucket, and then from the bucket out of a piece. Will use two toys to collide with each other, will throw the ball out. The baby now has the ability to delay the memory. Can tell the mother of things, the name of the object has a long memory capacity, can remember more than 24 hours, impressed, can delay the memory of a few days, or even longer. The baby's thinking ability at this stage began to have a bud, he realized that sometimes with some external things to help themselves solve the problem. For example: by pulling the tablecloth on the table and get the toys on the table.

Physiological development:
• Standing when leaning against support.
• Will squat and bend over.

Senses and reflections:
• help him when he stretches his arms and legs.
• Pick up the lid.

Mind development:
• Talk about a few understandable words.

Social development:
• There is a claim among the children.

Since the baby already had initial thinking ability, and when the baby to do the game, no longer are intuitive game play, and to increase energy and promote appropriate  infant thinking game project.
Although the baby cannot eat to leave the adults to feed, but you can continue to encourage the baby to eat their own.
Now, you can give the baby in the picture book on the figure, recognize the object, read the correct name.

Do Not Walk in the End?

Use the walker on the baby in the end there is no harm? The problem is more and more concerned by parents. In fact, the baby from the standing to go is a natural development process, do not need to use the walker to achieve this external tool. Foreign research found that the new type of baby driving not only failed to make the baby learn to walk earlier, but they later learned to sit, walk, crawl, and even mental and physical development will be poor.
Some full-time mothers take care of the baby is very hard, walker can help mothers to reduce some of the burden. But you may not think that the walker will cause insecurity to the baby. If the baby into the walker, the scope of activities expanded, making the baby to use their ability to move, touch a variety of objects, but increased the chance of accidents. Therefore, for the baby's healthy development and safety, mothers or give up to the baby to use the walker bar.

When the baby is weaning or do not love to eat, the mother will eat some more time on the matter, you can buy some books to introduce baby food or to the experience of friends to learn from the mother.
As far as possible to add the food supplement, such as noodles, dishes porridge, small rolls, steamed buns, etc., do taste better, more tricks, and even can use beautiful cute little tableware to increase the baby's appetite. At the same time should be regular quantitative, it is important to ensure that children are not hungry because of want to eat breast milk.
Rely on breast milk baby, in addition to because of hunger, more important is to seek a kind of comfort to meet the emotional needs. So you can arrange a variety of activities during the day to the baby, let him enrich, play some of the game we have not done before to attract him, when the child something to do, often forget the need for this feeding.

This Week food Recommendations

Flower Tofu
Ingredients: Tofu, Vegetables, Eggs, Salt
1. tofu after cooking broken.
2. Wash the vegetables and leaves with hot water, minced.
3. Egg cooked, remove the egg yolk reserve.
4. will be tofu, vegetables mixed together, add appropriate amount of salt, the egg yolk cracked in the above.
5. Eat when the pot steam for 5-8 minutes. Pay attention to tofu do not cook old, vegetables do not use spinach instead.

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