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Now the baby every day stay sober about 10 hours. When you hold your baby in a sitting position, the baby's head can remain upright for most of the time. When he tilted his head, he could carry his head to 45 degrees. The baby will be very obsessed with his little hand, he will hold up the two small hands together, but also get a look at the front. Some babies began to learn to suck the thumb, can put the toys in his hands tightly, try to get things into the mouth, but sometimes may hit the face. Once put into the mouth, it will suck like nipples as sucking toys, rather than eating toys.
The baby is gradually storing the memory, which allows the baby to be associated with certain events and specific results, for example, when the baby to see her mother holding the bottle, will be very excited, it is because he put the bottle and feeding together. When someone else holds the baby, he may not have a special expression, but when the mother appears, he will be particularly excited, this is a special memory of the mother.

Physical development:
• When holding the baby in a sitting position, most of the time the baby's head is able to remain upright.
• When you are prone, you can lift your head to 45 degrees.

Senses and reflections:
• The two little hands hold each other. Mind development:
• The item and the corresponding title will be linked together.

Social development:
• Will be clear and direct to see people.
• See mom, will be particularly excited.

• As the child awakens the time, as much as possible to accompany the child to play.
• It is necessary to receive sunbath and air bath every day. In addition to the cold and cold winter, every day to carry out outdoor activities.
• Baby asleep time gradually longer, beware of the baby appears "day and night reversed."


After the birth of the baby, because the skull has not yet developed completely and there is a gap, so in the head and pillow after there are two areas without skull cover, anterior fontanel and posterior fontanelle.

Before the birth of the fontanelle size of about 1.5 × 2cm, flat or slightly depression, to the baby 1 year old to 3 years old, the front fontanelle completely closed. After the fontanelle in 2-3 months has been closed.

Fontanel is the reaction of the baby head development and physical health of the important window, fontanel abnormal situation may have:

• Fontanelle muster: may be intracranial infection, intracranial tumor or hemorrhagic effusion.
• Fontanelle depression: more common in diarrhea and other reasons due to dehydration of the baby, or malnutrition, weight loss baby.
• Fontanel front closure: refers to the front fontanel front closure. At this time, the baby's head circumference must be measured, is less than the normal value, it may be defective brain development.
 Fontanel closed: refers to the baby 1 year and a half after the fontanelle has not yet closed, more common in rickets, stay sick and so on.
• Fontanelle is too large or too small: fontanelle is too large may be congenital hydrocephalus or rickets. Too small is likely to be the first small deformity.
• Mother found these abnormal circumstances, should seek medical treatment as soon as possible in order to get the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Although we promote breastfeeding, but for various reasons some mothers may not realize their "cow" dreams, some baby is fully engaged in mixed feeding or formula feeding. Here to remind mothers, even if you do not choose formula feeding for adults with liquid milk for the baby, or to choose special infant formula milk powder, and press to select a different month-old baby on formula milk. Formula-fed babies should drink plenty of water every day to prevent constipation baby. Individual baby formula milk allergy will, for this special baby to choose lactose intolerance special formula fed. Every baby is born."gourmet", when she tasted the first bite "sweet" taste after refusing tasteless boiled water. Therefore, mothers must not put sugar on the basis of formula milk or boiled water, otherwise the villain children will use tricks to stop drinking reward you.

This Week Food Recommendations

Mushi Recipes - Papaya Bacon Fish

Octopus, Raw Papaya, Onions, Ginger, Vinegar, Salt, Rice
1. The octopus to the gills, viscera, washed, cut into 3 cm long segment.
2. Raw papaya washed, to melon cut into pieces.
3. Shajiao set fire, add appropriate amount of water, octopus, papaya pieces, scallion, ginger, salt, rice wine, cooked until cooked Serve.
Efficacy: Yin, tonic, through milk

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